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  1. They're just showing us how fragile and lacking in argument they really are. For two and a half years, they've managed to hold an illusion together only to have that illusion shattered. Trump's final tweets were the hammer to that illusion. That's what they're afraid of: the naked truth, front and center for all to see. It also threatens their control and or influence.

  2. I don't expect 45 to come back to Twitter to use it as his primary social media platform like before. Why would or should he? He's got his baby Truth Social. I do however expect him to tactfully utilize his already built-in bull horn on Twitter and use it for his 2024 campaign. He'd be silly not to…that is after all, a pretty sweet political weapon to have in your Arsenal.

  3. They're not Liberal in any meaningful way. They're neoliberals. Just as bad as neocons, only in different ways. Classical Liberalism and Classical Conservatism are both much better ideologies. Make Speech Free Again!

  4. When they are throwing a fit about everything he said going back into public view so everyone can see what was really said (and lied about) you know they just don't care about the truth and are just regurgitating what they were told.

  5. Ironic that when the shoe is on the other foot, they cant stand it.
    and GUESS WHAT?
    Nothing has happened yet. Oh the OUTRAGE! Now LEFTOIDS, go take your Starbucks and make a safe space somewhere else.

  6. Elon buying Twitter showed another thing that's just as important.
    Soon as he did it revealed just how many conservatives that the Democrats had suspended for no good reason just to silence anyone who didn't agree with them.
    Thousands of conservative Twitter accounts blocked to silence them and their opinions.
    So don't think it was just
    President Trump that they stifled because they had put the whammy on a many of people silence them and their posts.

  7. TRUMP WON'T BE REINSTATED!!!…and theres a perfect reason as to why!! If your any type of Patriot you already know the answer for you that have an issue with reality you'll probably tell me hes a criminal!!!..but then your IQ is highly questionable!!!?🤣🤣🤣🤣..Google even Apple if in America is now under Military scrutiny so yeah good luck getting Twitter deleted🤣🤣🤣

  8. And who exactly is "Eric Weinstein and Sam Harris"? Neither of these people ring a bell….. They are nobodies to me in the first place….. Probably nobodies across the board to anybody who actually matters…..

  9. The thing that pisses me off the most, is not only that Karen's words to Google and Apple, but also that the news media is completely turning against Twitter…
    They used Twitter as their weapon, for years, spreading lies and disinformation and censorship, all in the name of "protecting democracy." And now that they have lost control of it, they immediately want to destroy it.

    It's literally a, "If I can't have it, Nobody can!" mentality and it makes me sick that they're not being called out on it.

  10. Ok, as much as I love how it sounds, you guys gotta stop saying "Trump had been reinstated" cuz my mind fills in "…to office." and it's very disappointing. Say "Trump has been unbanned from Twitter" like it actually is. Reinstated is just too strong for something as silly as Twitter

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