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With, Professor Norman Fenton

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Professor Fenton is a mathematician, experienced in electrical engineering and computer science. Highly published and cited academic. Professor of Risk Information Management, Queen Mary London University

Specialist in risk management for critical systems. Expert in quantitative risk assessment and predicting the probabilities of unknown events

Implications of the Office for National Statistics estimates of Covid-19 vaccine take up in England on the representativeness of its sample population

Is it important to collect quantitively data to learn about a population group?

Why do we need a representative sample of a population to collect valid data for the population as a whole?

Can you give an example of how a representative sample of a population should be selected?

Which sample is used by the ONS to generate their estimates of covid vaccine take up?

Is this then a skewed sample?

Given that to be included an individual had to have been in the 2011 census and must currently be registered with a GP, how many people are missed out?

Of these 8 million people that are missed out from the ONS data, what proportion of these are unvaccinated?

Are there any other estimates of the proportion of the population vaccinated for comparative purposes?

Does this mean that the sample is not as representative as would be ideal?

If the sample is not representative, how does this effect the validity of their data and hence their conclusions?

Written by Dr. John Campbell

Hello Everyone,My name is John Campbell and I am a retired Nurse Teacher and A and E nurse based in England. I also do some teaching in Asia and Africa when time permits. These videos are to help students to learn the background to all forms of health care. My PhD focused on the development of open learning resources for nurses nationally and internationally.


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  1. I’m happy that I got all 3 shots it was very scarey to be in a vulnerable group during Lockdown. Psychologically the shots really helped. I felt confident that if I contracted Covid it would be mild. We all know that stress can trigger many diseases

  2. Is it just me or is this guest sort of talking in circles… personally i hope there are more than 92% of the population with a actual brain… and didn’t actually get the jab. I 100% don’t believe ANY leader ever took one jab …they are all do as I say not what I do so why would this be different … just a thought


    Is it someone who has not taken the jibberty at all? Or is it someone who took the jibberty but did not keep up with the multiple doses, thereby being declassified from being “vaccinated” to “unvaccinated”? Do all statistic orgs hold to the same definition/s?

  4. I have a serious question: Does anyone else notice family members/friends who got the v@xxine having either cognitive or emotional issues afterwards? My mom and stepdad took the "F I Z E R" v@x and went nuts. They are NOT the same people they were. After the b o o s t e r they both became angry and viscous. They can't seem to be able to control their emotions. I have heard only a handful of people talking about this this. Anyone else? This has me heartbroken.

  5. I just heard so many numbers from surveys contradicting one another's results, leading to acknowledgment that what we are going through is entirely planned out to leave the masses oblivious of the real truth………truly, guys it is almost embarrassing to see the two good doctors dancing about from advising anything like the truth their heart wants to yell out ……being, "oooh nooo we followed orders from above and now feel very stupid relaying these stats that but prove the manipulation of anything resembling REAL TRUE AND OR JUSTIFIED".
    A disgrace of proportions unchallenged in human history!

  6. Tiffany Dover ("fainting nurse") has manged to avoid all surveillance and phone cameras for almost two years now, despite being "alive and well" and still working at the hospital. The mainstream media "debunking" videos, just make it even more obvious that she was severely injured or removed. It's a huge story with wide-ranging implications. I encourage all of you to watch the "debunkings" and read the comments.

  7. Dr Campbell, thank you for this interview, I follow Professor Fenton's Youtube channel so I was aware of the biased samples but I'm always eager to find out more from a direct conversation. Thank you again.

  8. What do they mean unvaccinated? When you consider the vaccine only lasts 26 weeks astra & 28 weeks Pfizer. Once those times are up the person is no longer vaccinated, and had very little protection for several weeks beforehand.

  9. Is collective humanity so stupid that we need to explain the basics of statistics to them in a YouTube video, or is it just the UK population that is so uneducated? Perhaps more time spent in school and less time eating would be beneficial to humans….

  10. Excellent points. Especially pointing out the death rates of those who took the treatments v those who did not. I will be interested to see the results of that. It must be remembered that many who took the treatments were at high risk so hard to attribute the deaths. That has to be studied carefully to make the right conclusions. Autopsies would have been helpful. Also would really like to see the numbers on those who had adverse reactions whether blood issues neuro issues fatigue issues etc. on different age groups and also by sex and even race. Darker and lighter skin colors or nationalities have real physiological differences which could help or hurt either from getting Covid or getting the treatments. Just look to your friend in Africa Dr Campbell to study their results without treatments. Why? Being an outdoor population? Difference in blood types ? Not getting the treatment ? What was it? Good show as usual.

  11. Please take the boosters because its the same thing. You call it booster lol, I call it taking the same thing that never worked once over and over until it starts doing its real job. Myocarditis please go and check, start questioning the tests that contains ethylene oxide carcinogenic substances poisonous on all tests. Sterilization on alloys is fine, it can't be sterilized on cotton. You are testing without even knowing what to test for, mmm for an unknown virus you seem to know exactly what test to use. Does the benefits really out weigh the risk of testing with poison?

  12. What a surprise!!! Right! Move on, nothing to see here. NEVER FORGET good ole Doc here pushed the jabo on all of you. Interesting chain of events. 🤔 He gotta pay his bills not yours. Why didn’t the orange man get his fix for him and his entire family on National TV? Hmmm! Think about it!!!

  13. It's touching to hear the professor talk about "errors of classification" of the ONS. Will the penny ever drop that government statistics are used, or more precisely, manipulated to promote the narrative (& obfuscate/hide the truth)?

  14. Wooo Hoo! Haw anybody seen Kim Iversons latest Vid? You MUST see it! NY workers fired for not vxing won a landmark case against the city! They got back pay and reinstalled at work. The Won! She has worked really hard on this for the past 2/3 years and she actually cries during the vid because it's such a release. If you are not vaxed, it is very cathartic to watch, I was actually tearing up myself about it… Amazing

  15. Another way data is falsified is by conflation of correlation with causation.

    There is a distinct correlation between ice cream sales and shark attacks in Florida. This doesn't mean that eating ice cream causes shark attacks. What it means is that in hot weather people are more likely to eat ice cream and to go on the sea.

    A UK study commissioned to reduce elective caesarian births found that a significantly increased rate of problem births to those who had had a previous caesarian birth. This possibly ignored the fact many people would have had a caesarian because of problems during delivery, and that it is highly likely that one problem birth is an indicator of further problem births.

    A new study shows that the vaccine while 65% effective in general, is up to 85% effective in those that are physically active. This appears to ignore the fact that those that are physically active are likely to have better metabolic health than those that aren't and are likely to have better immunity naturally

  16. "don't know everything about everybody". Excellent springboard for actual data to be examined and more cautionary methodology. No mandates using untested ,unverified, unreliable protocols.!
    I have read the Holy Word and only Sovereign Creator, God, does know the end from the beginning, knows the heart of every soul, knows His purpose for His world….only Jesus! In Him I am forgiven, saved, at rest,

  17. Norman, John: it was/is not necessary to be registered with GP to get Covid vaccination. 5.3 million Europeans registered for settled status in England up to June 2021 most would be vaccinated but few of them included in the 2011 census, therefore excluded in ONS sample. Foreigners entering UK in 2021, emigrants leaving UK would be vaccinated. What data or educated speculation would suggest to you that the cohort excluded from ONS sample is not about the same % uptake as the 38m sample? If had to speculate I'd go for the excluded cohort is perhaps systematically even more vaccinated – but erring on conservative side agree to accept equal % to the main sample. This would basically make some aspects of discussion about sampling bias more or less irrelevant.
    Norman: Are you dropping the unsubstantiated and easily refuted claim of mis-categorization ("<14 days from jab is perhaps being called unvax'd") made in your first two papers about the ONS vaccinated status mortality data?
    Best regards.

  18. I lost my father to COVID he had health issues prior & we made a decision not to vaccinate him. We all caught he virus around the same time & became extremely ill. I want to protect my Mother now as much as I possibly can.

    How would one go about acquiring invermectin here in the UK? I can't find anywhere to buy it.

  19. Yet closer 100% or even 80% of the population is a lot more liley to be a realistic representation than 1% or 0.0001%.
    Not sure what he is trying to pedal here.
    One sample size is much closer to full presentation than one that is 99% guesswork.
    This is how democracy works.
    Its like saying only 1% of the cherry picked populaiton should vote……trust me.
    Errrr NO!

  20. This ( fraudulent ? ) use of statistical analysis on a 'sample' to predict accurately or extrapolate accurately from a relatively small sample size is very dangerous, and wrong in its use in this pandemic. ( and in many other instances ).
    How statisticians have not admitted this is highly suspicious; and I am puzzled why large numbers of the Public have not realised this obvious truth too.
    Statistics can be used highly accurately when analysing inanimate objects – items that do NOT have agency, which are 'predictable actors' ( actual entity being asked/surveyed has no free will/ individual biochemistry and 'choice' of action' ) – sample size is less important for inanimate samples.

    There is so much variation geographically,socially, seasonally and by population density and biological complexity, that establishing observable,factual data is nigh impossible in many – not all – instances with respect to Covid-19 data .

    'Perhaps Covid-19 should be renamed 'the global pandemic of confounding variables' .

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