Open Letter DECRIES Cancel Culture, Gets Vox Writer Cancelled IMMEDIATELY

Tim shares the strange, worrying story of Matthew Yglesias, a Vox contributor who had the audacity to give his signature to an open letter from Harper’s Magazine speaking against the creeping toxicity of cancel culture and was immediately cancelled by his coworker and his boss for this bold move.

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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. 13:12 Tim, what we need is what I like to call "Insensitivity Training." What is that you might ask. I'll tell you.
    Once a week starting at grade 6 continuing up to grade 12, for 1 hour a week, a comedian comes into every class and does nothing but tell some offensive jokes and roast everyone in sight, no exceptions. I can guarantee by the time people exit high school, they'll not give a single shit what is said to them because they've heard it all before.

  2. lol, facebook needs to OWN their power.
    "Remove this speech or we won't advertise with you!"
    "lol, ok, blacklisting you from buying ads on facebook, think I'll give your competitor a discount"
    "Oh… uh… can't you just do what I want without letting me shoot myself in the foot?"

  3. stupid people don't know that they are stupid.
    noone wants to be told they are stupid by a peer.
    when you call someone stupid they stop listening and filter for things they can use against you.
    how do you bring attention to logical failings without offending and shutting down the other person?
    large groups in person telling one person specifically with supporting evidence? that would take a long time and having a mob approach one person might get someone shot.
    explaining first that their lack of knowledge is a failing of their educators and parents, not their own?

  4. You should read David French's argument against the 230 thing Tim. He makes a good argument that you're misunderstand the law, and it isn't a good way of solving the problem.

  5. Ezra Klein is a post-modern mouthpiece. He’s like Foucault continued only less original and more heavily focused on what you identify as. Take it with a grain of salt because I’m a white male, but so are you, Ezra. If I shouldn’t be able to talk about this because I’m white so should you be unable to chide me, right?

  6. I'm 60 black and I've been conservative libertarian for DECADES. I hardly agree with the things that Choamsky says…but I have been reading his books for a long time. I would get flack for defending Choamsky. But Choamsky has a history of defending FREE SPEECH!

  7. When you were describing that "post-230 reform" world, where freedom of speech was once again, something we could exercise… I swear to God, I closed my eyes, felt the breeze and smiled.
    Then I opened them, and realized I couldn't type, here, the things I wanted to say about those whiny leftist babies that need to grow a pair.
    I think you're right, Tim. 230 Reform is absolutely essential to winning this culture war.
    If lefties don't like our culture, move to a different one… and don't come back until you miss our culture, our country, and your freedoms, with all your heart.

  8. Imagine getting called out for cancel culture… and the very people being called out who say they don't do it and it doesn't exist immediately cancels the people calling them out
    Adam mentions a great quote. "Goebbels was in favor of free speech for views he liked. So was Stalin. If you’re really in favor of free speech, then you’re in favor of freedom of speech for precisely the views you despise. Otherwise, you’re not in favor of free speech."
    I think it's funny dems voting against civil rights was your punch in the gut. You do know they opposed the civil rights act right?

  9. Tim et al….I know Chomsky VERY well. We have exchanged emails and collaborated on projects. I disagree with him on a lot now, but he honestly believes his narrative, of which some I still agree with.

  10. You folks don't seem to know how free speech works. It's a two way street. You have the freedom to say whatever you please. The rest of us have to freedom to boycott, protest, and yes in some cases cancel folks. Free speech is not always words, sometimes it's action.

  11. Tim, please distinguish your words to reflect reality. "The cops aren't doing anything" against rioters is something Snopes would say was "True.". In fact, the mayor's and people in charge of these cities refuse to let the cops defend citizens and businesses. The cops very much want to keep peace and defend all rights. They are NOT ALLOWED to do so by those in charge.

  12. Another thing, anyone who uses a picture wearing a mask as Matthew Yglecias does in his Twitter profile cares only about virtue signaling. I couldn't care less what any of these people say.