On Joe Biggs: Human Rights of January 6th Protesters are Being Violated on Gulag-esque Levels

If this is even half true it’s a travesty:


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  1. These politicians are a disgrace, allowing the people who entered the capital to be shut away in solitary like terrorists all the while allowing the BLM access to invade the capital and senate with no recourse. This is so wrong. The MSN and politicians never talks about any of it. Not even the fact that a Air Force Vet was shot and killed by the Secret service. This action is reprehensible and disgusting.

  2. The sad thing is, it was our own agencies that instigated that whole joke on Jan 6th. It’s really simple folks, cause a problem, provide a solutions. It keeps these scumbags in power.. and A LOT of you people support these agencies, because muh blue lives matter. A lot of you boomers and normies are just as bad as the left, I would say even worse. Because you guys allow these people to get away with it, you are their blind support. U guys really need to wake the H up!

  3. The GOP isn’t defending these patriots because the GOP is afraid of the mob. Heaven forbid they say anything that goes against the leftists Jan 6 narrative. It’s only permissible if you are antifa, black anti Trump then it’s actually admirable to fight the system and burn and loot.

  4. "Insurrection" apparently doesn't apply if you attack / firebomb a federal courthouse or police station even though the dictionary defines it exactly that way. You just need to chant the approved Leftist slogans.

  5. Make the ACLU great again. I remember they had the balls to stand up for nazi shit just because they thought it was free speech. REMEMBER WHEN THE ACLU WERE THE FREE SPEECH EXTREMISTS?!?!?!?! XDDDDDDDDD

  6. i have spent enough time in county jails to know that most of this is true for most inmates . i spent most of my 20's (i am 40 now) in and out of the system . county jails are hell . when i finally hit the big time and went to prison for 2 years .it was almost like being free except for the fence and the bedtime lol . county jails are rough . ive been in many lol

  7. "Next time it could be your side."

    Only leftist groups do this, therefore this reasoning is flawed. They know they're never in danger of conservatives becoming authoritarian because conservatives by nature value our constitution. They will scream authoritarian and dictator all day long while they do exactly what they bitch about under zero threat of it backfiring.

  8. The Geneva Convention. The rules of war are being broken. In Washington DC. By the Biden administration. Where’s the human rights counsel? As Prisoners of War, as these people are being held, do have HUMAN RIGHTS as laid out in the Geneva Convention. As President, Joe Biden will be held to account. On the World’s stage. Biden regime is no better than any communist dictatorship. Can’t wait for him to be Mousellini’d

  9. Joe Biggs literally saved my life when he interviewed that guy from the Marine Corps Sniper Foundation, back when he worked for Not a marine nor am I a sniper, but that non-profit helps out any veteran with an issue. The Foundation put me in touch with competent legal council that helped me secure a better pension, all free of charge. I might be dead in a ditch right now if it was not for their help…if I happened to not catch that joe biggs interview, I'd be fucked right now…minus a tiny miracle. Still kinda fucked anyways now, but hey, aren't we all?!

  10. I can't feel to sorry for these people because…. Trump sent them all over to the capital. And their all to stupid to come to grips with the fact their Masiea sold them all down the river. And never even took the time to meet them over at the capital like he promised he would….THE END.

  11. I mean, they've already torn the rest of the constitution to shreds and then pissed on the pieces. What's a few more amendments to add to the pile?

  12. Most of us do not recognize the U.S.A. anymore…
    Actually we do not recognize the entire planet anymore.
    What they are doing is happening on a GLOBAL level.
    But I am encouraged to see the massive protests now that
    they are trying to force feed things like Vaxxes on people.

  13. I don't think Joe Biggs is the leader of Patriot Front. Everything I can find only mentions him being a member of the Proud Boys

  14. Lol you "conservatives" got mad when cnn called the Floyd rioters "protestors". You guys are as big as hypocrites as Democrats, but I do respect your love of the game compared to them!

  15. They don't want to let him out because they know they have radicalized him. What do you think would happen when you lock an anti-government activist in solitary confinement for months on end without charge? They're only proving his case! That the government is a DIRECT and IMMEDIATE threat to the freedoms of the average American. If they let him out, or any of them out, they'll be more anti-government that ever before, and the feds know it! The feds know they're creating enemies with what they're doing and they're terrified of letting them lose!

    On that note, these New Sons of Liberty SHOULD be freed!

  16. Trump supporters are being held without bond for MISDEMEANOR charges while John Earl Sullivan is free on bond for multiple felony counts for his role in the riot. He's also on bond in Utah for inciting violence at another protest that turned violent. However, he was paid $35k cash by both CNN and NBC the day of the incident for his "footage." More "footage" from other people show Sullivan assembling and coordinating 10-12 people who had come on a bus and handing out Trump clothing. Those people can be seen in his Livestream breaking windows and kicking in doors. They were the ones kicking in the door and breaking the window where Ashli Babbitt was murdered. It's all on video. Sullivan even says ON THE VIDEO that what was happening was because of the people he brought. "I told you them white boys were down as fuck." he told one of his associates. And how many news articles have you seen about him???

  17. John Sullivan's co-conspirators have allegedly turned federal witness against him. He promised them money for their work but the FBI confiscated the money CNN and NBC paid him and now they're mad. But, you'll NEVER see his story or his trial spoken about on the MSM because it destroys their narrative.

  18. What's with all these government employees instigating collaborating murdering and walking away scot-free? Meanwhile civilians who we're caught up in the government employees attempt to start a riot go to jail?

  19. I'm glad you are finally covering this, what is going on in this case is an absolute disgusting abuse of civil rights and powers. This is 3rd world dictatorship type behavior by this federal government and pure evil. I would be disgusted if this was democrats being tortured and abused like this as well.

  20. What would have happened had they jailed the people involved in the riots in June of last year in DC? Or, what about the riots and violence on inauguration day in 2017?