OMG – Gen-Z Can’t Answer the Most Basic Questions – OUR EDUCATION SYSTEM IS IN TROUBLE!

How many moons does the earth have might be the best clip we’ve ever gotten. Another wild one from our friend Justin Awad, Gen Z truly knows nothing. These are VERY basic questions and it seems like they don’t even know how to go about answering them. Can Gen-z think??

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Written by Fleccas Talks

I'm trying to tell the stories the MSM ignores. This channel should be called "Fleccas Listens


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  1. I'm sorry the only College you ever finished was clown College. Am I supposed to really believe a college-educated person doesn't know how many minutes are in an hour this is sickening this isn't just sad this is sickening

  2. Stupidity is a public menace! These are the people who start a fight in Mc Donald's every week for getting short changed and will never be able to accept that they are ALWAYS in the wrong.

  3. This shit is scary. These are some of the most common questions you could ever ask and these people have no clue. And the scarier thing is they have the same power to vote as you or I. Education needs to be better and stricter and the ability to vote needs to have a test or something to get a permit to vote or something. Like how can you thing someone that thinks there’s 6 moons orbiting earth can make an important decision as voting.

  4. It's kinda hard to watch honestly. What do they teach nowadays? Basic education is replaced by the names of all the Kardashians and memorizing all 6374683 genders

  5. lol idk how you can look them in the eye and say yes lol you know they are going to go to their friends and say this and get made fun off oh wait i guess their friends think this way too lol

  6. This generation is way to Analspastic for my tastes. The males are dumber that rocks and the females worth less. So sad, for these lost minions of Communism. The Woke n Broke Generation of Tard' Nation.

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