Open letter from B.C. health workers demands answers about COVID-19

Drea Humphrey takes a look at a letter sent by B.C. health-care workers to government officials outlining their concerns surrounding COVID-19 and hears Dr. Stephen Malthouse’s opinion on the letter and similar issues he has with the government.

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  1. in england since 1 feb 2021 to september 12 2021, 722 unvaccinated deaths from covid (590 of which over 50's) vs 1779 vaccinated deaths from covid (1714 of which over 50's). these are all delta cases. 99.99999% of cases in the uk are delta.

  2. All Dr's need to stand up together. United you stand, divided you WILL fall!! Pick your morality Dr's, remember your hippocratic oath because those weren't just quaint words uttered for no reason!

  3. I am truly grateful for people like this that are not afraid and willing to stand up and speak out against the tyranny and traitorous ways of our so called political leaders and their elite cronies who have their own personal agendas in mind. The people around the world are blessed to have these heros who actually care about and for humanity as a whole. Power to the people, keeping in mind that there are many more of us than there is of them, the few 1%… 💣💥😉😎😏🤓😧🇨🇦⚠️🆘️🆘️🆘️💉💊🗿⚱⚰

  4. Its happening globally. .even here in Australia. Doctors and specialists have been threaten by govts to lose their licences! No exemption are allowed to be given by doctors or again they lose their its about counts of getting vaccined and NOT LIVES! SHAMELESS and DISGUSTING

  5. Bonnie Henry & also the Premier are ignoring the very true statements from a group of 'DOCTORS' that want answers to the questions concerning Co-vid & vaccinations. I have read this letter and was expecting a response from Bonnie Henry (at least) so far the RESPONSE IS DEAFENING! I am extremely proud of these professionals writing this letter…not civilians like the Premier or a person that says she is qualified but so far has not shared any of her information with the public!
    So what's the deal? Is the Premier & Henry being rewarded for their silence? Inquiring minds want to know! This so-called pandemic has taken on a Godzilla-like push from those that manufacture (BIG PHARM) and distribute the vaccines. What are their concerns? What is their involvement in perhaps a procedure that is not lawful….but should only be done with a persons' personal consent —– not with bullying and threats. Threats only heighten the questions about WHY?……WHAT'S GOING ON? WHO IS PUSHING THE AGENDA? Time to step forward and spill the beans and provide the legal information of " WHEN, WHERE, WHY AND HOW? We are waiting! Bonnie Henry has stepped on many legal questions that need HER attention!

  6. I don't blame government. I blame all the closet Nazis and Covid Karens who are enabling the government to behave this way. Asking government to not be dodgy corrupt a holes is like asking a dog not to bark. The people are the real problem.

  7. On Bi t chute " Whistleblower ???"
    A lawyer talked about the triple X and HCQ and LMT , I was surprised it had a death rate of 7.2%, which is FAR Lower then the Triple X!
    Was very good!
    Now i have seen Slide 16.
    Talking about MIS- C.
    how sad to do that to kids.

  8. I want to know:
    1. Total transparency in ALL renumeration, requirements, indemnity, agreements and communications between all government officials and agents for the drug companies offering coronavirus shots for Canadians.
    2. All health, media, and policing professionals to reveal WHO is either threatening them or bribing them to enforce a false narrative and false coronavirus policing — we need the chain of bribery/extortion all the way to the top.
    God bless you all — expose communism, because they have murdered more people in the world than any other satanic cult.

  9. The Canadian apartheid is here, the globalist run ruling class are rabidly attacking Canada to destroy our freedoms. The eventuality will be complete obedience and subservience or they will attack and destroy your families, through employment, and then eventually through food and fuel.

  10. If there was nothing to hide why are they censoring everything and only their narrative which is exactly being parrot around the world. Absolutely none of these so-called corrupt bureaucrats Health officials corrupt politicians no science being followed at all

  11. Approx 40,000 registered sex offenders in Canada that don't have to show papers/passports, or reveal who they are, why? Because it's against they're rights? Yet I have to reveal who I am and carry a passport? Where are my rights? And why does a sexual predator have more rights than I do?

  12. Just a reminder a genuinely deadly pandemic doesn't require 24/7 advertising to remind you it exists. Real pandemics don't need marketing campaigns and endless propaganda but psychological operations do

  13. The biggest problem with Marxists isn't that they have no idea how to establish their Utopia, or how to establish the value of goods and services, or even that the author who wrote Utopia wrote it as a joke. The problem with Marxists is that they are drug dealers, pedophiles, child molesting Satanists, and think they are smarter and better than everyone else and have their right to rule based on their sickness. The Kovid agenda has nothing to do with science, it's an attack on political science and common sense. Actual Marxists are much worse than Marxism and Kovid just makes plausible what would normally be called "insane" or "Communism" or "Talmudic Judaism". I'm no friend of Jefferey Epstein, Bill Gates, Hunter and Joe Biden, or the rest of this freakshow.

  14. A manufacturing company in Waterloo Ontario Canada named ValleyBlades Limited also supports medical segregation. A employee refusal-ed the demand from ValleyBlades Limited in Waterloo Ontario for mandatory medical vaccination and his refusal to release his medical documents to ValleyBlades Limited. This employee was terminated.
    These type of companies and businesses need to be known and boycotted. Let these businesses go bankrupt who support medical segregation of any-kind.

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