Oh, So NOW They Care About Social Media & Its Influence…INTERESTING

The hypocrisy is just too much.

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  1. This is why I hated when section 230 reform was floated around by a lot of conservatives a little while back. It seems to me changing that would only benefit the ones enforcing the regulation and the only reason democrats weren't for it is because it wasn't necessary at the time. The less laws, the better is how I generally view things

  2. president is a retard scared of easter bunnies and corn pops. that gets lost on his own lawn. best known for lying, sniffing kids, eating ice cream in the corner and money laundering through his crackhead son in Ukraine.

  3. 2020: "Twitter's in the private sector, they can do what they want, go make your own Twitter.
    Elon in 2022 appears: "Oh muh gurrrd! Threat to our democracy! Twitter's public sector!
    Daddy government, regulate us more!"

    This is how they have always operated.
    The current "right now" stance is forgotten tomorrow in favor of the next boogeyman that needs to be feared.
    They will continually keep moving the next big-scary-monster around and expect the masses to forget what they said before in order to be herded and corralled into the next new pen. "For your own safety"
    "Climate change bad"
    "Orange man bad"
    "Hhwhiite supremacy bad"
    "Covid bad"
    "Insurrmarections bad, threat to our democracy!"
    "Russia bad"
    "Elon musk and now Twitter bad"

  4. Didn’t the White House literally brief kids on how to do pro-Ukraine, anti-Russia dances on TikTok in order to use social media to falsely influence public opinion? So just how concerned us is Brandon, exactly?

  5. So now they want to give a serious look at Section 230 and how it’s applied?

    The Biden administration is certainly the most transparent administration in USA history.

    Because for all their constant attempts to gaslight, it’s not hard to see through them.

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