On the Brain Dead Response of Liberals to the Pfizer Vaccine Announcement


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  1. How can we know if Covid is dangerous if 85% of the tests are false positives, and we cannot exclude a large amount of false negatives?

    All we know right now is that 85% of the tests are false postivies and 94% of all the official "Covid" patients who died had comorbidities

    Let's say we have 1.000.000 confirmed cases and 100.000 confirmed deaths right now, using those stats we now have 100.000 confirmed cases with patients who REALLY have Covid19 and 10.000 confirmed cases of patients who actually died from Covid19 (according to the official test). BUT because of the false positives, we have to exclude a number of the officially dead (because as you said they may had a weak immune system and really just died because of the virus, but maybe it was another coronavirus and not the one we are all "fearing"). And this is my question: How much cases do we have to exclude? I don't know if we have to exclude another 90% here

    The thing is that the mortality ratio remains the same (around 3%) as in the official stats (compare 100.000 and 1.000.000 vs. 10.000 and 100.000), and our goal is to exclude another amount of patients who died (without comorbidities) because of the false positives – but how many?

    This is what's bothering me, because all I hear is "the mortality rate is 0.3% for Covid19" but how?

    PS: I know that 100.000 and 1.000.000 brings a mortality rate of 10%, this is just an example to illustrate the problem I am reffering to in the simplest way possible

    "The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being one of the tribe. If you try it you will be lonely often and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself."-Friedrich Nietzsche

    Some mentioned those who refuse to go to War and murder others in the name of 'patriotism' or the 'State',well this very much is the same thing,except the State and BigPharma now demands we 'enlist' so they can destroy Gods temple ,ie our body. All Governments have effectively declared WAR on us all,and our bodies,demanding that we all get a lead sandwich. Vaccines are not safe,this one has only a few months of testing,at best.They cant cure the common cold but now DEMAND we be branded like farmers cattle,they DEMAND to inject us all with a mRNA vaccine they themselves admit,will PERMANENTLY alter our very DNA,with literally zero proof its safe long-term.If these vaccines are so safe,WHY do ALL drug companies DEMAND complete legal immunity if you or your child dies after getting the shot? Imagine Ford or BMW demanding you cant sue them ,if your air bag or seat belt dont work in a accident,would you buy a car from them ? Never mind put their product in your children's body…. Check out Del Bigtree and Robert Kennedy Jr for a alternate view on all this.

  2. I will not survive another lockdown. I lost my job back in March from COVID and spent months holed up in my house alone. My state's unemployment system was fucked and it took me nearly 5 months to receive any money. During that time I was jobless, alone, and could not see my friends. In mid July shortly after my 28th birthday I had a severe mental break and almost took my own life. The only reason I'm still here writing this is because I randomly called a friend and begged them to just talk to me until I passed out. I won't go through that hell again. I refuse. Biden can go fuck himself.

  3. My state already for goes federal money for highway maintenance. We fund it using taxation of roadside advertisements i.e billboards. I'm not sure why we retain the drinking age, not that anyone in the rural parts of the states follows it.

  4. This MUST be by choice!! We can not give up bodily autonomy to these Tyrants. This is a brand new tech that has never had a surviving animal test. How many times have these companies harmed us yet they want these access to force their products on us. Nobody knows that this will do long term NOBODY!! mRNA is brand new

  5. and the TWISTED thing is that many Democratic extremists like Cuomo and De Blasio are saying they won't allow the use of a "Trump Vaccine"… LET THE PEOPLE DIE AND BLAME IT ON TRUMP…. these people should be dragged out of office and shot…. they have and still will allow people to die because of their hatred of Trump… this mental breakdown is not just immoral, it's CRIMINAL…

  6. Your right
    But I've also seen republicans saying that they withheld the news on the vaccine until after the election
    So it would not help him

  7. If a brain surgeon's work was "90% effective", would you trust this doctor to operate on you? If you were told an Anti-AIDS pill was "90% effective" would you engage in high-risk sex? Why is the media doing cartwheels over a vaccine that is 90% effective when that means 10% will take the pill, thinking it's safe, and still catch the virus? If Trump trotted out a vaccine that was 90% effective, all you'd hear from the media would be about the other 10% and how irresponsible it was of Trump to make this available for the public but, since it's Bid*n, now it's okay!