Oliver Stone Talks Edward Snowden with Joe Rogan

Taken from JRE #1511 w/Oliver Stone:

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  1. Most ppl in the tech industry either knew or wasn't surprised what Snowden said. It was just someone brave enough to say so

  2. Interesting how nearly all the people saying Snowden was a hero and did the right thing have little to no understanding of how the government agencies actually do things. There were several other ways he could have done something about how he thought the surveillance was being done that would not have resulted in a massive spill and a trip to Russia.

  3. Can you imagine if Snowden didnt expose the government on where we would be today, I cannot even fathom the idea of it, I think Mr. Snowden is a true American hero who gave up his life to us other Americans. If you do not agree then you do not belong in this country

  4. it is funny that how people think the world is a ocean of roses. The reality is that humans will always be at war of some kind. it is embed into our DNA. The only thing we can do is to survive and continue living in hope of peace. But, what is peace?

  5. We the U.S.A are the biggest threat to world piece around the world, we are the biggest sponsor to terrorism an political Coup. With money an weapons is true sadly is true is dam true an the Corporate Republicans, an Democrats are down with it, cause it serves their Masters.

  6. Problem with Oliver Stone. His points are solid and smash all the biased fools so often when he finds himself on the other side of them. But, he psychologically realises he's going against the grain of what people often wrongly see as "right" instead of looking indignant like the creeps fog horning the other side and it makes him do bow down gestures like at 4:30 too often. But on the opposite side, with this knowledge, articulation and cinema power, if he were body language indignant, he might be in jail or dead.

  7. Im from Bolivia, The United States Government did not have anything to do with Evo Morales leaving the country, We the people demand his resignation in more than 21 day of massive protest against a regime that got caught cheating in the elections, in which Morales should have not participated in the first place because he lost a referéndum.
    Oliver Stone is a great filmmaker but when he tries to distort the truth to benefit his narrative, he goes against what he preaches in his movies, the pursuit of the historic truth.

  8. Lol snowden still works for the CIA the "exposure" was a test to see if Americans would defend thier freedom or keep looking at thier iphone. SO since we don't actually care and just wanna sound cool in a comment they are gonna continue to be taken. GG fam

  9. That guy's real. I'm so tired of the PC assholes going around and censoring people and committing violence on their neighborhoods burning buildings just so they can make yet one more power structure based on hate. We need more people like this if we want to criticize government.

  10. Snowden is a Whistleblower, only difference is he blew against the crooked sneaky rats(government and high techs). So crooked they won’t even let him speak in court. Pardon our boy and bring him home!