Oliver Stone on the JFK Assassination Cover-up

Taken from JRE #1759 w/Oliver Stone:

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  1. Did you notice how the first few bullets didn’t exploded but the final one made his explode and the FBI on the day were using exploding bullets but banned after JFK’s death

  2. wow, love YouTube's little "context" drop down under this video. Be careful guys, you're consuming content which YouTube deems inaccurate. Sad

  3. Remember people the boss of the Chicago outfit during the jfk assassination was later assisnated year later before he was supposed to testify about the relationship of the Cia and the mob.

  4. The Jewish Lobby in the US was abolished by Kennedy exactly one year to the day before his assassination. They came back a year later as todays AIPAC. Just let that sink in.
    GW Bush was the CIA Top agent in Dallas during the days before and during the assassination

  5. Conspiracy theory is within itself a conspiracy
    I'm a firm believer and have always said that "conspiracy theorists" and "conspiracy theories" have been stigmatized by the people within the real conspiracies. By over muddying the waters with other goofy ones. If you can classify anyone who's skeptical about 911 or JFK with fucking flat earthers just by calling them "conspiracy theorists" it discredits them immediately.
    All you need to do is come up with some believable points about literally anything and if you add some good animations with a professional voice over to a video about it you can get a whole group of people behind you. And as long as they get a couple foil hats in the group no one will ever take the REAL conspiracies seriously. Everyone thinks there's no gray area, and people only fall within either "we know the truth about everything" or "we need to beware of toasters' 5G brain control microchips trying to turn our kids gay".

  6. And there millions of you Americans who believe a narcissist like Trump is putting his life on the line and fought a ”deep state”, LOL!

    If he did, he would end up like JFK.

    How can someone who is the last on earth who would put his life on the line, be the one you believe is fighting some kind of deep state. How can grown adults be this naive

  7. The public has clearly chosen to accept the more palatable narratives that have been dished up on a regular basis. There are so many examples of times changing occurrences that defi the laws of nature that have been easily gulped down. And as a consequence our world has been changed immeasurably.

  8. I'm going out on a limb here I am a Canadian I live in Alberta, today I woke up with fear and anxiety never felt like this before, so here is my plea to my fellow Americans I want to leave this Country and move to a Republican state. I have worked oil and gas for 13 years, started my own business and I am a hard ass working guy. Does anyone have any leads on how I can move to Texas or Florida with me and my wife.

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