Oh, So They LIED To You About Food Prices

Think food shortages and price hikes are the fault of globalist monopolies and inept, corrupt governments? You’re absolutely right.
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. Governmental power to regulate is what causes the corruption get rid of that power and businesses will only be able to offer some thing of value to make money.

  2. It is worth noting that while parents in the U.S. were scrambling to find formula there was a stash (at the Southern border) presumably for the infants of illegal immigrants. Also during this time it was discovered that in Mexico the formula (same brands as those MISSING in the U.S.) was stacked to the ceiling. How were they getting it when Americans were not?

  3. Okay Russell, basic concept. Capitalism is based on healthy competition in a fee market . Monopolies are not capitalism they are another form of socialism. This is the illusion of the far left and far right. Both are paths to socialism and essentially elitism. Life should be a balance between the left and right. Change brought about with the temperance of moderation and consideration.

  4. Russell, it is why Americans are so focused on 2nd amendment. To keep those in power from getting so much power that there are not legitimate consequences. I hate the gun violence death we have here, but there lots of folks that question the motives of those in power. Much like yourself.

  5. please stop getting hair-brained solutions from marxist identitarian talking points. capitalism is as capitalism does and the one thing that effectively checks capitalism is competition and NOT government control. the only effect on a market that govt apparatchiks have is to pick the winners using tax revenue and thereby creating monopolies and costing consumers. that's where we should look for solutions.

  6. Shrinkflation is NOT a new term. It gained wide use after 2008 with Obama's first term. That was when people FIRST started noticing the price of food didn't change but the amount did. The Biden administration is starting this once again.

  7. Farmers can't sell local without a ton of regulatory oversight and strict processing fees "for inspection." Hair stylists can loose their license and careers if they cut people hair on the side. Regular people all over are watched like hawks while these monopolies choke out the individual so they can get even bigger while the government is their hand maiden stomping on people's necks. Civil disobedience in MASS is the only way through this.

  8. 242,000 acres is not a lot. It wouldn’t get anywhere near the largest in Australia, where there are 50 different sheep stations of 1 million acres or more.

    The largest landowner in Australia is Gina Rinehart with 25 million acres. 100 times more than Gates.

  9. this article misses so much. Businesses need to set prices based on a prediction model. Yeah, their profits are up, but only because they need to adjust for future costs when it is clear that we are headed into a recession, due to our inept president/administration.

    I appreciate you Russell, but this was a bullshit article.

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