Oops! Biden NBC “Undecided Voter” Town Hall Revealed to have been Stacked with His Fans



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  1. Comparing negatives, I think that Harris is probably even less qualified in all ways compared to Hillary. And Harris is pretty much guaranteed a step up to the throne. What the hell, people? We are practically one tier above those joker towns that elect a dog as mayor.

  2. So they have so much trouble finding Biden supporters for TV they have to recycle them from place to place?…. sad. We even have stock market pundits saying the market is up cause of Joes chances of wining are high.

  3. What happened? Leftist treason! Never believe the allegations without hard public proof because the Leftists happily lie to authorities and corrupt Leftist authorities will persecute their targets gleefully.

  4. Isnt it hilarious the media knows they're slowly dying, losing viewership & trust, yet they're strategy is to to get rid of the dude (Trump) that has rejuvenated the media & makes them insane money. Trump losing would accelerate their demise, but I guarantee corporate media will ask for, and receive a "bailout" if Biden wins
    85% of voters thought the media in 2016 were rooting for Hillary Clinton, so it's hilarious they still claim to be objective

  5. Styx the screw ups during katrina were all from the New Orleans officials just like Porta Rico during harvey. The president of the united states has only so much power and it's up to the local government to do it's job. Mississippi got hit worse and nobody even talks about it.

  6. PHUCK biden. Prosecute him after this election cycle and hold that quivering POS accountable. harris, she can go back too spreading her lovelies for her employer.

  7. WARPING THE MINDS OF THE MASSES THRU – TELL LIE VISION- PROGRAMMING – CHANNEL – REMOTE CONTROL….the words tell you what the black scrying mirror called tv and the prince of the airwaves (satan) can do to your mind….

  8. Every time you talk shit about tucker carlson it shows just how petty you are and makes me respect you less than the last time you did it! Eventually I’m just gonna stop watching you at all if you don’t get over your jealousy of him?

  9. Reminds me of the time that Commie "News" Network and how they got a "random" guy off the street to ask his opinions which were predictably anti-Trump of course because the guy was actually a CNN camera man.