Ontario Teachers pension fund gains 300M from wallstreetbets. WSB IS THE TRUE ROBIN HOOD!

edit, me saying insolvency was dumb as hell, the pension fund is very well capitalized. my apologies.


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Written by Louis Rossmann


  1. edit, me saying insolvency was dumb as hell, the pension fund is very well capitalized. my apologies for being a moron. still my point that it's ridiculous that wsb is bankrupting pensions stands here.

  2. The only negative from all this will be the regulations that they drop on us the little people preventing this from happening again and after these funds go bankrupt we the people are going to have to bail them all out. Can't stop the government cronies from doing it no matter what we do, they will make us bail them out because they said so.

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  4. Then later down the road when its time to collect the pensions amd 401ks disappear. Funny how that works huh? The whole system is being exposed right now. All of it.. the whole pretend construct. Grocery stores to elections to wall street. All completely controlled. Still "society" worships these conmen..

  5. @Louis Rossman Can you do a video about how Robinhood and the likes are selling their flows to hedge funds which essentially gives the hedge funds the power to out manuvere the retail investors? Is it time to leave these "free" trading apps since they are making money off our trading behavior and controlling the markets by doing so with their high frequency capabilities?

  6. Hey man found your videos over this whole debacle and just wanted to say you do a really good job of presenting the information and I've enjoyed your take as someone completely new to this.

  7. GME rally is probably going to be a one time thing we caught them by surprise this time just like the 2016 election and they won’t let it happen again.

  8. correct me if my math is wrong but at 24 dollars a share and a sale of 300,000,000 that means they owned 1.6 million shares? if they sold at the current price of 330 they would have made 4.1 billion instead of 300,000,000?

  9. The original owner of my house put those hideous fake bricks with fake black mortar in my kitchen. It looks fine like the way Louis did it, around an actual fireplace, but why in the he'll would you want faux dirty bricks in a kitchen?