On the ground in Donbass under Ukrainian fire

Journalist Wyatt Reed joins Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters and The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate to describe his experiences reporting from the front lines of Donbass, where he was nearly hit by Ukrainian artillery fire, documented the rocketing of schools with US weapons, and interviewed residents who had endured eight years of Ukrainian attacks.

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  1. Thanks for you work Max. One can imagine the heat you are taking for putting out videos and interviews like this. Many thanks also to your guest for their courage to go out and speak about this. Hats off guys to all of you.

  2. On the way people around the world see America and Americans, it was summed up to me by a Yemeni corner store guy here in NYC: No mercy. We will countenance bloodshed without flinching, as long as it isn't our blood being shed. I was asking him about support for the Houthi rebels back home and about how bad things are there.

  3. Is there anyway, any channel we could send aids to these people in E Ukraine? I have donated via the UNHCR then realised the donations did not go where it was needed most. Then I donated indirectly via a convent in Minsk. All of our lives could be changed in any moment with this continued provocation. We need to help those less fortunate out as long as we can.
    Any suggestions please?

  4. Saying since 2014 the teachers have been forced to teach Holocaust denial is the biggest piece of lieing propoganda I have ever heard. In 2014 the terrorist from Russia in the lpr and dpr have been in control. There is no way that the authorities from kiev would have been able to order teachers there to do anything. Lol if you are so upset that kids in the donbas can't go to school don't be mad at the ukranian military be mad at the terrorist who took over the donbas and started a war. That's who you should be mad at. But no instead you are mad at the country that is defending itself. Why? Because they are supported by the United States and you guys are so fundamentally opposed to anything have to do with the United States that you will support literal terrorist.

  5. Those who read the "news" are not journalists. They are actors and PR "professionals." Practicing journalist have been or are in the process of being de-platformed or in prison awaiting extradition to the USA. There is no money in telling the truth.

  6. Eva is from Canada but really who gives a shit. It's her heart spirit and indomitable striving for the truth and her unparalleled bravery to show actual life not propaganda that is what is important. Eva rocks!

  7. Even when crimes of the Anglo-Saxon Empire are reported, the majority are not interested because the pervasive toxic Yankee culture of vulgar individualism has infected the vast majority in the West.

  8. Most of the people I know that live in detroit, the insides of their houses look like this Ukrainian ladies. "Our leaders" say we can afford to destroy other people's lives but we can't afford to fix our own.

  9. To the World, our government is out of control and they don't represent our values anymore, We the People are just as disappointed as you . The Tree of Liberty needed watering a long time ago. Please Pray for our nation. 🙏❤️✌🏻

  10. As a 77 yr,old American I must say I'm ashamed of the actions by our government, UN, NATO and all the lies told against all the countries WE have INVADED during my lifetime. DISGRACEFUL …. the whole government needs to be rid of…. hoping Elon Musk has enough $$ to buy them out and send them to another planet!!!
    Peace and Love to the people in Ukraine

  11. Still no mention how jewish billionaire Kolomoyskyi financed Asov?
    No mention of I$rael helping Ukraine now?

    Yeah, there are things that Grayzone won´t mention either… guess, bloodline cultists help each other…

  12. takes 2 mins to get to Wyatt Reed and we need all we can get! thank you for this showing how the COLLATERAL DAMAGE continues. Wyatt Reed is brave and honourable and the world's news watchers should know about that poor woman in her 2nd floor flat on the edge of a bomb crater. and schools and the rest. We must hope, pray or whatever you do that those journalists stay safe. So many have not in this long war he talks of here. Why are we here? Why were we ever anywhere? All that long war.

  13. I was on twitter and wrote something like Russia is no threat to the west. They actually thought Russia was going to attempt to conquer USA and UK. The don't realize Russia has population of 140 million vs. 900 million and is no threat.

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