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  1. Time Magazine has NEVER met a war they did not love! I think there are still old timers alive that remember when Time put Hitler on the cover claiming he was person of the year!

  2. They're redistributing our wealth like what former governor Cuomo once said they were going to do. The west will be Venezuela by 2030. The inflation was designed to allow Biden to print more money to send outside of America. FTX style.

  3. Ukraine is the capital of money laundering and that is why every Democrat wants to support the Ukraine war. They all have somebody in their family who's on a board of some sort of a giant company that's making a shit load of money out of who knows what period plus they're also dumping our tax dollars all into this bullshit

  4. So,be filthy rich with a mansion in Miami and California, pretend to be Ukrainian leader,lick the boots of Every Democrat and WEF agendists….and Poof…Man of the Year….well,There goes "Time Magazine"….MTG…love her 💯🇺🇸❤️

  5. It's not a land dispute. Putin wants USSR back and he needs his buffer-state Ukraine back, to be stuck between EU+NATO and Putin's Russia. Meanwhile, Ukrainians are sick and tired of Putin's and USSR's crap, including Russia's abusive policies towards Ukraine, they want to be part of EU+NATO.

    Which was why, back in 2014, Revolution of Dignity happened, when Putin's planted president Yanukovich promised Ukrainian people he would join EU, because Russia had Ukraine paying for gas and oil more than Germany… And then he got a bribe from Putin and went back on his word, so people started protesting, after which Yanukovych had ordered his law enforcement units to open fire on protesters. That was when he got kicked out of country and he ran to Russia, while stealing country's entire yearly budget, where he lives to this day.

    Right after that, "little green men," dressed in Russian military uniforms, using Russian new military transports, stormed and took over Crimean Peninsula… Putin, back then, denied his involvement, saying any of that could be bought in the hunting store… All the while, "volunteers" have gone and ran a referendum, under a gun point, not letting anyone in, except for Russian verified "journalists,"

    …couple hours later, after "referendum," was done and over with, Russian "Duma" proclaimed Crimean Peninsula to be a part of Russian Federation and right after that, a celebratory concert show was run on Red Square, right outside of Kremlin… They made abundantly obvious that they knew the results ahead of time… So yeah-referendum under a gun point-is a joke.

    Donbass was the same story, only there, they gave guns to a mob of Russian ex-cons and hooligans, shipped them all to Donbass to take over first, and then sent the Russian military, to bomb BOTH Ukrainians and Donbass! I kid you not! There are videos of GRAD launchers standing criss-cross and launching rockets in the direction of both sides.

    They even planned to do the same thing in Kharkiv Region, but Kharkiv mayor Kernes, even though he got bribed by Russia, got blue balls last second and betrayed Russians last moment, which was why Kharkiv Region remained under Ukraine to this day… Of course, Russians got pissed and demanded their money back-got none, so they've put a hit on him, after which he ended in a vegetative state.

    As for Zelensky and his crew-they're, basically, the fifth column. They've been dismantling and and all defensive lines Ukrainian military has built over the years, they've been dismantling Ukrainian military, since their day one in power. It has gotten to the point, where they knew Russian military was coming and did not preparations. Worse yet-the reason why Southern part of Ukraine was taken over so quickly, was because the road from Crimea and into Ukraine, used to be barricaded and mines up the arse, yet, as soon as the war started, all of that was gone… Oh, and army had no diesel fuel, at all, even though Zelensky and his crew had assured everyone that they've stocked on diesel on full.

    Back when CCP VIRUS started, instead of stocking up on masks and respirators, Zelensky has sold Ukraian strategic reserve of masks to China… Yeah, he and his crew are totally fine with Ukrainian people dropping like flies, so long as he made money off of it.

    Zelensky had criticized Poroshenko, for having off-shore accounts and not paying taxes, and yet, Panama files revealed that Zelensky had over FOURTY MILLION DOLLARS IN HIS OWN OFF-SHORE ACCOUNT!!!

    But hey! It's oke when he does it, coz it's not for profit, but for his art, you see… He considered his crappy stand-ups and tv shows, to be works of art… TV shows, btw, that were being run in Russia, while everything else coming out of Ukraine was being treated as hostile propaganda and forbidden in Russia…

    Oh yeah, and his wife, ex-journalist herself, had once said that journalists should learn when to shut-up, sometimes…

    Yeah, THAT guy is Man of The Year…FFS!!!

  6. We literally hired isis troops to go fight in Ukraine, because the Ukrainemilitaryhas been whipped out. Can't make this up. America is paying them $1200 a week to fight in this war.

  7. You want to know what they're doing? You want to know how this has to do with the globalists? Population control. They're doing it on multiple fronts: cutting off energy to Europe; cutting off food to the entire planet; draining the United States of all of its tax money and crashing the dollar even harder; just flat out killing their own people. They're trying to wipe out as many people in the first world into the West is humanly possible. What's the strong intelligent ones are gone, they'll get the dumb ones to work in the factories. They'll be the ones that'll eat the bugs, live in the pod, live sheltered controlled lives, and they'll be the ones that will own nothing and be happy.

  8. The united States horse in this race is the money laundering that is being filtered through Ukraine. Zelenski is just the spigot that allows it to happen, so his wheels gets greased too. That's why they don't want and audit. Its obvious.

  9. How do we take tax spending control away from politicians. Our country has plenty of issues that needs to be fixed before we help other countries. That administration left 7.1 billion of military weapons why not tell Ukraine to go grab those. I'm so sick of politicians sending our tax money to fuel a war we have 0 business in.

  10. Russia is a Christian nation that kicked out lgbtq and destroyed bio chemical weapons mfg in Ukraine. Who really is the bad guy ? We have been doing so called democracy building when actually been destroying sovereign nations and installing puppet governments. Cuba Venezuela Iran iraq Somolia are just a few examples. We've been the bad guys all along. But too many people are too stupid to notice.

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