Oliver Stone Knows Who Killed JFK

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He wrote and directed multiple classic, culture-defining American movies. He created groundbreaking documentaries, interviewing Putin, debunking Russiagate, and uncovering JFK’s murder. He won three Academy Awards.

There was only one thing left for Oliver Stone to do: Become a Useful Idiot.

Stone’s new documentary, JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass, uses newly declassified and reexamined footage to present a case that conspiracy theories about the president’s death are actually “conspiracy facts.”

And it creates a big debate on Useful Idiots. Watch the pod, watch the doc, then let us know: do you agree with Matt, Katie, or Oliver? Who really killed President John F. Kennedy?

Plus, this week’s Dems and Republicans Suck finally breaks Matt, leading to an impassioned stump speech of the good of all Americans. Once we stop laughing, we’re pretty sure we’ll realize he’s telling the truth.

It’s Oliver Stone on Useful Idiots. Don’t miss this one.

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  1. Why ads? We explain at 1:11:33. A large portion of UI revenue is being donated to the Reporters Committee for the Freedom of the Press. That's ad revenue and your subscriptions and donations helping out independent journalists.

  2. I think the biggest form of propaganda we have right now is making it so that no one asks about something to force them to have to obfuscate the facts. Instead of making a fake story, they say something is a non-story.

  3. Everyone knows that the CIA and the military industrial complex had Kennedy killed the only thing, no one can prove it. Anyone connected to his Assassination has been disappeared we all know this.

  4. If you look closely at the final shot – of Kennedy being hit in the head, moving his head backward and to his right – you'll notice immediately before the last shot, the driver turns to look directly at JFK. The Zapruder film has been manipulated, unfortunately; i.e., a few frames have been removed, but you'll notice the driver not only looks back at JFK but also gestures, as though he is wielding a gun; as soon as Kennedy receives the kill shot, the driver – btw, who slowed down as JFK was being fired at – turns back around, and takes off; once Kennedy has half is brain gone.
    It turns out it actually was the driver who made the kill shot to the head using an air gun with an exploding pellet. If you notice, Mrs. Kennedy – immediately after noticing "who" made the kill shot – tries to get out of the car because one of the shooters was actually in the car! I first heard this from William Cooper; it turned out to hold water.
    It makes perfect sense on multiple levels; that those who planned to kill the President of the United States could be allowed to fail! It makes perfect sense to have a shooter close, if all other shooters failed to complete the mission(killing the Pres.), you would have someone "in the same car, and so close, you couldn't miss." And of course, those few missing frames – of the final shot – are the most manipulated; in fact, are missing.

  5. "It seems more than coincidental that fascination with tales
    of intrigue about Camelot lost reached their peak in 1992 just as
    discontent with all institutions reached historic peaks, along with
    a general sense of powerlessness and gloom about the future, and
    the traditional one-party, two-faction candidate-producing mechanism
    was challenged by a billionaire with a dubious past, a
    'blank slate' on which one’s favorite dreams could be inscribed.
    The audiences differ, but the JFK-Perot movements share a millenarian
    cast, reminiscent of the cargo cults of South Sea islanders
    who await the return of the great ships with their bounty. These
    developments tell us a good bit about the state of American culture
    at a time of general malaise, unfocused anger and discontent,
    and effective dissolution of the means for the public to become
    engaged in a constructive way in determining their fate."
    -Noam Chomsky, Rethinking Camelot p. 184

  6. After tonight/today whenever one is watching; i will never complain about your reasoning for ads again. Truth be told, I'm more annoyed I'm not in a spot where i can get the substack etc. but so what, this is fantastic. This is why both of you are 2 of my favorite influencers/politicos on youtube and elsewhere. I shall spread the word as i often do to the people that are in my orbit about this great show.

  7. about the xenobots and what are "robots"… French philosopher, Rene Decartes initially put forth the claim that we are all machines back in the early 1600's, saying that life is just "divine," complex machines. The main counter argument is that life develops its internal parts over time internally – whereas machines do not. Nonetheless, all living organisms emit byproducts, require energy, respond to input, and are internally regulated (temperature, pressure, filtration, etc) similarly to today's complex machines.

  8. Katie is finally starting to understand the vaccine hesitant.

    It's funny how the hypocrisy of both the US and UK governments are revealing themselves at the moment.

    And Matt at 9:24 – is also finally starting to really see it.

  9. 9/11 is just as if not more fishy than jfk assassination. The swiftness with which all media reported who done it was almost the exact same swiftness that we got with the JFK stuff… And oh gee it happens to lead to the most insane longest war in all of American history. I don't see how Matt can't see the shocking parallels. Arguably that was way more traumatic and catastrophic than jfk.

  10. I guess we'll have to wait unt 2075 until people are "serious people" are doubting and questioning the 5,000+ sketchy things surrounding 9/11. It's going to be very hard for even people are skeptical as Matt to tackle these types of events because the trauma of it is real to us because we lived through it. That trauma will color our critque to the pint where we won't even TOUCH it. I mean it won't take but 1 week of SERIOUS research into 9/11 to come out terrified about powerful people orchestrating the murder of thousands of Americans and convicing them to start a war over it.

  11. Oliver Stone did not formulate the essential facts sharply enough.
    Johnson made the decision to go full force into Vietnam only 3 days after the murder. Most witnesses agree that the last two shots came almost on top of each other, which proves at least two shooters as Oswald would have needed 2,8 second to load another shot. One came from the front the other from the back and hit at almost the same time.

  12. Comparing stone to Michael Moore?

    What an insult, stone is a Vietnam veteran who has made some classic films like platoon, JFK, natural born killers, heaven and earth.

    Whilst Moore has done public events calling Hillary Clinton his forbidden love. 🤮

  13. The fact that so much effort was put into doctoring and manipulating the investigation(s) and the security beforehand, which has the handwriting of the CIA all over it.
    Hope he makes a movie about how the USA and the UK are killing Assange, because that is what they are doing.

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