Oil SKYROCKETS, Markets Tank As Gas Price Surge Likely | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar look at how the markets have reacted to Putin’s invasion in Ukraine and the response from Biden and the western world creating economic instability via oil and gas prices

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  1. The weird thing I saw was that our crude oil stockpile skyrocketed this week. Which may have been due to the conflict in Ukraine and they wanted to pump out as much as possible. Or they knew this was coming and they are planning on selling excess since the world is in demand.

  2. This is part of the Great Reset. There are people in Biden administration that are totally on board with breaking America. They want a global government. Klaus shwab must be very happy today.

  3. Look at Thorium reactors! The tech is as mature as the Plutonium Uranium systems, is impossible to melt down, can be configured to use oldschool nuclear waste as fuel and many other benefits. The ONLY reason we use the dirty reactor tech is because it also makes weapons. Thorium reactors for peace…so you can see how fukt we are

  4. The question is how long can Europe take not getting Russia's oil you know they can shut that off at any time I'm sure China would be glad to buy all that they can get and oil isn't just used for fuel and heat lot's of plastics are made with it. It's used as a lubricant for anything with moving parts and manufacturing raw materials none of these things can be done without oils

  5. You do realize that the oil comes from somewhere and is still burned. The climate doesn't really care if it came from the US or Russia or the middle east. The US can at least try to ensure minimal environmental impact when extracting it (whether or not they do, it's at least in our hands). We aren't beholden to anyone if we produce. And the pipeline absolutely helps on climate change because you are otherwise doing the shipping via diesel trucks. I firmly disagree with the statement that the US producing oil and natural gas has an impact on climate change. What has an impact is a change to the end-market. Not to the production location. The only thing that could slightly make your statement valid is if you suggest that $10/gallon gas would encourage folks to drive less and buy electric. However you can't hope for that and support working class people who are most impacted by that sort of change.

  6. Let's be clear, Sagaar and Krystal are going to be fine, there's no WE here. The majority of the viewers are going to be the ones that suffer, the 70% that live paycheck to paycheck, the ramifications of this war and inflation. If anarchy does start to break out, it'll be me and you fighting for the toilet paper. Krysta and Sagaar will be in a nice neighborhood paying a little bit more for things but still maintaining her lifestyle. It's getting to the point where food costs is legitimately unaffordable for me.

  7. What if the Biden and Putin administration are working together to tank the markets, so their billionaire friends can buy up all the cheap assets, then they plan to solve this diplomatically, with some bonus agreements that'll pump the market back up and they'll make out like bandits

  8. Everyone wanting us to shut down our oil production- thanks, gullible chumps. I have watched the Saudis pay billions just in PR since the 1970s to convince Americans to go green and stop being energy independent. You can't just turn off your energy and hope technology will be forced to catch up to save you.

  9. Yep,

    It is ashame we killed our domestic oil production because "orange man bad" and the green people and killed our energy independence at the same time.

    A bit of advice to our so called "leaders".

    When you kill the ability to produce what you need in your country and give that production capability to enemy that is a bad thing.

    By the way they will continue to pollute much worse than the USA does for the same production regardless of what they say.

    Oil from USA to Russia and the middle east – stupid

    Medical supplies, drugs, computer chips, etc. to China – stupid.

    We need our country to be as independence from the world supply chain as possible.

    The bright side.

    Hopefully most people will FINALLY figure out how globalism screws us in the end and I believe after the next six months we will have a populus, nationalist government for a change. If not we are doomed as a country.

  10. This show is bullshit. Like anything else that’s ALLOWED to “get traction,” It’s just a new formula of controlled opposition running interference for the Shadow Planet Monarchs. Saagar is especially bot-like. His sole qualification is reading the teleprompter without letting his eyes move. Whoopie doo. Meanwhile despite his alleged “conservatism” he preaches Wokeness after all. Dig into his background and where he was educated and you may realize why. Hint: his full name is Saagar Enjeti. Additional hint: he’s a corrupt bag of shit who believes… his bank balance should have more zeroes. These two are so sloppy with sources and claims that calling their shillery “journalism” is downright insulting, and they’re about as “independent” as Hannity and O’Reilly.

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