Only Worker Revolts Can Save America.

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#TheJimmyDoreShow is a hilarious and irreverent take on news, politics and culture featuring Jimmy Dore, a professional stand up comedian, author and podcaster. The show is also broadcast on Pacifica Radio Network stations throughout the country.

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THE JIMMY DORE SHOW is a comedy lifeline for people on the left and right (but definitely NOT the center) who are sick of bought politicians and gaslighting corporate journalists manufacturing consent for wars.


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  1. Major changes are needed, massive reforms, etc. an effective revolution but I would caution against leaping ahead w/ emotions. I say that purely because of history and seeing how, many revolutions have lead to worse outcomes than what preceded. A democratic revolution is entirely possible through peaceful and, in fact, legal means but it would mean mass protests like the US has never seen, co-ordination, specific goals, strategies, and effective leadership.

  2. The corporatist economic program isn’t sustainable with a credit system where people are slaves to a new type of servitude We own nothing we create nothing and we are slaves to a corporate oligarchy that raids the treasury never pay taxes and are in really a criminal cabal that is above the rule of law

  3. It's called "Panic Politics" hysteria and made up crisis allow politicians to deflect their failures while taking more power… a dangerous trend, that can and does historically lead to tyranny.

  4. But Jimmy, your anti-vaxxers are fundamentally against unions, against 'free handouts' like medicare for all, against a higher minimum wage or guaranteed income etc., against insisting everyone should be treated equally. They hate immigrants and people of color. They are pro-violence as they point out constantly i they've got the guns. Bannon may come for you early when you've outlived your usefulness for him.The only reason they let you in now is because you are against the sold out, idiotic, sclerotic Democratic power structure which is one of the far rights 'straw men' and because you certify the rights tantrums over vaccinations.Thin gruel, Dore.Your myopia is a recipe for fascism. And the corporations by definition can work with that. In fact they already do all over the world.

  5. The left saved capitalism in the 1930's, but it's time to let capitalism finish itself off. It's going to cause a lot of harm to a lot of people, but sooner or later it has to happen.

  6. The American Left is so divorced from a actual physical Reality. They can stand in the middle of a Economic devastation that they have created and not understand what happened.
    For example in 2020 the Democrat Party used the CoronaVirus Pandemic Fraud to shut down the US Economy and a big part of the World's Economy. To kill the main reason for reelecting "Orange Man Bad". Which was a well functioning US Economy. So the US Economy was deliberately killed by the Democrat Party members and minions. To get Biden / Harris elected in 2020.

    Yet after the 2020 Presidential Election. All the Biden / Harris government needed to do, to restart the US Economy. Was to declare the CoronaVirus Pandemic over and send everyone back to work.

    Instead the Democrat Party in days after President Biden was sworn in on Jan 20 2021. Attended mostly by the US Military as the only people the Democrat Party members could rely on to support them. President Biden signed to Law a Democrat Party "wish-list", that continued crushing the US Economy. And still kept the CoronaVirus Pandemic Fraud ongoing as a cover story why the US Economy was not recovering.

    So now the Jimmy Dore Show brings on a American Socialist Philosopher to explain why we need a "Worker's Revolt" to "Save America". Completely unaware the majority of "American Workers" are fully aware the Federal Government run by Republican and Democrat Party members and minions. Will not be helping them. And figured that out nearly two years ago. Thus decided how to survive in the current political and economic conditions. Despite the current economic conditions we are forced to endure.

    I am not surprised the Socialist Philosopher has no clue about what has been ongoing for over 6 yearly quarters now. Despite every social / political indicator showing the American Public is withdrawing. From the obvious madness American Politics has been putting us into. As he has been marinated in Socialist Philosophy, he has no clue what is happening now. Nor what to do when the population walks away from the current madness. The USSR Communist's did not see it oncoming in 1991. The American Political Establishment will not see it oncoming now.

  7. the new twist is they oligarchs now are so psychopathic they make billions off an economic crash, and billions off a pandemic. the good ole days they would get taxed and the society would rebound. nowadays we simply suffer. notice the homelessness.

    the citizens get a cold war for Christmas
    thank you oligarchs

  8. In their eyes, remember we live in a 3-dimensional country, two groups in the public, 3rd is the wealth terrace with their immediate servants, everything has worked exactly by design of the latter group, completely successful.

  9. Jimmy, sorry but all of the homeless aren't destitute starving people that fell on hard times. Some are homeless by choice and don't want people to interfere. This sounds like another liberal pipedream that pretends there is some utopia to be found on this earth. Human beings are not built for a utopian life, we are all individuals and most have some different ideals of what their life should be, if we are allowed the opportunity to live free and make our own choices that is the closest to a utopian life we can hope for. I have a lot of respect for you standing and sharing the facts even though I don't agree with a lot what you do but I do respect your opinion.

  10. You know what would help us solve some of these problems? — Democracy. We have to END political parties. Why do we allow PRIVATE organizations (political parties) to be the gatekeepers to PUBLIC office? We need PUBLIC funding of elections and INDEPENDENT candidates.

  11. Jimmy 5th century BC Athens: one day as all the workers where gathering to go to their job one worker said: why are we ALL SLAVING AWAY 7 DAYS the week for the few landowners n we hardly have enough for our families n selves to eat as they live in luxury at that moment they ALL turned on the landowners Run them out of town n shared the lands according to each family's needs, then they decided each neighbourhood should chose who they want to represent them in the governing assembly This Is how democracy was Born in the mean time anyone they voted to represent them If he didn't do as he promised, the people called another meting Sack the block ON THE SPOT n voted in another one, This Is Real thing this Is public's power, as the Great T Jefferson said when the government Is afraid of the people You have freedom n Liberty when the people are afraid of the government you have Tyranny, me? I never vote what for?

  12. It was the Communist Democrat Party that lost those wars! The Military won Afghanistan! It was the Brandon Administration that lost Afghanistan! I remember on active duty being told not to complete a mission because it was not of political interest to complete the mission! Every time we got a Democrat in power our hands became tied! Thousands of Americans are left in Afghanistan because the Communist Democrat Party does not care about their lives ! The State Department knows and ignores the Americans left in Afghanistan! Let the American military win and we will win! Let a Politician involved and the Politician will lose that war and get innocent people ☠

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