Only BAD News Is Allowed About Covid, Any Good News Is DELETED By Social Media Platforms

Tim, Ian, Lydia, and guest and commentator Lauren Chen talk about why it is that there never seems to be any good news about Covid.

Guest: Lauren Chen (@TheLaurenChen on Twitter, @Lauren Chen on YouTube)

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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. Discount Adam contributes nothing to the show. He's a yes Man to Tim, at least original Adam went against him every now and then to give us more diverse views

  2. Tim, please consider the fact that many of these American cities were going bankrupt before Covid. They're (politicians) using Covid as an excuse to get funding from either the U.S. Government or a World conglomerate fund – to bail them out. So many of these Cities are playing both sides, and basically holding a gun to Trump's head, saying "give us money, or we will keep posting fear and case numbers." It's a standoff.

  3. Dr Birx said on a press conference that they are being overly generous. If they clearly died from a clear alternate cause, but tested positive will be recorded as a covid death. One of the state health officials said for example, if a patient is on hospice, has 2 weeks to live, and test positive for covid, that will be recorded as a covid death. There is clearly no confidence in the statistics.

  4. About a month ago I shared a very well researched article supported by numerous studies that was deemed
    false by "fact checkers" on Facebook and taken down. They linked a write up of their hired "fact checkers" to justify the rating on this particular article, and it was basing the "false" rating on ridiculous excuses. For example a study that found slightly different results than those cited by the article. Its like the damn Ministry of Truth from 1984.

  5. I'm preppy for pretty much everything. Food, I grew up with he idea to have a lot of non-perishable stuff. So every month we would buy even more cans of food and just eat the oldest one. To always be ready for blackouts or similar events. So we also had very little fridge dependent stuff. Didn't even buy fresh milk. It was either the UHT or powder. Because it wasn't rare to lose power. Now as a grown up,I upped that. I have enough soap to last me almost a year. Multiple bottles of shampoo. Like 4 deodorants. Just for in my room, my personal cleaning pack, I had 3 lysol bottles, disinfectant wipes can, 5 alcohol big bottles, pills for months. And I have the tendency to buy toilet paper every time I go to walmart or somewhere and its "marked down" which is every time different brands. And I just buy, cause I know I'm gonna need it eventually so I might as well get it now in case something happens and I can't go out. So when all this began and the people that called me paranoid and they couldn't find anything. I'd be like, group everything and send them a picture. And yeah I'd have a bunker if I could.

  6. We all knew it was a farce when small businesses were being threatened if they dared to even think about opening up under the caveat of mandating customers must wear masks but blm/antifa could just go roam the street all willy nilly and pretty much say screw your mandates without any legal repercussions.

  7. Hey Tim, I got bad news for you, bud. You talk like you know everything, but in truth know jack shit. <XD You're Dunning-Kruger, my dude, but you're a nice dude.

  8. In Québec, we are locking down again for at least a month. Its insane, We are lead by a bunch of generalist government officials that are not listening to the science. Mandatory mask outside for students in highschool, no more team sports, students in school 1 day at home the next. Our socialist government didn't even consult the pediatricians for that decision.

  9. They don't want anyone knowing CV19 is just a cold and there is NO pandemic. This is very easily proven if anyone takes the time to do their own research and turn off the BS from MSM. But stupid people will wear masks because they aren't smart enough to see through this sham and to lazy to do their own research.

  10. That governor may say don't care… However let one of those cases come to trial.. Federal OVERRIDES state… That state would loose quite much. Many lawsuits would be filed against that state. Hit them where it hurts … The wallet.

  11. It's not a grand government conspiracy. It's the simple fact that that the left controls the flow of information, pure and simple. I'm not sure if you mentioned this, but I have heard testimony from numerous doctors saying that someone comes in and dies of heart failure with covid-19 then covid 19 gets listed as the cause of death, of course the next day their videos are removed from YouTube, and probably their careers destroyed

  12. Life long conservative West Virginia boi with a bachelor's in mechanical engineering technology here. My mother does the buckets too.

    They are nice man, like MRE's but better and for a family for long term subsistence. Easy to store too, I help my mother bring them to the church every so often. Good choice Tim.

    Keep up the move to self reliance, and soon you will be a full on preper and you won't regret it. Especially since you can bond with us conservatives over it. You will need it since the other side will force you to be our friend anyway because you think.

    Allergies suck D.

  13. People have defaulted to accepting 200k dead as "covid killed 200k people" even though there have been many examples of states and hospitals counting others among the covid numbers. Dr Birx : "if someone dies with COVID-19, we are counting that as a COVID-19 death." Car crashes, gunshot victims, etc have been included. This has been reported several times since the beginning and it seems like no-one is listening.

  14. So, what was the Left saying about which side is authoritarian? The Left has embraced it & is in denial because they want to take away individual rights & seize absolute power. And why? Take a wild guess.