Oliver Stone Exposes JFK Assassination Cover-Up (JFK Revisited)

On this episode of Going Underground, we speak to legendary film director Oliver Stone about his new film ‘JFK: Revisited: Through The Looking Glass’. He discusses JFK’s often over-looked campaigns for peace with the Soviet Union and Cuba prior to his assassination as well as work furthering civil rights, the details exposing an alleged cover-up of the assassination of JFK including rapid policy changes from the successor LBJ administration and alleged CIA involvement in the assassination, why larger powers wanted John F. Kennedy dead, JFK’s preparations to shatter the CIA and his belief that the war in Vietnam was a mistake, how the events leading up to the assassination of JFK were meticulously planned and the CIA’s involvement on the day, Lee Harvey-Oswald’s supervision by the CIA and much more!

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  1. When Trump whines about "Deep State", in a manner of speaking it is true that there has long been such a thing that could be called "Deep State"' in the U.S., but the nature of that Deep State has always been the extreme Right, as bad as Trump, or beyond. The Deep State was more in the nature of Latin American dictatorships like Pinochet, wholesale murder and torture, mostly aimed at protecting wealthy interests. JFK was a forerunner to what you see in Trump's attempted coup, only more successful. A right-wing power grab, covered up with a mountain of lies and deception.

  2. I am who I am is coming to get you
    Did you think you got away with it.
    Hide now in the caves.
    The time is here.
    Justice is coming
    There is no hiding place.

  3. Like Johnsons cover up of attack on the uss liberty .the same Zionist infultrators in the administration them times who put a Palestinian in jail for the assassination of bobby are one in the same. there foreign policy clout is at work today in both partys ! Its reaches the in the uk Johnsons-priti petel tory regime. Recent British military manoeuvres is under there control in the black sea/china provocation. Purly political and military parasites mossad etc .

  4. As unfair as it seems in life, all these criminals will pay for it in death.
    I am not religious..However, I did experience something which changed my, I say with confidence..again, they will all pay for it in death..whether they believe so, or not.

  5. Go to Dallas 6th Floor Museum, check it out by yourself and make up your mind, if the official story can be possible in ANY way!

  6. And the really mind blowing shit is that Oliver stone’s film was overseen by elements of America’s out of control CIA.
    Kennedy’s murder involved far more people than is hinted at, even in his film. And the preparations were fastidious. Different levels of coverups were put in place to cater for less than 100 percent success. Does any one here know that officer Tibbets was chosen to play Kennedy in death.
    For the truly informative Kennedy murder story ONLY conolly’s ‘JFK to 9.11 everything is a rich man’s ‘ comes close.
    This can be found but you tube are doing their best to bury it. (always indicating truth) . It’s long. Probably the best documentary this 66 year old has ever watched. Life changing.

  7. Stone? smh. Mossad Killed JFK over not giving nuclear weapons to Israel. JFK was very upset how Israel was treating Palestine and sent in people to observe that no nuclear devices were being built in Israel. Israel despised be spied on and ended JFK's life. Look up and read the story of the USS Liberty if you think Israel is are friends they are most certainly not a friend of the United States and they violate the constitution on a daily Bases by using the ADL to say anything bad about Israel is hate speech and anti Semitic.

  8. Mr. Stone if no one has been able to solve who or what did this why even pretend like you can? Why don't you focus on more obvious wrongs done like crooked Hillary and the 4 unarmed Americans she allowed to be murdered in Benghazi and more recently How the Democratic party Stole the election?

  9. New target China! And EVERYONE believes China is enemy number one. I have not seen evidence (hearsay is not evidence) of any of the accusations on China. This is scary as shit!

  10. The book “dr. Feelgood” by Richard leetzman puts forth the hypothesis that the cia knew jfk was addicted to methamphetamine and was a loose cannon.

  11. The book “dr. Feelgood” by Richard leetzman puts forth the hypothesis that the cia knew jfk was addicted to methamphetamine and was a loose cannon.

  12. The worst thing about it all is the people think they are absolutely powerless to do anything about political corruption and war mongering but vote so they keep voting for more of the same.

  13. Kennedy would have chilled the cold war… others after would try to heat it up again. freaking war hawks are buzzards! no offense, but some of stone's data sounds thin.

  14. Sad to see a US army veteran working for the Russians… No other way to explain why Stone ignores all of Oswald's KGB training and meeting in Mexico with Kostin ?

  15. FFS Oliver
    They didn't change the parade route
    They didn't "control" Oswald – he got the job from a neighbor of his landlord out of pure chance.
    There is no evidence of a gun, bullet, shooter, rifle, pistol of anybody other Oswald's gun from the Book Depository – they dug Oswald's bullets out of JFK's head. So if you are going to posit a conspiracy, have it fit the known facts.

    Could you imagine setting this "hit" up and saying you want to frame Oswald behind the motorcade and then somebody says "Yeah, then let's blow JFK's head off from the front!" – he would get slapped for such an idea…why the fuck would you shoot him from the front with a different gun if you are going to frame a guy in the rear.? What if your shot hits? You now have medical, forensic and fire arms evidence against what you are trying to frame. What if you hit JFK in the eye?face?chest? – from the front (grassy knoll)

    I love the film JFK – but it's full of unbelievable errors and omissions…it's still a top 5 film of the 1990s – exonerating Oswald for executing Tippit in front of a dozen people who picked him out of a line up is especially perverse – especially since Oswald had the pistol that killed Tippit in his pants minutes later as he tried to murder Officer McDonald in the theater.

    I don't' wanna spoil anybody's fun and I was a conspiracy guy for years and wrote my high school modern history paper on how Oswald was innocent…I was wrong. So is Oliver Stone – he's a boob.

  16. special privileges exist
    in government
    as they would under President Stone
    who would rely on His Benevolence
    instead of laws that He Knows
    affect Black People more
    "laws against being bad??"

    yup, those

    "do I ever need another reason to defend myself?"

    there's a grand distinction between trusting the US army behind you on a subway platform
    as opposed to the RED ARMY ?

    or a hangry oliver stone on ritalin ? and A M B I E N


    eyewitness effect
    telephone game
    even if you were THERE, MAN

    "the survivors of history who write the books, won"

    win theory,

    love your work