Oh, So It’s Just Bullsh*t Then

Julian Assange is one step closer to a US trial under the Espionage Act, meaning that while the US denounces Russian war crimes it’s simultaneously imprisoning a journalist for exposing its own war crimes. #JulianAssange #WikiLeaks #Criminal


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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. The amount of time it's taking people to wake up! Is the most disappointing thing to me I underestimated the stupidity of the people over the last couple of years but slowly slowly we are getting there 🤞

  2. Unfortunately, you've bought into a narrative that is at the minimum one-sided, but is more likely outright untrue. Edward Snowden is no hero, nor was Bradley Manning a knowledgeable whistleblower who was only trying to get the truth out to the public. Neither was in any position to fully understand what they were talking about.
    Now, Assange is a different story indeed. He acted as a publisher of information he'd received, no differently than Jack Anderson of the Washington Post, back in the days that WaPo did journalism. Anderson regularly published information he'd received that within the government was provided extraordinary levels of protection. That he was acting as a journalist, and WaPo as a publisher, shielded them from prosecution because Anderson never held a position in the government through which he had official access to such information, and the corresponding duty to keep it protected. He never signed a non-disclosure agreement that clearly spelled out the penalties for violations of the agreement. Manning and Snowden did, along with all sorts of those who'd gone before them, selling protected information to foreign governments for personal gain with no regard for the damage they were causing or the lives they were endangering.
    The Snowden narrative is especially biased. If he were so damn righteous, he'd be telling his story in the United States, where even traitors have the absolute right to due process of law.

  3. What ARE we going to DO? IF they do extradite him, what will WE DO? how can we help him? I mean without violence or illegal activity of another kind, what are OUR options as the PEOPLE of this nation?

  4. Surely he didn't leak anything the media did ,yes they got it of interweb but that don't mean print it !!!!!! 🤔
    If his a war criminal what's Tony Blair ?
    Oh yeah aWEF puppet

  5. I believe they've damaged him beyond repair, physically and psychologically. The poor man has been, as you said nothing short of heroic. It's a shame too many refuse, or are too stupid to care what is happening and why.
    The psychopaths his organisation exposed are the ones who should be rotting in a prison cell awaiting certain death, one way or another.

  6. ~BUT~
    is mainstream media Hostile to thier viewers IN EVERY country? are they Lied to in Japan constantly? Has India ever had thier Media complicit in the Theft of a National election? Does Poland or France tell you 'Feel Good' stories about Puppies or IceCream instead of whats happening in Ukraine or China?
    ……………or is it just us? Ever Wonder?

  7. If Julian Assange gets extradited, I believe he will be helping the Trump Administrations with the corrupt evidence against the Clingons, and others alike, and then will be given immunity… But what do you think ?

  8. If more people just had higher standards of what they accept as truth, and/or justice, whistleblowers would have no place. They only exist and stand out because the rest are simply complicit sheep. They tow the line of what we should not "put up with" by making the stand they do. Shame on anyone who criticizes those needed advocates of our dishonest, disdainful world.

  9. Check into all those food manufacturing plants being set on fire every Wednesday or Thursday throughout the U.S. I’m sure it’s happening elsewhere. Talk about conspiracy.

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