Omicron Boosters, Kids’ Vaccine & More (w/Dr. Paul Offit)

Why did Dr. Offit vote NO on Omicron-specific boosters at the FDA advisory meeting? What’s up with vaccine for the youngest kids? AND MUCH MORE…

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Topics & Timecodes:
​00:00 Intro, Omicron-specific vaccine, brief COVID history, what is a bivalent vaccine
​06:56 The FDA Vaccine Advisory Committee, political agendas & the seemingly declining burden of proof
13:15 Booster vs. 3rd dose, understanding age stratified risk, potential for vaccine escape
16:52 My dad’s COVID story, risk calculation, the problem with broad stroke policies
20:50 What happens to old COVID variants, predictions for the upcoming winter surge
23:07 Viral infection patterns, specifically in children, MIS-C
28:52 Severe disease, death and long COVID in children, vaccine uptake in children,
33:53 Kids under 5 & the COVID vax, community vs. individual benefit
38:45 COVID vax mandates & their effect on childhood immunizations, public health messaging
43:58 Recognizing & overcoming bias, Dr. Offit’s emotional experience upon approval of the rotavirus vax
47:59 Paul shares his COVID experience, long COVID as a biopsychosocial condition, final thoughts

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  1. As usual Offit talks out of both sides of his mouth. I recall vividly sometime ago he recommended no vaccinations for young children 6 months up to 12 years of age. NOW he wraps up this interview by saying that once he becomes a Granddad, he definitely wants his grandkids jabbed. The man is old and he doesn't remember what he's said from one minute to the other. It's pointless to bring him on as if he's still an expert. HIS expiration date has been reached. It was 26 years to develop that one drug vs 2 months for this one. At least the people used as guinea pigs for The Other Drug were paid and so if they got harmed or died, at least somebody had some money, but with this drug NOBODY gets paid. Instead, if they don't do it, they lose their job or get kicked out of school .Dog just gets off on association with powerful people but this is a Duo that is disastrous. We may now call them the Disastrous Duo Dooming mankind.

  2. I am afraid Dr Offit may be destroyed because of his honesty 😥 As a manager I can tell you that this is all now about money and power. Pharma plays together with politicians. They are one team. And our team, team of humanity, is losing, because they are much much much stronger powerful players.. Sad but true 😥

  3. How anyone could be promoting these " inocculations" at this point only reveals a myopic bias so broad that – in my mind – disqualifies any of their 'scientific credentials'. We need a deep, cleaning out of all these career agency 'experts' that have totally destroyed America's trust in our public health response.

  4. Thank you so much Dr Z for another great program and Dr Offit for dedicating your life to this. Amazing conversation. I am a mother of an 8 month old who received the first dose of Pfizer during pregnancy and 3 months later the second dose while breastfeeding with the promise of protecting myself and my child. Does my baby has antibodies? Does she needs the vaccine? This is so confusing.

  5. Can I suggest you interview some of the people who have made accurate predictions about the evolution of the virus? Geert, Brett, Malone, etc? While no one is 100% accurate in their predictions, the ones who were counter-narrative from the beginning have been more accurate, and we should learn their epistemology

  6. People are waking up to the fact that vaccines in general have been dangerous for a very long time. The Covid shot just brought it all to light, people are researching things themselves for the first time in their lives.

  7. FAT is pre existing condition.
    Paul lied !!!!
    most healthy childreen survived SARS-CoV-2…no need for the vacine. But if you are over 70s please get your shot !!!!

  8. I don't understand how we can talk about mandates for anyone. I'm an "essential worker" and I'm vaccinated and boosted. I got COVID two weeks ago and gave it to my entire family. Isn't there plenty of evidence that vaccinated people can infect other people? What justification is there for any mandate?

  9. I would love to see a discussion amongst you, Dr. Offit, and Dr. Ghandi, especially since I’m your last interview she mentioned getting a vaccine for herself and her kids that is only offered in India — I’d love Offit’s take and discussion with her about other vaccines.

  10. Such a staggeringly great interview with Dr. Offit. Really hit on all of the important issues. I only wish you would have asked why we're approving vaccines for young children under an EUA. If there's no emergency (and there isn't), what's the justification for the EUA approval process? Anyway, thanks for a very informative 53 minutes!

  11. It's hard to watch ZDogg's face. He is so full of himself and so full of sh*t I can't stand it. He's been wrong about everything important, from the beginning, and he still pretends that he's been acting professionally. All he has been is cocky. Now he and others are rewriting history so that they don't look as ridiculous as they've been.

  12. Thank you Dr. Offit. Humility and honesty about knowing what you don't know. This is why I trust you and hope many others feel the same! Science is always evolving.

  13. ZDogg, great score on the interview with Paul!!! Just a couple of things I wonder about (from both you and Paul):
    1) I'm wondering about thoughts on the resignations of Gruber and Krause in summer 2021 over the booster shot down vote by the committee and its eventual overruling by administration?
    2) I'm wondering about thoughts on Cody Meissner's (vaccine committee member) alert to the possibility of 'molecular mimicry' with the new vaccine?

  14. I didn't take the HPV and the meningococcal vaccine either (it wasn't available when I was in college and life went on just fine), because I was at no risk for them and didn't feel like it. Still never been exposed, so it looks like I was right.

    People should be free to choose what treatments they take without discrimination.

  15. What’s the difference between covid pneumonia and just pneumonia? Pneumonia is a huge killer of children and the elderly. So again, did this kid have pneumonia and just happen to covid as well or is there a new covid pneumonia and if so please explain the difference

  16. Follow the science follow the science follow the science follow the science follow the science follow the science follow the science

    Might have misspelled money I'm not sure

  17. What happened to the pursuit of individualized, precision medicine?

    What happened to the requirement of medical professionals & public health to facilitate the patients right to exercise informed consent, without duress or penalty?

    Why would those who are not at remarkable risk, be pressured to take this medical treatment?

    These departures from medical ethics are serious.

  18. I'm very disappointed. I posted a complimentary and supportive comment about this video and your and other's work, and I got attacked by other people to the point that I deleted my comment to just make it go away. I think that defies what you're trying to do.

  19. Great as always , me and my wife are boosted and caught Covid and my children got the 2 dose vaccine and we all caught Covid . Is there any reason for a booster for them and the adults it was back in January of 2022

  20. And the back pedal has begun. He must be really really worried to all of a sudden feign ethics by voting no. No – we will remember. You will be held accountable for your actions in time. History will not be kind to these people.

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