Oh… So THIS Is Why Ukraine Is Being Attacked

What’s the way out of the conflict in Ukraine? Yanis Varoufakis spoke to me about some of the potential solutions.
#Russia #Ukraine #war #Putin

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. My God, I wish there were a thousand Yannis' in charge, here in the UK, in the USA, in every EU country and everywhere else we can think of. If genuine and intelligent figures like Yannis were in charge of this world the sigh of relief would travel around this planet 3 times, like a great wave of energy, a powerful positive vibration to power us to the futures we all long for and deserve. Can we start up a kickstarter fund to start cloning Yannis' now ?

  2. isn't what yanis suggested as a solution, the exact thing that was proposed for why ukraine gave up their nukes? i.e. the west and the russians would guarantee their neutrality? so why would that work now… seems like putin notices the ukrainian army modernizing so if he lets them have a few more years they would be harder than going in now.?

  3. Where were the sanctions when USA invaded multiple countries over many many years? for me it just looks like this: NATO = good bombs. Russia = Bad bombs ….. This is the level of intelligence the broad majority of the world is revealing

  4. I find it utterly disingenuous to ignore the most obvious facts and then attach only Putin's personality to this conflict that has been coming on for 8 years. There has always been a solution to this conflict even before it started and that has always been the end of NATO as it serves no purpose other than to create conflicts to benefit economies dependent on the Military Industrial Complex. If we only refer to Putin as a killer and ignore naming killers like Bush, Blair and Obama, it diminishes everyone's right to defend themselves against NATO, the real originators of conflict.

  5. We need more peace in this world. All former president that killed innocent people in their illegal wars should see inside a prison cell. Can we get a protest of every person in the world standing against war. If we can be one people with one voice peacefully protesting war

  6. All you need to do is listen to MSNBC for the real scoop, just like when it was claimed that Russia didn't attack Ukraine during the Trump years because Putin realized Trump was destroying America so he left it alone. LOL! You can't make this stuff up

  7. putin may be stopping the great reset…stop cheering, i can't hear myself breathe…world leaders sweating. if trudeau, biden, uk, and france and germany agree on anything, they are wrong.

  8. Us promised in 1990s not to keep adding bordering countries to NATO so US could add bases so yes that sounds like a good idea to negotiate borders and sovereignty Ukraine. Get other countries out of Ukrainian energy companies too

  9. As far as I'm concerned, most Americans only care about Ukrainians because the media they watch, listen to, or read is telling them to. They're not told to care about victims in Somalia, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, Venezuela, etc. If CNN and NPR ignored what was going on in Ukraine, not many Americans would care cause they'd be completely ignorant about it. But as Mark Twain said, if you don't read a newspaper, you're uninformed; If you DO read a newspaper, you're misinformed. Most Americans are either uninformed or misinformed.

  10. It's like Yemen is almost a mirror image of Ukraine. Similar in that the Russian and NATO's arguments are cracking Ukraine apart whilst the arguments between the middle east and Iran is cracking Yemen apart. People on the ground are then taking to each side and fighting one another.

  11. The BlueAnon warmongering fascists are just following their commie overlords Klaus Schwab and nazi leader George Soros. The goals of the World economic Forums come first and Putin does not agree with fascism so they’ve decided that there needs to be a regime change. Citizen casualties is a bonus to them and gets them closer to their depopulation goals.

  12. "Turn kiev into Dresden" – Lets recollect who turned Dresden into a hellfire… Lets Recollect who facilitated and sanctioned the rise of the Soviet Union… UK and USA.

  13. could it be that china coordinated the release of a biological agent, to cripple western economies, allowing russia a favorable position to launch the attack?

  14. There was a deal though, it's called the Minsk agreement. Putin tried for 8 years to solve this peacefully while his people were being eliminated by the Ukrainaians in the donbas. This situation could have been avoided but they didn't want that.To suggest Putin is in the wrong pount blank period is to follow the western narrative and perceptions of how this came about.

  15. I feel badly for what is happening to ukraine, Russia and other's from other countries than to pray for all those involved, and for the poor people who have been living for years now in communities under tarps in the freezing temps with little food, for many years now, the people who have left syria, due to the destruction, just awful and now it's going on in other parts of the world and continuing. What can we the everyday person do to help? God help us all.🙏🕊️

  16. For you it`s an invasion, for people of Donbass it is liberation. You know too little. If you knew Ukranian or at least Russian, you would understand right at start. Check Jimmy D. channel, explains very well.

  17. So what do the 8 billion humans on the planet do about these handful of old men with castles and yachts? These old “Self Centered Lost Souls” employee one whole hell of a lot of us.

  18. We need multiple viewpoints on this. I disagree with many points here, agree with many too. I am not happy with anyone who urges people to fight, be in Putin urging his soldiers or the Ukraine gov giving out machine guns to any citizen. It does not stop the carnage, it makes it worse. If the Ukraine gov surrendered it would be over right away. Either it will be a long-lasting war causing MUCH damage. Or a shortish one where Putin wins. Either way – far better to just let him win THIS battle – and SAVE lives. As above all the lives of people matter. This speaker seems so angry with Putin – he is missing that. We should not celebrate people sacrificing their lives. Unless we go and do it ourselves. All are as bad as each other. I am against all who start wars and those who get involved.

    To understand the mind of Putin see talks Featuring John Mearsheimer, he predicted all this. The West has antagonised a dangerous man. That was the real problem, we should have been the bigger man. We were not. We wound up the bear, "poked him in eye" as Mearsheimer says in a talk. We could have played it differently and had Russia as an ally. Please, Russ, see his talks – you need to put out that alt perspective by Mearsheimer

    It annoys me that Ukrainian leaders order people to take their machine guns and fight for them. No beauty in fighting. None. Lives should NEVER be put down for a perceived cause. NEVER. Plenty who have been in that position take different views.

    See the work of Mearsheimer!!!

  19. For ordinary working people who don’t jet set around the globe it is not hypocritical to be more concerned about atrocities in their region which directly affect them rather than atrocities in other regions of the world which do not. I neither know, judge nor care how the Gulf States “feel” about this European war. Globalist “feeling” led to two world wars. Is he suggesting we do nothing until we take a “morally superior” route and have an Iraq 3 in Saudi Arabia first?

  20. I heard today on bbc radio 2 that in the 90s Russia UK and US agreed protection of Ukraine if they gave up their nucular weapons , something like don't nuke me if I miss heard.

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