Only One Person Has Interviewed The Man at Center of Russiagate

Only Aaron Maté has interviewed the man at the center of the Russiagate conspiracy theory — Konstantin Kilimnik.

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  1. Skull and Bones politicians, both parties. Russel Trust needs to be investigated as well as all Secret Societies. In law secret Societies occupy official Government Entity. Read 28 CFR § 16,17,18,19 and continue to see foreign Governments protection from our record searches FREEDOM OF INFORMATION AND PRIVACY ACT, (Title 5 § 552(a)(b)(c) )Diplomatic passports? How about Knights of Malta and many other secret Societies? You might want to ask what can be moved with one of those passports that no one is watching?

  2. As The Bank Of International Settlements run every Governments monetary policy and can’t be Investigated? WaterGate Deep Throat, FBI MARK FELT, SAID FOLLOW THE MONEY. Why have we not looked at money in every political story?

  3. Once you stop using labels, you can free yourself up from a lot of confusion. One is either telling the truth or they are lying, it's that simple. One is either well informed or ill-informed. One is either too scared to speak their mind or they aren't. One has either sold out or they haven't. There are no progressives left.

  4. Feb 2013 – DreamWorks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg to build three theme parks in Russia
    Aug 2017 – Jeffrey Katzenberg’s WndrCo Invests in TYT Network

    How long is Cenk going to shield Jeffrey Katzenberg's Russia involvement? lmao!!

  5. The correct follow up to making ridiculous false accusations is to apologize and say you were wrong. It is not a logical follow-up to say, "Hey, I've been waiting to share this information about how one of your friends sexually harassed me years ago, so now that you and your friends including this guy are showing the world how ridiculous and false my accusations were, I'm going to share it. "

  6. Hello dude, im your fan from china, I cross the wall on here just wanna tell you a truth. The free world media is a group of bitches without bottom line. I don't believe that a 23K awesome youtuber is only a few thousand viewing times. Do you know, I know you through China's social media, come on bro, continue your interesting and powerful talk show.Until they get rid of this group of anti intellectual ignorant idiots!!!

  7. EVERYONE, left and right has been fooled by the elites. They are winning. They may be very surprised that they WIN a totally dysfunctional world on the verge of collapse and possible extinction. But, they're winning. At some point in the near future, money and being rich won't matter. I wish I was wrong, but it ALL looks bad.

  8. hey, redacted tonight, you are truely, absolutely an agent of Russia, to be precise an agent of Putin,but I subscribed to your channel anyway, coz if you want to know the truth about USA you should listened to people who critisize Usa politics

  9. I wonder if being with Lee is making Eleanor funnier, but something is. And Lee and Eleanor are getting funnier together. :-))
    Or, maybe it's just me experiencing you more fully, dunno.

  10. When Mueller decided not to interview Tramp in person and when he said he's honoring the idea that a sitting president can't be indicted, which he could've taken the opposite stand on I knew the whole investigation was a fakeout. So who knows Thump actually could've had some kind of criminal hookup with the Russians like Russiagate postulated. We'll never know bc Mueller was a sham and he controlled things. I mean he didn't even know what Cambridge Analytica was. Another sham CIA fbi investigation just like Clintons email, the weapons of mass destruction and kavanaughs one week fakeout investigation where it was all over the internet that people had contacted the fbi about kavanaugh saying they had info on him and the fbi never got back to them.

    From Epstein and donziger also, we can see at the very top we are mafia or the equivalent controlled.

  11. Thanks so much for bringing Aaron on at this time and pointing out his good work. I guess yr trying to help since u realize alot of people probably believe tyt

  12. Cenk is winning weather or not you make a good argument or not. It's the fact you're responding. More importantly Cenk's donors win because you guys (thos on Aaron's side) are taking you time, filling your channels with, and filling people's minds with Russiagate.
    It's best to and you get more respect as journalist from your followers if you just drop this feud. Let it go and the chips will land where they will. Those with common sense will see Aaron is innocent and Russiagate is BS. The who are either bought, morons or both will take Cenk's side. I hope you guys don't focus on this drama for much longer.

  13. I guess you can't go on silent as you're slandered but make your point and go on with it. Honestly Jimmy Doore is worse with this. Love his work too BTW.

  14. We're in the throes of a massive propaganda psy-op that became legal with the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 (among others)?This is THE story that needs covered!!!!

  15. Hope the TYT aka turd-squad lose hundreds of thousands of subs. Ana trying to blackmail 'Jimmy Dore' with cover-up & silence from kylie & krystal….oh dear the cia_scumbags are becoming obvious'

  16. Russiagate was first floated several months before the November 2016 election, and then immediately after her loss, Hillary picked the Russiagate scenario to undermine the legitimacy of the election and infect the public consciousness with Trump Derangement Syndrome. Read the book "Shattered" to see it spelled out and decided over the Shake Shack drinks.

  17. That site is an amazing idea and I’ll promote within the limitations of a pro Palestine guy, which means I’m banned or suspended from most media.

  18. The Middle aged Turks are done as "progessives" as well as Kyle, Krystal, The Intercept and many others – It's about time – They have all been lying for so long – Lee Camp, Aaron Mate', Glenn Greenwald, Max Blumenthal, Jimmy Dore, The Greyzone and a few others will be around if you're interested in truth and integrity.

  19. I have seen it, it's like McCarthy/CIA pretending communism = evil and never platforming communists to dispute it, actually just deplatforming them.

  20. Slander and smears have been the fate of truthtellers for a very long time. It seems more intense right now but it's not a qualitative change, IMHO.