On Bidens Orders, Legacy Media Begins Sleazy Economic Propaganda Campaign

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  1. The legacy media called the riots, “protests.” But I’m thinking insurance companies don’t see it that way…my insurer won’t cover damage caused by a riot, insurrection, war, etc.

  2. We're dinks. I walk across the street to work. My wife walks down the hall. Got rid of 1 car. The other one hardly gets used. Saved gas, insurance, maintenance, but spending a lot of money at the bar across the street..
    Laughing our asses off.

  3. Had fox on last night(not watching it mind you). Just the channel I had stopped at while trying to fix my internet. They commented unemployment lowest since the 1990s and all kinds of bullshit. Im like this is fucking ridiculous!!!

  4. As SUCKI said to the Whitehouse press puppets, “You folks are not doing enough to sell our policies” laid out there for all to hear. They do not give a crap what we know. Sick with power.

  5. I commented on The Hill but don't know if they will publish it because they are a propaganda outlet of the DNC:
    Terrence P. Urbanis • a few seconds ago

    Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by The Hill.

    This is the world's biggest bullshit story so far. The press covered up "the laptop from hell"; won't expose the shady dealings of the Biden Crime Family; Brandon won't even take questions from the press; won't press the Pentagon or administration on the massive withdrawal failure from Afghanistan; won't cover the influx of millions of illegals who are only here because of Brandon and the freebies the rest of us have to pay for; but the list goes on and on and on and on and on. Brandon hides behind a curtain like the Wizard of Oz and fills his cabinet posts with homosexuals, lesbians, transexuals, abortionists, socialists, progressives, leftists, Marxists, and communist wannabes. And Brandon doesn't understand why most Americans think he is a gold-plated shithead. And, we haven't even started to discuss his pick for VP who claimed Brandon was a sex pervert and liar.

  6. They did this under FDR as well. You can find a propaganda film from there era on YT extolling the virtues of inflation. It was complete with a mocking tone of voice and language when addressing "inflation deniers".

    Basically it said that inflation was good because it forced people to spend now rather than save, and that would keep the economy moving. It doesn't of course, since wages won't keep up with inflation.

  7. I don't understand how sooo many people can just LEAVE the workforce and STAY out of it. How the fuck are these people paying their bills? Unemployment only lasts, in the majority of U.S. states, for 26 weeks and the rest don't even last as long as that. It's been much longer than 6 months and this unemployment issue is till going strong… Also, hasn't many states sopped paying as much in unemployment (don't quote me on that), like, months ago due to the fact that people weren't going back to work b/c they were making more on unemployment than they were working? Are these people living on savings? Have they turned into entrepreneurs and started their own businesses? What am I missing here?

    Side note: I wonder how much the homeless population has going up due to the government response to "the Coof"? How are we NOT in a great depression by now too?!?!

  8. Styxhexenhammer at 3:49 unknowingly gave the reason for this made up thing called "gentrification". Why would I want to spend 1.5-2.5 hours daily in traffic when I could just work where I live. Normal people call that being smart with your money and your time.

  9. The problem with the legacy media saying things like "its just an extra 50 cents on milk" is that its more like an extra 10%-20% on EVERYTHING. Sure its only an extra 50 cents for that gallon of milk, and only a couple extra bucks to fill your gas tank up, and your heating bill is only an extra $10, and those new shoes to replace your hole riddled worn out ones an extra $10, and a lb of hamburger an extra $1……and before you knew it you paid an extra $50-$100. And thats just for one week. And you didn't get a real pay raise this year because your company is still struggling from the after effects of the lockdowns. And your taxes are going to go up next year on top of that.

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