OH WOW! The Truth’s Coming Out…

OH WOW! The Truth’s Coming Out…

The video reveals what truth’s coming out.

The shirts –

Written by WeAreChange

News is what somebody somewhere wants to suppress; all the rest is advertising. - Lord Northcliffe


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  1. Our OWN government is starting to detain people. Christopher "Kit" Arthur of Tackleberry Solutions on youtube has been imprisoned for no reason other than the police said he was "anti-government" and "anti-police". IT IS HAPPENING HERE.

  2. In my opinion there is no way the Russians attacked their own people living in Ukraine .. the Donbas state are ethnic Russians and the genocide the Ukraine was doing to these people was one of the reasons for the invasion in the first place ….

  3. Lol, contrails are made at high altitude. They do not continue to be made during an apparently steep descent to the ground. Also, do you see any aircraft at the front of that massive plume of smoke. It looks a lot like a sphere to me. I would put my money on a UFO, that's been brought down by the US Government using HAARP technology.

  4. We can’t believe everything we see & hear! We all know how movies are made and can look soooo real…. They are always used in propaganda for the purposes of US government and they use it on regular basis every time they plan to use it again some country for the purposes of getting people to support them before they attack a target country or during the war with any country US government is attacking!!!
    In any war the truth is always first victim even before people and then come more lies and propaganda, pictures & made up films to support the lies of US government!!!


  5. The solution is Shanghai is simple. EVERYONE LEAVES THEIR APARTMENTS AT THE SAME TIME! The Chinese are very clever people so they'll figure this out in no time. Give it 3-4 days

  6. Ukraine Azov battalions are fascist,everyone has swastika tattoos and killing poor Ukrainian for 8 years,people should watch videos from American reporter Patrick Lancaster ,I was in shock when I saw it,mainstream media is hiding all the truth

  7. Have a look at who was helping the Ukrainian coup of 2014 market the new Ukraine… from 2011 Western promotional agencies connected to US State Department still working hard.

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