Oliver Stone, Abby Martin DEPLATFORMED From YouTube | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar respond to the decision by YouTube to take down foreign policy journalist Abby Martin’s content and the documentary about Ukraine by famous filmmaker Oliver Stone

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Skanda Amarnath:

Written by Breaking Points


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  1. now it's okay to be racist again….i remember after 911 i worked security….most of my INDIAN coworkers were being attacked in the street because turbans were associated with muslims. i watched 70 year old men come into work bleeding.

  2. They Google Canceled the HILL last Month for a few weeks…so beware they will come after you guys next…THEY ARE PUTIN LIKE IN CENSORSHIP….FIRST CAUSALITY OF WAR IS THE TRUTH!!!

  3. Kim Iversen was just suspended on Friday for simply talking about Ivermectin. YouTube is out of control. Move to Rumble asap before it’s too late.

  4. This is ethnic hatred towards Russians…..Russia was pushed into this conflict by arrogant west ……. most Russian people support russian government in this conflict….this is their survival …

  5. The truth is these companies need to be treated as the common carriers that they are and heavy regulated to make sure they follow the bill of rights.

  6. Playstation banning all sales and operations in Russia is another completely moronic action taken in all of this. I doubt Putin is throwing PS5 streaming parties, so please tell me who TF this is really hurting at the end of the day…that's right, the citizens of that country that likely have nothing to do with what Putin says or does. Like it's been said for a while now, MAKE IT ALL MAKE SENSE PLEASE!

  7. Way to de-platform the Russian pianist so he can’t speak out against the war guys, great victory there.

    Putin: *laughing in golf clap

    Imagine if they dropped the Russian tennis player that wrote “no war” on the camera….

  8. There dehumanizing the Russian people! Someone else did that to another group of people. In the 40's thoe I can't remember his name. He was leader of a group that rimes with Yahtzee…..

  9. I quit Facebook because they put me in Facebook Jail because of my criticism of Israel. It’s not just big name celebrities,individual citizens too!

  10. Jesse Ventura has been kicked off three or four platforms because the shitlibs hate him. RT America getting shut down is an absolute travesty and the shitlibs can take their fake democracy and shove it up their ass.

    It is also nice to know this country supports Neo Nazis and an actor who is their President. Hmm sound familiar?🤔🤦

  11. Just wait until they digitize our money into smart crypto currency. Joe Biden signed an executive order to start researching. They’ll simply turn off your ability to buy anything, if your social credit is too low. It’s coming.

  12. Jokes aside..


    ..this is a SERIOUS societal trend that CANNOT be buried under the sand. Anyone that goes against the grain gets deplatformed, demonetized, demonized, canceled…has the entire media against them and blogs collectively spread misinformation simultaneously..

    ..isn't that OBVIOUS?

    ..this happened to Bernie Sanders, Dave Chappelle, Joe Rogan, DaBaby, Donald Trump..the list goes on!

    It's almost as if this a controlled fire! Every year…the establishment/0.1% that control EVERYTHING are the ones incrementally rounding up the cattle (general population) to be as tamed as possible and to think what the 0.1% want you to make society as a whole demonize and punish people for going against the grain or saying the truth.

    It's happening every step of the way from society demonizing people refusing the vaccine to EVEN the music industry promoting certain artists that promote the message that will keep people stupid and tamed!

    WAKE UP! They want you to bow down! Work your entire peasant life! Do as you're told! Stay addicted to drugs! Stay focused on the stupid gossip! Vote for the same corrupt democrat or the same corrupt republican. Lesser of two evils election in and out! Pay your taxes! Stay addicted to your iPhone!


  13. Although I’m being shadowbanned and having comments taken down across all my social media accounts, I’m going to comment on this anyway. We are being led down an unprecedented and dangerous path of authoritarianism. Im truly frightened at where this will all end and what the end-game is. If this “great reset” successfully happens and it’s anything like the roadmap the so-called “stakeholders” envision, then we will be nothing more than a greatly reduced population of complete obedient automatons who will have no privacy (or voice), will own nothing and will be happy. God help us, this is all happening so fast, I’m afraid we won’t be able to stop this.

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