Oil Companies Reap Eye-Watering Profits

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  1. When the government implements a fuel (green) policy forcing you to buy fuel that gives less MPG, you have to buy more fuel to go the same distance.

    The oil companies make their profits per litre, the same litres the government fuel policy is forcing you to buy more of, each of which the government is making vast amount of tax on.

    Is it profiteering when the government are forcing them to sell more litres to the great unwashed masses who can't put two and two together.

    Oil companies are making more money, because the government have forced them to sell you more fuel in the shape of E10, so the government itself can charge you more in taxes for all the extra litres you now have to buy.

  2. I think you can invest in 'sin stocks' which is similar to what you were referring to at one point in the video. Buy BTC still stands as the best advice given here 💪🏻. Keep up the good work guys. Great content.

  3. I am getting fed up of mentioning this… Liquid hydrocarbon fuel made by sea water is the way forward. It is being developed by the US Navy. They are developing the technology to produce the fuel on their aircraft carriers in order to make jet fuel. Due to laws of physics, it takes considerable energy to make the fuel, the nuclear reactors make on the carriers makes it feasible.

    Oil companies can also move over to liquid hydro carbon as all they would need to do is build a plant on the coast near a nuclear power station. The fuel is a liquid, it can be used in a combustion engine with minor modifications. They will save a fortune as they no longer need to search for oil or mine it. However, as you may have noticed, nuclear power is what makes this feasible.

    So all the people dumb enough to buy a Tesla, think of it this way, there is NO WAY ON FUCKING EARTH AN ARMY IS GOING TO FIELD AN ELECTRIC TANK. We are wasting rare earth minerals to develop electric cars when there is a fuel that is ready to be used staring us in the face. We will not need to scrap any of our current vehicles.

    However, we will still need to develop solar and battery power technology as this will be crucial for space exploration and if we are honest, having a house not connected to the power grid is pretty cool, allowing the liquid fuel companies to not fight with residential consumers for electricity.


  4. Leo's worrying about his lack of shares in his Oil Companies while people are eating food out of bins and wearing their pants inside out to save the washing machine.

  5. The windfall tax ignore the fact that there are cost pressures on oil companies too. The windfall profits are up just due to the fact that oil is in higher demand. However, if the government would like a long term energy security strategy using UK reserves, they must account for the fact that essential raw materials like nickel (used in high temperature metal alloys like inconel) is essential for building most oil and gas platforms, has increased massively in cost. Placing a windfall tax on these firms will prevent them from investing in new infrastructure and ultimately will be passed onto consumers. It should also be accounted for that alot of the profits in the form of dividends are going to pension funds and benefitting the people regardless. Fundamentally we are in no different a position to 2009/10 when oil was around 110 $/bbl, the main difference now is the green tax put on the fuel making it an issue is propping up inefficient "green" assets. Wonder how much landowners and operators for wind farms are making just now!!!!

  6. Okay as someone who loves Leo – Leo was kinda wild in this segment – like crazy cat lady at the bus stop WTF is happening wild, haha. But, can we please acknowledge the level of palpable genuine affection John displayed throughout, he was like someone dealing with their senile old Grandad, and it was wonderful.

  7. a thought, I wonder what the energy cost/efficiency would be for setting up a nuclear plant near a reservoir (manmade or otherwise).
    "idle" time is spent pumping water into the top, busy times would see the reservoir used as a supplement hydro-electric station.

    someone should have run similar math to this decades before now. Chemical batteries have long been known to have the lowest relative life-cycle loosing approx 50% of their storage capacity within a decade and most of that then ends up in landfill (I have never once seen the supermarket battery "bins" been emptied or picked up in years of looking at the same ones.

  8. The biggest contributor to oil profits are not the companies themselves, but the greens' constant attempt to cut off oil production. Everytime that happens, oil prices go up because demand hasn't reduced, and contrary to what people seem to think for some reason, oil prices being high is good for the oil companies. Prices go up, demand stays where it is, so people are buying slightly reduced amounts of oil for double the price. Enviro-nuts are the best thing to have ever happened to the oil industry. I'm talking beyond the Russia conflict and more in general here.

  9. Electric car batteries are not eco-friendly when they need replacing every so many years, they are expensive and are not bio-degradable unless they are manually deconstructed back onto the Raw metals etc. So what you gain by having an electronic car, you loose in bio-degradability

  10. The government should stop the green tax on our fuel bills or at least reduce it so that we can at least afford to have electric and heating especially in the winter, many of us will not be able to afford to have our heating on this winter and will be getting the candles out, but even doing this we would still have to pay. Standing charges, the green tax, vat etc. Poverty will go up in the UK , people using Food Banks has already doubled and is set to rise more later in the year

  11. This is all about wealth transfer China was the first recipient and now the rest will get their cut until us plebs are Poor/Starving or dead.

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