Oh, So This Is What They’re REALLY Fighting Over

Is the situation in Ukraine really a resource war dominated by corporate power?
#Russia #Ukraine #Putin #Biden


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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. I'm glad you finally came around to this, Russell. If Russia doesn't control those resources then the Russian oligarchs have to stare back at starving Russians. Historically, millions of starving Russians never gone well.

  2. i believe in a strong military. i believe they should have the best weaponry. however, the situation thats developed with the military industrial complex has become detrimental to the health of the nation. things need to change.

  3. My country, the US, has been profiting from war since the first war with Iraq for sure and probably earlier wars than that. We give the govt. our tax money and they spend it on the war machine. What do we do to eliminate our money going to wars? Revolution is one way.

  4. 3:20 – the resources being what they are – why – under US management – is the standard of living of Ukrainian people lower now than in 1991 alone of all former states and dependencies?
    Hmm…..p.s. I would have thought Russia’s primary reason for responding with force to force was some 80,000 Ukrainian and Azov troops bearing down on the Donbas ethnic russian republics armed for the first time with heavy artillery! p.p.s. britain de-nazified Germany with Russia’s greater contribution to the same end in 1945 to world applause. I applaud the same now for the sake of all Ukrainians though but undertaken by Russia alone. I also condemn any protection of this (3rd most corrupt in the world and single party state) regime by britain. I expect no less from the US. I also condemn Britain;s hosting of the Freeland-Trudeau axis for the same reason. Pip pip.

  5. The TRUTH is the INVISIBLE US that will never be observed. What we can do in this visible realm is reveal lies and that's it except for what comes out of the created minds of us saints of the 1000 year reign of Christ and the former prophets who first hear the Voice from our INVISIBLE created existence speaking directly in our minds and forced to obey all the commands from the Voice until we're totally obedient mind wise, body wise and the ONE who makes us a living being which is what I learn after becoming obedient to have my mind start processing the invisible TRUTH into words that came from our Creator's eternal programmed thoughts to teach me everything he wanted me to know before my body is killed.

    This means that none of us can SEE the TRUTH. What we are observing are images from Satan and the Beast that perish during this temporary generation or on the day that it all ends called the day of the Lord. None of us knows what is really going on in the mind of Putin or any other leader who believes their human bodies are real and have no idea how they are created in ME, the ONE who makes them all living beings as their minds begin processing information.

  6. What if this is all a test and now they know that the next time they want to pull this kind of shit they NEED to cut the communication, cut the internet.

    Imagine what they could get away with.

  7. Ive always said” war is a money maker. Nancy Taylor Green is making Hugh bank. She ran out prior to the war starting and bought up lots of stocks with the Company who make Javelins!

  8. hi Russell gianni here you are my favorite, but for the first time, I have to disagree with your position. you talk about Ukraine resources, but you don't take into consideration that Russia has 148 million inhabitants, in the biggest country in the world, 17 million sq km , with all kinds of resources, in addition { this I think is what bother the USA } cause the global warming very soon the artic will be navigable, {right now only 4 months in the summer} so Russia will no longer use the Suez canal to go from st Petersburgh to Vladivostok saving time and money. Moreover, if you watch Ukraine on fire, by Oliver Stone you will find out that US wants to split Russia into 5 different provinces, {divide and conquer } This is my humble opinion,. I wish fun and success on your coming tour, kindly gianni

  9. The oligarchs and the international corporate military industrial complex know how to control things to keep power in their clutches…keep having wars and maintain the threat of wars, and maybe a few nuclear weapons dropped in certain strategic places could be good for business too, a good way to control the movement of populations and make them more dependent on authority would be to make certain areas restricted nuclear wasteland. They don't really need to worry because they are rich and would be comparatively minimally affected and it could help thwart any kind of challenge to their power. They are trans national actors they are rich and can go anywhere and freedom and justice anywhere is a threat to their oppression so they will cooperate in any endeavor that thwarts social economic justice anywhere even if it means starting wars or ruining the environment. All they care about is maintaining power, status ,wealth and control.

  10. If you look at our history, in arming an enemy of our enemy, is what will all of these weapons be used for after this? Also I think we should be encouraging both country's to compromise and make peace, and helping the neighboring country's with the humanitarian crisis. That is just my thoughts. .

  11. The western “response“ is definitely motivated by the resources as it has been for years inserting its influence and pressure into Ukraine. And the reason I put the word response in quotes is because the west has been provoking Russia/Putin through a lot of other means – from what I can tell through the research I have done. I don’t know the true intentions of Putin but I feel it is most logically quite different from what our MSM & govt tells us. I don’t know that there are any good guys in this conflict whatsoever – it would appear the West (certainly the power-hungry “powers that be”) is just as much a bad guy as Putin may be. Maybe worse. Or, maybe they’re all just in it together to try to create more fear in the world. 😒😣

  12. Everything in life seems to be about money and power. And the ones who have lots of that seem to want more and more and more. That's the problem. There's no room for feelings and empathy, because that doesn't give them what they want. So I'm so happy with people like Russell that start conversations. Letting people think for themselves and especially saying that we all don't know the whole truth, and everybody has their own background and biases, so it's never completely neutral, but at least have a conversation with each other. Try to see things from another perspective. So thanks for that Russell. You're doing great and you're just funny, I love that about you 🙏❤

  13. Something my dad has told me my whole life “ you can pee in 1 hand and wish in the other let’s see which one fills up first “ ….
    And I suspect that military base the Soviet Union set up so long ago has a part in Putin’s decision to go in ….. the answer is probably not a singular answer but a mix of everything you said …. Keep doing what your doing ….. your a light in this dark world , shining your light for your 5.3 million subby’s need to know

  14. Being able to meditate, enables me to 'switch my brain off'. Its really good to able to do that, especially at the moment in between learning about all this. This is unfortunately true, but its all a headfuck, and can quite literally, blow your mind/drive you mad/angry. So meditation is essential in order to take all this in. Its easier to fool people than to covince them they've been fooled. Meditation helps me keep my mind healthy enough to absorb all thats really going on over what 'they' tell you is true.
    Russell, you are a legend, thankyou.

  15. You mentioned baurdrillard's book, "The Gulf War Did Not Take Place" in one of your previous videos Russell. Please expand on your understanding of Jean baurdrillard's work, namely, his notion of simulacra.

  16. Them being able to hide behind our constitution is crazy…its about the individual…no wonder they have ruined it large crops are now ppl …I believe in freedom and capitalism free market all that…but practiced as intended these folks are out of control…from the rich elites the political and media class and international banking and corporations who started here and then cut our throats….does anyone have a good idea of how tf to stop these fucking assholes who have purposely done all this…yall they overthrew a fucking well loved and respected sitting potus with fraud in front of everyone and as a nation for the most part we did nothing….we dropped the ball…but from here out who's got ideas how we can peacefully stop this but also hold those accountable fully and I mean fully accountable????????? Any good ideas???????? Over then revolution lol…revolution is the last option and I'm a former Democrat and almost to the point where I'm thinking revolution is the only way but how to keep it all peaceful…I cant believe alot of us stood back and let antifa and BLM burn and loot shit it's sad those ppl should and could be helping all of us…but no they must suck the pink flaccid cock of sleepy joe the fraud demented demon commander and thief …man trump we needed those pretty little orange hands of yours sir fucking orange man was RAD not BAD ….fuck this world lol I'm sorry I'm just becoming so pessimistic and doomer …if I'm being honest america should revolt and build gallows and do this shit french revolution style and water the tree of liberty with our blood yes…but with the blood of these tyrants and for the sake of Americans not born yet…but idk If this generation of american has the spine to dig in and stay the course no matter what

  17. I am a conspiracy theorist. I theorize and delve in to theories that happen to involve people conspiring behind the backs of ordinary people. Much like how scientists theorized the big bang, evolution and nuclear fission. Two of which are still only theories.

  18. Of course some businesses are going to do well out of war, so do some individuals nothing wrong with that. Ammunition, supplies etc have to come from somewher. As long as government's and politicians aren't influenced by starting wars so these companies can prosper what's the problem ?

  19. A year from now the News CNN, CBS, FOX, Etc.. will start telling the Truth about this war Pretending they were telling the Truth all along just to fake out the public into thinking they always provide Honest Reporting. I have seen this Tactic for my 60 years here Corporate News will Lie for months then when it's to late to make a difference in the outcome they start Spouting truths like the Hunter biden laptop emails were Real just to get the Masses ready for the next Big LIE.

  20. I was suspecting that they are prolonging the war for profit. No one will never know the real truth. Everything is moving way to slow to end this conflict. How many more people have to die before the Ukrainian sky is closed from missiles. Am I to naive to think that they really care? We are watching live as my country gets burned to the ashes.

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