Oliver Stone: We’re Living in a Censored State

This week, we’re unpaywalling our extended interview with multiple-Oscar-winner Oliver Stone. His new documentary Ukraine on Fire has been censored by Youtube, but you can still see it on Rumble.

He wrote and directed multiple classic, culture-defining American movies. He created groundbreaking documentaries, interviewing Putin, debunking Russiagate, and uncovering JFK’s murder. He won three Academy Awards.

There was only one thing left for Oliver Stone to do: Become a Useful Idiot.

Stone’s new documentary, JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass, uses newly declassified and reexamined footage to present a case that conspiracy theories about the president’s death are actually “conspiracy facts.”

And it creates a big debate on Useful Idiots. Watch the pod, watch the doc, then let us know: do you agree with Matt, Katie, or Oliver? Who really killed President John F. Kennedy?

The Oscar-winning filmmaker shares stories of censorship, getting yelled at about Russiagate by Bill Maher (kinda like another Useful Idiot we know), and being pushed out of the mainstream for being a controversial filmmaker, cementing his legacy as a Useful Idiot.

Plus, watch Matt’s reaction when one of his all-time favorite directors quotes his “vampire squid” piece. It’s pretty cool.

It’s Oliver Stone on Useful Idiots. Don’t miss this one.

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  1. Edward Abbey spent two years as a Arches National Park ranger which inspired him to write “Desert Solitaire," and this particular insight came to light:

    “Anarchism is founded on the observation that since few men are wise enough to rule themselves, even fewer are wise enough to rule others."

  2. US, inc. does nothing but LIE, subvert, hide, and twist the TRUTH because the TRUTH would condemn US, inc. as the corrupt, despotic oligarchy that it was designed by the Federalist oligarchs to be from the beginning. Alexander Hamilton, et. al. are all giddy in their graves with how successful their commercial law plantation, run by their progeny, has become over the past 233 years.

  3. Saw it, remember, lived in dallas over 30 years… The picture of Kennedy has also changed from my present view he appears to be a guy who wanted others to take risk on his behalf while leaving him free of suspicion to criticize all involved. I feel as though I never really knew him. Also, the idea of a woman jumping into the open while bullets are flying, on a moving car, grabbing brain pieces like they are candy, and more… No to weird. Was it even really Kennedy, or Jackie (so cute).

  4. US is increasingly tilting towards fascism….excessive corporations, secret services controlling elections and media, excessive military funding, and so many wars and destruction

  5. Finally leftists are coming around to this obvious truth. Next stop, 9/11…. I've been screaming about 9/11 for years and I'm only 28. I watched it live at the age of 7 because I was home sick with my dad… The obvious inconsistencies around 9/11 are incredible not to mention the scientific inconsistencies that should be glaring obvious to anyone that took one college level physics course….. people's defense of 9/11 official story are as silly as the defense of the official story on jfk. Like oh no the wealthiest industries in the world totally just happened to have all the right chips fall in a way that lead to a multi trillion dollar war and western expansion. Yeah a few random 3rd world terrorists accidentally enriched the most powerful people in the world.

  6. Thanks so much for sharing this special segment! It is very moving, and powerful to hear another dive into the JFK assassination, and coverup… which continues to this day, as each successive POTUS claims they can't fully release all the JFK investigation documents, after more than 50 years. Because not all the guilty conspirators are dead yet. It's disgusting that they can continue to get away with this shit.

  7. Many of us wonder what the world would have looked like under a triumphant JFK should he not have gotten his head turned into a canoe – what would the US have been if they dialed down the Cold War rhetoric and worked closer with the Ruskies on more common ground scientific enterprises instead. JFK wanted a universal healthcare system too.

    By that same token, what would road would the USSR if the brutish madman Stalin hadn't succeed Lenin, but Trotsky did instead.

  8. Too bad you all had this pay protected. This interview may have helped temper the current madness. The times we’re living through are a direct result of all this – intentionally dangerous to children and other living things. A look at the assassinations tells us all we need to understand. Will this understanding come too late?

  9. usa, nato and IMF are muscles of European monarchies! no wonder descendants of Boston tea party are often confused on conflicts Americans find them self in,and no wonder 3.rd world countries are hostile towards westerners… maybe those are reasons for puppet governments and constant coups

  10. Thank you for interviewing Oliver Stone! He is a courageous truthteller! I love the validation that the US media is bullshit! Its a relief to hear that Europe knows it! Quit tv news altogether, too bad the big guys can't figure out why they lose so many viewers to alternative sources like RT, and independent podcasts…their solution is to deplatform dissenters to the narrative they are spinning! I could listen to Oliver Stone every day! He's so knowledgeable, and has so many great untold stories that we will never hear in commercial media! May he stay safe from those warmongering ghouls…

  11. You know, I would be careful going forward about the input you get from people not capable of even conducting a “special operation” there is a load of self consciousness in your voices, and mannerisms. that said, the details about exactly what i know and so on, is unfortunately going to remain a mystery to you. 😉

  12. He doesn't mention much about it here, but check out both the miniseries and book, "The Untold History of the United States." Absolutely eye opening and brilliant look at American history with the filters off.

  13. Oliver Stone is hardly a qualified source of information, and is really just a left leaning version of a conspiracy theorist. The Ted Nugent of the left. Still, he should not have his content banned. Censorship today is not by the government, but by our media and a great many leftist extremists. Note I am not a Republican.

  14. It's extremely sad that a handful of people have hijacked an amazingly great country for greed. This current Ukraine Russia dispute has also been created by such unscrupulous handful of people. It's a dispute between countries who are predominantly Christians? It's like Russian are whites but not white enough? In spite of thousands of years of Biblical learnings, the primitive, animalistic instincts of these small minority continues to dig deeper and larger holes for 1st Americans to fall in to, 2nd dispite ravaging and destroying countless countries, they promote destruction and EU is now caught within. Profiteering without consciousness and any consideration for others will not go unnoticed by God. It's time to repent, focus on rescuing the Great Nation of USA. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen 🙏.

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