OPEC+ Drops Bombshell On Biden Administration

Written by Rebel Capitalist


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  1. OPEC + did it on purpose to crash the European and US markets with more inflation and high prices for energy generally….They are not happy with the ESG and the extreme climate paranoia they promote. The next 6 months are huge for the markets, the linchpin is in Europe. Prepare folks!

  2. I think a fun discussion that could get heard by the right people is, do you think the Saudi's are big on the ESG movement were trying to create. Perhaps the Saudi's would enjoy the transgender movement? Or us telling them how they should be forced to cut off their boys penises? Bet their religions would love that? Why shouldn't they completely fuc# us over? I hope they do!

  3. I don't think you're seeing the forest for the trees. Put it all together. Everything, up to and including Biden and Harris weird mental actions (reason?).

  4. I would say that the reason they are cutting oil production is because of the increase in the strength of the US dollar which represents 80% of world trade. Also there is still 1 Nord stream 2 pipeline that is still operational, so this could still be Russia giviing the west a chance to compromise, by destroying two pipes of feed to Germany!

  5. george… you talk too much! 🙂 Let Joshua do the intro to a topic and you fill in the stories background and your opinion. you presenting the topic AND talking 98% over it and asking him to confirm what you already mentioned is not working like a team. Daily show would be epic on hot topics, but get him involved and not just sit there

  6. I think your logic is spot on…" It doesn't pass the sniff test." It also seems like the circumstances for those in" the know," must be approaching a bottleneck of some kind, to feel the need to make drastic moves quickly. I am a new subscriber and enjoy your channel. Thank you!

  7. What I've learned the last 30 months is if I have a thought such as "On the downside, blank could happen. It could easily be that bad." then I'd best bet on Blank happening.

  8. Maybe Elon is playing a part in a much bigger game that you do not see or understand and only those involved at a higher level understand the moves of all the players or (maybe I'm overthinking it.) 🙃 No………….there is something bigger going on.

  9. "Even if we are the good guys." USA is the antagoniser & war-monger. If there is a good guy, it is Russia. Defensive, consistent, reserved. Prof. John Mearsheimer, Henry Kissinger, Noam Chomsky & Oliver Stone etc are right. End USA MIC & NATO aggressive expansionism! 🕊✌🏻

  10. The petro dollar deal has ended. Oil is no longer only priced in dollars, which was the reason the dollar was the reserve currency. We defended Saudi opec and the system. That’s over. BRICS will be the global system and Russia is the lead. Russia and Saudi signed a military agreement. The empire is over. Our government knows that citizens are ignorant of how this works will not explain it. Instead they will tell us we collapsed because of those boogie men. This was coming whether Biden or not Biden. The petro dollar is broke. That’s why they’re talking about not using oil and eating bugs. The west is bankrupt and the keys are taken away.

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