Oliver Stone: ALL Evidence Points To JFK Murder Conspiracy | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar interview legendary filmmaker Oliver Stone about his new documentary on the JFK murder that examines all of the evidence pointing towards a conspiracy

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Oliver Stone Doc:

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  1. If they killed a president and started a war, this would explain all our current affairs since then, like Larry Silverstein doubling his world trade center policy, some wars and this covid – legally responsible party cover up. History is written ahead of time, these days. Someone smart said "the average east european sees the news as propaganda, while the average westerner sees the propaganda as news". Good to See Mr. Stone on a great platform such as Breaking Points. I think President Eisenhower would have some things to say if he were alive, like "I warned you all about this, unlike any other president!"

  2. We know incontrovertibly that Oswald’s gun killed JFK. Beyond that, I am open to others being involved. But, Stone is not interested in following the facts. He has always been invested in the CIA theory and ignores or explains away anything to the contrary. It’s obvious now that his mind is not sharp anymore.

  3. Wow what a surprise….Krystal and Saagar aren't making a segment on the Tucker asking Hunter Biden to help get his kid into college. It's almost like their media criticisms has a very generous blind spot for him. I know Saagar & Krystal get a lot of flack at times (some undeserved) but covering for Tucker is a legitimate one.

    Interestingly, anyone else notice a growing divide between Kyle's and Krystal's takes? I have to admit that he's stayed true to his past comments when it comes to prominent right figures but Krystal seems to be increasingly granting passes to those with a semblance of crossover viewers…

  4. One thing I often notice about older folks is their loss of awareness of how long it takes to accomplish a task, in this case, Stone giving an answer to a question. I bet Saager and Krystal each had 5 more questions chambered but Stone kept droning on not realizing hes eating up all the time.

  5. CIA, FBi, Secret Service, The Mafia, The Vice President
    Lyndon Johnson
    George HW Bush
    Richard Nixon
    Lee Harvey Oswald
    Clay Shaw
    E. Howard Hunt
    James Files
    Lucien Sarti
    Charlie Nicolette
    David Atlee Phillips
    Sam Giancanna
    Johnny Roselli
    Charles Harrelson
    Frank Sturgis
    Cord Meyer
    Allen Dulles
    J. Edgar Hoover
    David Ferrie
    Carlos Marcello
    Santo Trafficante
    Jack Ruby
    Chauncey Holt
    David Morales
    G. Gordon Liddy
    William "Bill" Harvey

  6. I use to be a big JFK assassination history buff. Many haven't caught on to the fact that Oliver Stone when he made his movie and in every interview concerning JFK thereafter, he beats around the bush. He never comes right out and says who killed Kennedy except for skirting around the edges and mentioning anti-Castro Cubans were involved and other so called shady going-ons. ( I could be wrong, but I noticed this.) Every serious researcher knows Kennedy was killed by Anti Castro Cubans, the CIA, military industrial complex, big Texas oil, the mob, J. Edgar Hoover, and even LBJ was in on it. Also, Bush Sr. and Nixon knew that JFK was going to be assassinated. The players I just mentioned is the thesis from the two books (Jim Marrs and Jim Garrison) that Stone based his movie on. Fact: I heard Stone in an interview whereby the interviewer asked him straight out if the CIA was involved. Stone said that he can't just name names because what he says will be taken out of context or something to that effect. He damn well knows who exactly killed JFK, but won't say it. Probably because he doesn't want to be sued and in fear of being outed and losing his career. Look at what happened to 9-11 truthers.

  7. About the Military industrial complex, the bloated budget, I get it. But he seems just naive on China and the CCP. Sounds like a, " make love not war" hippie types. The reality out there is harsh. It's been a long war between dictatorships and democracy.

  8. What a bankrupt deceiver on this issue Stone is. By creating and maintaining the dumb JFK assassination conspiracy theories the Left in the US was instrumental in forming delusional concepts like the deep state and the notion that rogue elements in the US government killed JFK. This whole fantasy narrative has now been taken over by the Magat Death Cult and totally turned on its head and against the Left as a very effective weapon. QAnon is the direct result of this development and instead of exposing conspiracy grifters like Stone as the charlatans they are, the Left still worships this trainwreck as a cult director. Too bad.

  9. "we keep pushing in Ukraine, we keep pushing in Taiwan". As a Ukrainian citizen, I'm happy that US is pushing something. When the USSR collapsed (thank to US & other factors), Ukraine was left with the 3rd largest Nuclear Arsenal in the world & one of the top 5 navies by size in the world. Russian, USA, and UK all promised to protect Ukraine if we gave up on our weapons (which was an idiotic idea) but we went with it.

    No this creep is visiting Putin, taking selfies with him, and talking about how USA is pushing something while Russian is:

    a. killing people in Georgia
    b. killing people in Ukraine
    c. killing people in Syria
    d. had multiple wars in Afghanistan and Chechen Republic
    e. killing journalists & poisoning defectors

    The list can go on. I'd like to understand how this hack is addressing this point when he is criticizing the USA. Not that I particularly disagreeing with some of his points. Cut the budget in half and USA is still the strongest, most paid army in the world. Remove corporate ties from the US military & everything will become better. Hearing this from OIiver, though, is like hearing about forced immunizations & concentration camps Chomsky. Typical 2 face.

  10. Disappointed in YouTube for linking a sodding Wikipedia article as supposed facts. We were not allowed to use wiki as a source at uni (college) as anyone can edit it.
    YouTube can suck it in my opinion. Removing the downvote counter and linking wiki articles seems like the death throes of any neutrality they were trying to present

  11. It's an IQ test, if a person thinks it's a coincidence that a man who wanted ro disassemble secret services gets murdered – you know you're talking to a simpleton

  12. Writing and rewriting history and then editing and then putting it together again for more editing and then for a summary it's going to be interesting for my grandkids to figure out what really happened. I would be okay if Trump got indicted and had to go to Federal penitentiary for insurrection crimes and just maybe Jeff Epstein's guards would be available for protecting. I have a feeling that might be a trigger point for resurrection of another insurrection. He would go down as some type of martyr, I think.
    Maybe AI computers will be able to figure this out and then tell us what we've been doing.

  13. What great grab, perfect guest for your show, amazing man, veteran, patriot, progressive and compassionate human being who has informed countless minds! Couldnt have clicked this video faster!

  14. Both Kennedy’s were assassinated in a joint operation by CIA, organized crime (brought together by Cuba) and Israeli partisans who were concerned because Kennedy was going to make Israeli lobbyists register as foreign agents, and was going to subject Israeli nuclear facilities to inspections.

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