ONLY THE BEGINNING | Matt Taibbi Exposes Twitter Policy

The Twitter Files with Matt Taibbi, who has been releasing internal documents from before Elon Musk purchased Twitter. Here Matt reveals everything we need to know about these revelations. #twitter #elonmusk #twitterfiles

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. Saying this with much the same background as Matt, i.e. from the general left most of our now middle aged lives speaking for myself on the age part:

    The left hasn't learned a thing, has no self awareness, cannot see it has become "the man." If this episode doesn't persuade more people i'm not sure what will. They seriously have zero idea the sway of culture, that they're the left no longer the little righteous underdog fighting for rights of less served people against the big bad right wing monolith. They really don't see that while yes, still with us, even in mid america now being racist and sexist and homophobic will more and more not end well for you, indeed mid america is now for the most part woke, and it certainly is in domains outside of strictly interpersonal ones.

    The left can't grasp that the western world, despite it's warts…nobody and nowhere else will even be so open and self critical, try to improve, change in painful personal and national ways, care, spend, be deeply full of guilt. Nowhere else has EVER been more step out of her way and let women roar than our current western world, and it's not even close. Less strongly but still true, it is also true that today, not in the past but today the western world is the best for the most part for black, brown, female, gay les and trans, all of US.

    The left is insisting somehow we're still that bad (proving people get blinders on to their little sliver of time) and by insisting carrying a real weapon in the narrative to harm you if you peep up about any of these:

    Men can be birthing people, women are birthing people. Men can breastfeed. That you should shut up, stop the flow of ideas and interpersonal relations with people and learn some childs pronouns, and if you scoff you're bad and outcast. Deny the new science around male female differences at the level of the brain through our each-unique anthropomorphic realities. Actively not try to live as ideally color blind in the good ways as we can while being aware of possible racial unfairness, instead concentrate on race, think of ourselves and others bound in this modern doesn't fit anymore sickness around identity hierarchy.

    Should i go on? We could forever it seems. Both cultural and larger issues such as authoritarian ones i know the host here is interested in as well. It all stems from the modern left being the huge power in the land while somehow still seeing itself as the little righteous underdog. That's how this can all happen, msm, colleges, all. across. the. western. world. White guilt, male guilt too. It all means well, the left means well…but it's just morphed over the decades into this new problem of exaggeration, demonization, moral highgrounds held over fellow innocent babe in your times individuals.

    The modern left sickness. We need to start seeing the nuance, that this could happen. That we need to KEEP the good parts of what the left did back when it WAS a righteous underdog fighting and winning for the less served in the western world….but realize that narrative, the one the left pushes today, is THE problem and doesn't fit anymore (while many have enjoyed how all this has normalized things for them, without knowing it of course, ironic as hell, but yeah, all of this, this here i'm laying out, the intricacy and sensitivity…that's how "it" or this happens.)

  2. It's an important story, Matt. Don't let anyone convince you it's not (as if Matt is going to see this 😄). The propaganda machine is in full swing to downplay this in any way they can and to cause it to appear unimportant. What's been done in secret needs to be brought into the light. Honestly, the advancement of civilization depends on it (à la Elon Musk's vision for the future of the human race).

  3. ALL of the hate is coming from the Godless Left. Sorry, that's true, easily proven, just look. Being Godless also enabled them to have perfecting lying to an art form. The truth is out there if you have an open mind.

  4. We now live in a world where :
    Psychopathic politicians & governments destroy Freedom & Humanity
    Psychopathic doctors destroy Health
    Psychopathic lawyers & the judiciary destroy Justice
    Psychopathic education systems & universities destroy Knowledge
    Psychopathic scientists destroy Truth
    Psychopathic press & media destroy Information
    Psychopathic religious leaders destroy Divine Scripture & Guidances
    Psychopathic inhumans destroy beliefs in GOD & Grace but they believe in devil & evil
    Psychopathic businesses destroy human Services
    Psychopathic banking systems destroy Economy…

  5. I don’t think anything was revealed. We all knew Twitter was “shadow banning” – they just don’t call it shadow banning. Twitter even admired to it.

  6. Absolutely mainstream media has sold out! Three quarters of what MSM feeds us is either got some spin on it, details have been manipulated to fit a false narrative or it is out and out a lie. A fabrication to fool the nation. MSM can only be trusted to be MSM and do what they do, which is lie & manipulate.

  7. I got banned because I called a Kunt a Kunt. They said it was Racist/sexist/and threat to murder. It had nothing to do with me in 2020 in Jan saying the Wuhan lab leaked the COVID virus.

  8. This is becoming one of those channels that I avoid the first half of my day.
    Edit: This time last year, he was talking about our cells and how alive they are etc..

  9. While I don't absolve them completely by any means, I do give SOME journalists the tiniest amount of clemency in my own mind out of sympathy for them and the difficult situations in which they find themselves. But that only goes so far. Standing up against tyranny can be uncomfortable, inconvenient and frightening, but the worse things get, the less people are willing to give you a pass on that excuse. At what point do you go from being someone fairly insignificant who just doesn't want to rock the boat to being a bootlicking sycophant for an oppressive authoritarian regime?

  10. Musk is an alien, he is not human the way you and are.
    There are lots of extra-terrestrials in our midst.

    He was untrustworthy* but recently he has done a 180 degree and is now attached to the Good Guys. Hmmmmm.
    I sounds great… but we must constantly keep an eye on him Why ?
    Cos Elon is an extra-terrestrial being, comes from a universe far in advance of Earthlings and therefore does not have our “human” point of view. He only has his own.

    Did you see his comments about ants who were “in the way” of “progress”.
    Play close attention to what he says, and even closer attention, to what he lets slip.
    He (and the off world planet he comes from) could very well have a deeply hidden agenda ….?… which does not have our best interests, or indeed, any of our interests, at heart.
    The cosmos is showing itself to us ….. pay attention.

    The best and most significant warning he has given us (humans) is
    TO KEEP AWAY FROM AI 👈🏿. anything AI
    (robots for example).
    But we are not heeding him.
    As we choose to move into AI, so too are we choosing our own demise.
    He said … I have been trying to warn humans to shun AI but no one is listening.
    What none of us realise, is that we human beings are a special species who have the RARE, precious ability, to CREATE OWN OWN REALITY.
    We also call it “having a soul”
    Almost all off worlders cannot create their own reality.
    They are AI .. they are simply programmed robots. No soul.

  11. It's insane to me that in America in 2022 people will threaten you because they're against free speech and want censorship. Never thought this would ever happen in this country , SMFH!!!

  12. Brand is the biggest grifter of our generation aside from Dave Rubin. Not a single new piece of evidence has been released from the leaks and I challenge any cuckservative to provide them

  13. Respect to Taibbi for his honourable performance at the recent Munk debate. Took the strawman ad hominems like a champ. His debate opponents, one in particular, did what mainstream media do.

  14. Russell and Matt… what the f$&k???

    Musk is a weapons and intelligence contractor. You praise him and then discuss how the MIC is a threat to the planet?

    Who the do you think Musk will favor and protect? His top tier clients that bring in billions or the consumers/product of Twitter?

    I really expected better from both of you.

  15. Journalists have lost the meaning of journalism.

    Their behavior conveys they are narcissistic people

    too immature to see an opportunity for good investigative

    reporting, which would make them popular with all

    social platforms, whereby teamwork is possible.

    Wouldn't be a wonderful?! All is propaganda and

    everything is "price" Do many journalists live a lie, how

    can they ever relate to facts? Narcissists want to be at

    the center of all attention. It has a negative impact

    by attracting all the social misfits believing they have

    a voice of their own. They wish to be 'Kings" in a world

    of democracy, when the meaning of democracy is far

    removed from their agenda, and their futile pursuits like

    maladjusted beggars of the world; their propositions

    are defeating them. What's worse is they believe in

    what they are reporting. Just how insane is that?

    My parents told me long ago, if you have something

    profitable going for you don't announce it. Play the role

    of a poor person. There is great envy and jealousy in our

    society. Some will kill to take away what others took a

    lifetime to build. We find most main stream media journalists

    in the WOKE movement. Their so-called careers are coming

    to an end, while independent media news reporters are free to

    investigate, report and work together as teams…without

    having to go through all the red tape, and loop holes of

    journalism; where in the past it was about "who" you knew

    in the field of professional journalism.

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