Online Free Speech is Dead – Facebook Page Owners Risk Lawsuits

#FreeSpeech #AusPOL #HeiseSays
Online free speech is dead as every Facebook Page Owner in Australia is now responsible for the comments on their content.


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Written by Heise Says


  1. brb, going to go get some leftist news outlets sued 😉
    butt seriously, the page admins are NOT the publishers, they do not have the final say over what and what is not published, that final say is up to Facebook itself – meaning that facebook is the publisher. these judges just dont know how facebook works.

  2. ​It does say this is limited to news media organisations. Not mentioning small businesses, content creators and others… So if this is limited to media organisations, it would need to be tested.

  3. US and Aus actually have "free speech" but only corporate fascist control media monopoly like MurDork's "Sky news" or the like have it on lamestream fake news, and as long as it demonize, slander and fabricate some bs about other nations and "regime" like Chyna "CCP" to pump out warmongering hate propaganda only but don't dare expose too much of Aus and US CCCP war crimes or u end up like Julian Assange guy.

  4. Being liable for a public message board on platforms where you could have 1000's of posts that all could have 1000's comments within them is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of. Online platforms will slowly becoming one directional like TV as one of the greatest things about the internet, It's ability to freely connect and interact with other users is watered down. Decentralized social media could be one step in the right direction.

  5. By that logic – the page owner facilitates the comment being posted – We should hope the social media platform also shares liability for facilitating the comment being posted. The internet provider of both the page, facebook and commentor should also be held accountable for facilitating the comment being posted. The manufacturer of the device used to to post the comment should also be held accountable for facilitating the comment.

  6. What about Facebook and Twitter and utube getting sued for deleting pages accounts for talking about certain subjects that go against a political party, or a certain virus we won’t mention lol

  7. Ounce government's have full control over the country's narratives via the social media platforms.
    The march toward global surveillance state becomes unstoppable.

  8. Get off the tech. I left my phone at home for the last 2 months. I am untraceable.
    Also get off all mainstream social media, it should now be named "social control media", and …
    We should be burning our phones, not our arts and literature.