Omicron, global exposure

Cases of omicron doubling every 2 to 3 days in UK

Sajid Javid, Community transmission of Omicron

Multiple regions of England

with no links to international travel

21 Omicron cases in England linked to travel from Nigeria

Cases + 90 = 336 confirmed

No hospital admissions

Could not guarantee omicron would not knock us off our road to recovery

Incubation period may be shorter

So a person will become infectious sooner

Omicron to become dominant in the next few weeks

UK response

10,000 vaccinators were being recruited

450 military

Pre-departure tests

Red lists

Masks in shops and public transport

Omicron case contacts required to self-isolate for 10 days, regardless of vaccine status

UK Health Security Agency, 500,000 tests per day

Dominic Raab

Plan B. not required because of success of the vaccination programme.

Government is taking, targeted and proportionate approach


Omicron, 183 confirmed on Sunday
Triple the Friday estimate

Henrik Ullum, Danish Statens Serum Institut

The time we gain, we must use to get as many people vaccinated as possible

And the shots will be aspirated (JC)

Dr Jeffrey Barrett, director Covid-19 genomics initiative, Wellcome Sanger Institute

Omicron spreading faster than Delta

UK’s dominant variant within a matter of weeks

It is too early to make this assumption (on severity)

If only a small proportion of people get seriously ill with Omicron,

a small faction of a really big number can still cause problems

Prof Paul Hunter

New variant could be spreading faster than the currently dominant Delta variant,

would probably start to overtake Delta within the next few weeks

Prof Tim Spector

UK omicron, probably at least 1,000 to 2,000

New variant can only be picked up by 30-40% of PCR tests

Symptoms from Omicron appear at the moment more similar to a cold,

rather than the classic Covid symptoms of a high temperature, a new, continuous cough or a loss of sense of taste or smell

This means many cases may be missed

Omicron cases are expected to double around every two days

Anthony Fauci on omicron

Thus far, it does not look like there’s a great degree of severity to the omicron variant

But we have really got to be careful before we make any determinations that it is less severe or it really doesn’t cause any severe illness, comparable to delta

Mayor Bill de Blasio (NY)

All New Yorkers will need to be vaccinated if they want to go to work

Public sector employers already

Mandate will now be extended to all private sector employees

From 27th December, 184,000 businesses

Omicron (10 cases so far)

Holiday gatherings

Cold weather

Should be assumed, already community spread in New York

Already mandating

Morgan Stanley, Blackrock and Goldman Sachs, McDonald’s, Walgreens, Walmart

President Cyril Ramaphosa, SA

We are experiencing a rate of infections that we have not seen since the pandemic started


First case on Sunday

Also Brazil, Mexico, Chile


First confirmed cases on Monday

Ten people tested positive returning from SA

Two had omicron variant


Thailand, Nepal, first cases on Monday


Up to 21 cases

Written by Dr. John Campbell

Hello Everyone,My name is John Campbell and I am a retired Nurse Teacher and A and E nurse based in England. I also do some teaching in Asia and Africa when time permits. These videos are to help students to learn the background to all forms of health care. My PhD focused on the development of open learning resources for nurses nationally and internationally.


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  1. I would fancy to have a peek into the vaccination strategies of a given country. It also would be enlightening to project this info against the lower case countries to see if those countries vaccinate as aggressively? Do wonder if they also are those exact countries that have multiple intervention options? Seems like the worst case countries are on the WASP-EU axis. I am sure this is not causation, just correlation.

  2. Gov have done nothing since the beginning of the pandemic to help with health except implement restrictions… to private business. Waiting for a complete economic fallout so they can change the currency to crypto since Europe is bankrupt and has no money for retirees.

  3. maybe question your sources of " facts" life is fine fear is the pandemic, wake up fella, you are making things worse and causing a huge amount of fear and harm, perhaps be brave, stop being a frightened prole, ingsoc forever is being perpetuated by your daily broadcasts

  4. Hundreds of people in southafrica, like myself, self testing with quicktest.
    I tested positive last week, with typical omicron symptoms.
    Stayed home for a few days, all fine after 1 week.
    Myself 62 years old, unvaccinated.
    Had relative mild delta in July, had a official test then.

  5. I also asked for the aspiration before injection for my children's vaccine and i was told the the technic has changes since the last fifteen years so she did inject them without aspiration!

  6. why does it have to be Africa where it started,,? white people travel to these places all the time,,and could have taken it from europe to Africa,,they probably know ,but will not say!!!

  7. Wonder if Fauci just sits and watches videos from Dr. Campbell, course then Fauci would actually have data versus conjecture / polotics. So, probably not. Fauci "it may be but may not be" – flip a coin, I don't know and just guessing.

  8. Did Dr.Campbell actually say,,someone called Anthony Fauci?? what a real diss,,Dr.Campbell probably knows what many don't, low blow should be a nobody!!! and Mr.Deblasio?such respect!!!!

  9. You wouldn’t find the single soul who would leave this earth earlier or later than it was meant to be… if you don’t believe in God, speak to those who are begging for Death to come… but who cares now? We started to believe that we are greater than God himself… I just hope He won’t be taking this humiliation much longer……

  10. The poster behind you says STOP Covid19…isn't that unrealistic? The vaccines don't stop the virus so that poster is silly. Giving false hope to a programmed population is totalitarianism. As for the Omicron, you're right, it will spread around the world and if there was any danger from it, we would already see it. Keep the FEAR factor high amongst the people to continue this agenda is the virus.
    The dictator in NY should be sedated.

  11. if you haven't had it all ready.

    It isn't a south african variant and have heard its a mutation of the Mu variant.

    thought you were great on RT today.

    I managed to get my mother to ask for aspiration though I don't think she was impressed with the lady who did it and isn't sure she was even trained.

    and faucci is not a proper doctor unless you link him with the likes of mengele

  12. From an evolutionary point of view this might make sense, any pathogen that kills all of its hosts is doomed to Extinction, the upshot is slightly infected don't kill off your host or you'll kill off yourself.

    Wait a minute? Does that describe what oil companies and other polluters are doing free planet the human species?

    I certainly hope not.

    Scientist Non Domus,
    (Knowledge Has No Home)

  13. Most of those countries are in their winter. It’s summer in Australia and the only way it got here was from someone from the winter zone, also it must have travelled from a person who came on a plane, as per all the other so called variants.
    So why aren’t they doing more intense cleaning and infection control on the airplanes, and in the airports. Back in the 60’ they used to spray the inside of the plane after everyone got off at the airport and were greeted with a juice.
    Seems like all the vaxxing and jabbing is doing nothing apart from making money for the big pharmas.
    Time we looked at different ways to kill off this virus. The masks and the air recirculating not being clean are what’s making people sick within themselves with bacteria, sinus, staph, herpes and pneumonia. Let’s just call it what it is a big con …..

  14. Graphs are only accurate when evenly testing citizens is done when ill? Not healthy that is costly? Should be free as a Humanitarian gift by labs that been supported by Governments anyhow. USA wants to surcharge our wages for costs of weekly TESTING. $55 a month to start.

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