Ontario Bows To Truckers, Cancels Vaxx Passports

The trucker convoy may have been physically removed from Ottawa, but their demand for an end to vaccine mandates has been granted – most recently in the province of Ottawa. Although the elected officials who made the decision would never credit the truckers, but instead claim they’re merely “following the science” even though they are not doing so at all.

Jimmy and American comedian Kurt Metzger discuss this big unacknowledged win for the Canadian truckers.

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  1. This isn't over, and they WON'T quit. They will yeild for now, let the backlash die down, and bring it back in later, for another varient and/or virus. This is a big money power play.

  2. vaccination cause in some cases that infected people can a avoid propagation of virus by either reducing or eliminating the contagious phase. Also, it reduces pressure over medical services, so in case an immunocompromised person gets infected and develops severe symptoms, it can recieve proper attention, due to hospitals not filled to the brim with people without any comorbidity or previous medical history.
    It works just like the male vaccine to prevent human papillomavirus. You get a shot and avoid infecting your female sex partner and the risk of her getting cervical cancer.

  3. I disagree my husband is a transplant recipient they are offering 4 shots in Melbourne Australia and stating because of the medication these people are on they don’t build immunity to the shot

  4. This is temporary. The convoy and their commitment caught them off guard. Canada was supposed to be the entry point for digital passports and intro to social credit scoring, legalized constant surveillance and CBDC’s ( money you never own and they totally control ). If our neighbor can have it then it will make Americans more accepting.

    They will not let this go.

    Wait until winter when the flu aka covid flares up. There is another attempt to subjugate us coming. They have to do it fast because Bitcoin is threatening the existence of banks, wealth socialism and centralized power.

  5. this is not finished. His hand was tipped and just look who he supports while he bashes canadian grandmotherswith …. he is convening with Klaus to decide our future enslavement.

  6. In Poland they say you have to be vaxed because there is not enough space in hospitals and SUDDENLY they say that there is enough space in hospitals for ppl from ukraine & they don't even quarantine them, or want tests or covid passports

  7. Woah! Covid cases dropped right before they were about to install vaccine mandates and passports? What impeccable timing! Imagine if they would've done it a week earlier. How silly would they look? LOL What a joke. They're gaslighting you!

  8. This Wuhan Plague, caused by lab leak (most likely) or wet market, is in either case 100% the fault of the policies of the Chinese Government. Stop calling it COVID! That is a PC/Woke term designed to obscure its origins and responsibility. Unless you want another plague, exponentially worse, the world must force the People's [sic] Republic of China to reform their policies of insane gain-of-function research coupled with ecological destruction. And that won't happen by calling it Covid! This is something NOBODY is talking about.

  9. In Canada there are 12 different provincial governments that look after healthcare, but Trudeau decided the federal workers, and any department that they regulate and or license must follow the federal healthcare mandates he put in place. Ie train, boats trucks etc The ironic thing is the airports have never stopped flights from abroad, they were just rerouted to 4 airports.
    Provincial governments will lift their mandates but Trudeau likes the power and because the truckers embarrassed him, will hold off for the foreseeable future. Just a example of the masking mandate is truckers must wear masks the entire trip even if they are the only ones in said truck.

  10. In all fairness…I don’t know how much of these rollbacks are actually because of the truckers. I think it has less to do with them…and almost everything to do with the fact that covid is for all intents and purposes…over. Omicron has pretty much wiped it off the face of the planet. They know this, which is why they’ll now use the Russia / Ukraine conflict as a shield to roll everything back and pretend like they “defeated covid” because they can no longer sell the fear and keep their power grab going.

  11. Love your channel. So true…you can still get the virus….so leave the people that are healthy and dont want the jab!!! I know 4 people who got the jabs and got omicron. The people that are scared should just wear a mask still when they want to go out. Dont blame us just because we are not vaccinated. Entitled people i swear!!!

  12. Here in Perth Australia we kept the world out and borders closed for 2 years.
    Now we are indefinitely masked, have bizzare restrictions – like dancing is not permitted but weddings are an exception. Vax passports have been in since January. Community numbers are being treated as if it’s as deadly as that initial burst in 2020

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