Oh, So Trump Wasn’t Lying Then

The press that ignored the Hunter Biden story in 2020 finally admit that it’s real. What other recent “conspiracy theories” will be proven and admitted to be truth in the coming months and years?
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. Rus you've done it again 👍 A Hollywood actor criticizing the Democrat Party and the phony liberal establishment has been unheard of, until now. Glad to see you're really on our side. Keep "Russel-ing" their Jimmy's. Even though I'm a right wing conservative capitalist, you would still get my vote 👍

  2. Ya know, I don't share your charity in the judgements of his character. As soon as his father was elected, he went out of his way to make devious deals with Mexico and several other scandalous countries, jus to thumb his nose at the little man, and say yeah, I'm above the law and untouchable. What do ya got to say about that? U peasants. Jus to say hey, we're carrying on the family business. So, if you got any charity for that little a..hole, um not feeling it. The little jerk jus flew us the bird.

  3. The info you`ve been presenting, over the past few weeks especially, can be found on the Q boards and archive of a couple of Fox news presenters. Unfortunately mainstream still won`t report any of it.

  4. Talk about Trump’s alleged carelessness of classified documents. You’ve bought.
    Talk about the right in a negative way. Dig, and you will find more damming on the right and the conservatives Hitler followers.
    You and others mainstream media right wing Hitler Loving people never ever talk about healing and cleaning up all political parties.
    You sideways and crab walking antagonist are sickening.

  5. What's clear is that the Bidens are corrupt and are better known for lying then telling the truth. We can't rely on them to handle any facet of our lives at this point. The goal for Biden is to fulfill a death quota using us. There is no denying it.

  6. Good job Brandi. There are emails on a laptop. I wouldn't of guessed it. Now Brandi get down to business and get the facts on stolen election, there are so much proof out there. It is being suppressed. While your on it buy yourself a pillow.

  7. Great video about hunter cashing in on Biden name when Joe was VP, any chance you looking into Ivanka making deals in China for her personal businesses while she worked in White House.

  8. seems to me that the january 6ers had good reason. anyone interested, please look into state elections in question and the fraud that has been uncovered. it is available, and the media/big tech are doing everything in their power to black that topic out as well. the 6ers were screaming all of this…. a lot of them still in federal prison as political prisoners…… in the "land of the free"

  9. I think you need to be cautious about giving credence or normalizing "conspiracy theories, there are plenty that are incredibly damaging to the people who buy in to them and the social construct example: Q ANON.

  10. I'm so glad someone is finally telling people everything us deplorables have been saying for the last 8 years. We have all seen proof of bidens racism shady China dealings. Hunter bidens drama. While holding proof the left literally said nope and refused to acknowledge it. Blaten admissions from poll workers on video saying they were throwing out Trump ballets. Poll watchers being locked out of counting rooms. Locked out from their sole job nope nothing to see here. Literally nothing that was alleged by the left about Trump ended up being true nothing happened they claimed would happen either. Faked hate crimes over shadowing any real crimes. He didn't start a war the economy stable and growing. He didn't end Foodstamps and all these insane claims. Sigh. What many haven't realized this wasn't about Trump the man the person. It was about a man who was telling it like it really is and had a solution to the corruption of this government left and right. He wasn't an elegant speaker but silver tongue devils are still devils. Now mush mouth kiddie sniffin Biden no one can understand. The main goal of the information suppression and fake news is to form your opinion for you and pit you against anyone who doesn't agree with the agenda. Disguised as the moral high ground greater good. The democrats have become the thought police and they will not tolerate their pockets getting thiner in anyway. They used the virus to scare people and blame Trump for that too. Smh. Which Trump was right about also. Our economy in the toilet everyone is broke. Gas prices insane. Jobs going unfilled because people f ound out essential meant expendable mostly. My local cvs is now closed 2hrs for lunch everyday because of no staff. Smmh Empty shelves. But hey no mean tweets.

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