Only Arrest at Rally For Jan 6th Protesters Was an Undercover FBI Agent


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  1. Well thanks to this video I can finally quote one of my favorite Charlie Daniels songs “Uneasy Rider” “You may not know it, but this mans a spy, he’s an undercover agent for the FBI. He’s been out here infiltrating the Ku Klux Klan.”

  2. If the only one arrested was an FBI agent, then was he trying to incite others, so they could blame the conservatives? Sounds like a set up to me. Another nut job liberal apparently. He deserves some serious jail time!

  3. What a shitshow we have to watch every day on the news. That includes Donald Trump too. And all you people playing the us vs them game, including salty, are dumb as F

  4. As a Trump supporter, no matter what I watch… immediately following whatever it is I'm watching, whether a cooking show, a fishing show or your show… it doesn't matter what it is, will be followed by a campaign speech of Donald Trump. Almost as if they're trying to rub it in my Republican face that they won. Everything I watch is followed by a Donald Trump campaign speech or should I wake up and YouTube is still on… it's always playing something involving the house of reps. questioning a Trump staff member about ridiculous accusations of improper conduct. It's been this way since this scam of an election took place. That and they flood commercials on a 10 min clip such as this one involving anything remotely right leaning. Side note: Anybody else sick and tired of these rap song commercials that last 6 minutes. Were such lyrics involve killing people, swearing & doing drugs and "tapping bitches asses" are the norm? Haven't heard a cultural song remotely close to Jazz, Symphony, rock n roll or country.
    That's not cultural, that's a culture. That's being shoved down my throat.

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