Oliver Stone & Abby Martin: Down the JFK Rabbit Hole

Oscar-winning director Oliver Stone joins Abby to discuss his new film JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass, his journey into the case, the evidence of a CIA-orchestrated assassination and American foreign policy.

Joint production with Aaron Good’s ‘American Exception’ podcast:

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  1. There will NEVER be peace on earth until the Khazarian mafia NWO globalists are completely wiped out. They are descendants of Nimrod of ancient days who had morphed into rebellious Jews who had the son of man killed 2,000 years ago, who then had morphed into fake Jews of Khazaria (largely modern day Ukraine) who began their quest to take control of the world step by step with the help of their Deep State trojan horses & operatives.

    Yes, their bloodline has survived till this day and they are predominantly concentrated in the Rothschild family. They worship Lucifer and will perform every evil deed as sacrifices to their god in exchange for 'power' and filthy lucre.

    The Covid plandemic & Ukraine conflict are their final end-games to try take control of the world and rule it for ever. Their history of crimes against humanity began after the destruction of the Tower of Babel in 2850 BC.. Ever wondered why the new European Union parliament building was built similarly after the pattern of that uncompleted tower? It's so in your face!

  2. The Magic Bullet theory is just as rediculous as three skyscrapers collapsing within their own footprint (the path of most resistance, mind you) partially at freefall speed, due to two of them being hit with airplanes they were build to withstand.

  3. God bless this interview God bless OLIVER STONE Because that is exactly 1000% correct the way this government is run I am so amazed that this is still on YouTube thank God that it is God bless you Mr. Stone I commend you thank you thank you remember money is the rule of all evil that’s why the Democrats stole the election and try to blame Trump for Russian collusion when it’s all them the Democrats The normal working man is too busy working and providing for his families to understand all this and with all the media that the government has paid for to lie about the truth and trying to brainwash our kids into their narrative it’s hard to turn people around but the truth will set us free God bless America the good people and I hope all the bad go to hell stand up America for the truth stand up rebel against the left God bless us all on the right

  4. George H. W. Bush was Director of CIA during the House/Senate Select Committee in 1975. Yes, that committee found it was most likely a conspiracy to kill JFK.
    The importance of the Zapruder film when all the media outlets cut frames and switched them to look as though his head fell forward. That was a conspiracy in and of itself from day one.

  5. I was captivated in this video until Stone mentioned the stance of the "liberals" (38:40). As if the conservatives haven't been stewing in their own $hit soup for the past 5 years. However I'll watch his second flick for an updated perspective on the JFK story.

  6. WHO controls the world? In my opinion, with all that's happened in recent history, I'd conclude it's certainly the C.I.A. This is why the world is going down the toilet, and it's the U.S. as the world's bully who's responsible. GREAT interview, Abby!

  7. "War is good for economy" – G.W. Bush. Salute you American people(Not common people). I am literally speechless. What a master plan. You kill your own people and indicate other's country so you can invade and establish your policy and influence. Normal people have to die just for your little ambition and your greed.

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