OOPSIE! SCANDAL at the Biden White House!!

Wow! It only took 24 days! Anyway, TJ Ducklo won’t be circling back. Womp Womp!


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  1. To go from the beautiful, intelligent, and witty Kayleigh to this ginger twat is probably the biggest travesty to come out of the 2020 election.

  2. "everybody…EVerybody…is enchitled to be teeted with decency." Time for some new PolyGrip, Joe. Have 'em get you some next time you're meeting with Xi–everybody knows you don't have any teeth when it comes to foreign policy.

  3. Hey that thumbnail is fake news, it has to say pervious best record 0000 days since his administration has sandals everyday if we had a fair and honest media.

  4. It's not really about the mask. Masks don't work. It was on the CDC webpage (until they updated the page the DAY AFTER biden was "elected"). It's really about making the American public uncomfortable and willing to give up their freedoms just so they can remove their masks and be people again. "If they are willing to wear a mask…how about two…..if they are willing to wear two masks…how about censorship on a grand scale….if they are okay with being censored…how about having their guns taken away". It's all a psy-op to see how far they can push things and how much they can take from us. They want Communism…because then they have absolute power (look at China) and we, the people, are cattle.

    The cowardly lion needs to realize that he is strong.

  5. I thought the double-mask was stupid at first, and still kind of do,frankly. The explanation I’ve got from my friends is that the second mask isn’t used to block covid particles, but rather act as a protective layer for the other mask; to ensure people don’t breath on the mask, you handle it without thinking(like pinching the nose wire thingy), and then you’ll rub you eyes, or touch you’re food, etc., and then become infected. Idk about the validity of it, but that’s what I’ve heard.

  6. So… a scandal where a journalist was in an unethical relationship with an office that creates a conflict-of-interest, and one side calls it out while the other acts like it's a big nothing burger. … To quote Old Biff, there's something very familiar about all this.

  7. regarding the press secretary claiming that they don't want to put anyone in an awkward position and biden's demand for decency…
    Yeah you guys sure didn't want to put anyone in an awkward position for the last four years, and no one has and is still saying disparaging things about trump/republican/anyone who supports him.
    Nope everything is all good under our new Lord and savior of decency.