Open Up the Schools: Even the Atlantic Acknowledges They Aren’t Covid Super-Spreaders


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  1. "Fear of the coof" is literally the democrats biggest strategy for winning the election. They will continue to sacrifice the entire country piece by piece until they get what they want, or until they are stopped. I vote stopping them.

  2. I'm "interested" in the "subject. Imagine if ALL the PHds agreed at once? Now that would be a reason for fear. Unfortunately, WE have to listen to OUR local M.D.'s(after at least 20yrs. of school and "basic" practice). Makes "one" wonder WHY Medical DOCTORS NEED to be paid . Holy crap, does MEDICARE "work" for YOU? It's the closest thing to public "health" that OUR country has EVER come up with. Considering the Democrap alternatives, don't mess with ANYTHING that was created more than 70yrs. ago and still WORKS!

  3. In his last video Jensen was talking about a case where students who didn't wear masks to school in the Netherlands got screeched at by a teacher who called them insensitive and said she cannot visit her mom because of them (while praising the muzzle wearing student). Well the mother of one of the students complained to the school and they promised it will never happen again and she said if it does she will comlain to higher ups.

  4. What parent and kids need to realize is their is nothing lost if you never have public school I had to completly re- educate after I was out so you will learn more on your own they they will teach you by far,so where do you want to end up?

  5. Oh you mean nearly 50k suicide rate rather than 13k isn’t normal!? Never mind all the cancer patiences and other with serious disease that are likely to die because their treatments were put off. Never mind the suspended jury trials, and people with non-lethal non-essential but painful injury treatments whose treatments are put off for months. But oh no covid!

  6. Hold on Styx… the knockout game shit wasn't a teenager thing, it was specifically a black teenager thing. Let's not play that game

  7. At my wife’s school, the incoming fifth graders are testing at a first and second grade level due to the mailed in winter/spring semester and virtual semester so far. I legit feel bad for these kids

  8. I’d be interested to see you comment on the WHO new plea to end the lockdowns. Tony Heller covered it briefly. Apparently, the WHO just realized lockdowns hurt the economy and can cause food shortages and starvation in third world countries… just as you said at the beginning of all this.

  9. I wasn't for the shutdown one bit, but for us it was the greatest thing that happened. We found out how useless our schools were, so we decided on home school. Greatest thing ever. They now get all the courses, plus home economics and civic classes. But just think of the education void that is going on now because of shut downs and virtual schooling. Especially for the inner city kids, all because of the teacher unions.

  10. Yeah I'm actually fine with the schools not being open. It's for purely selfish reasons though so yeah. My drive home from work (thankfully I've still had a job though all this nonsense) goes right by a high school and the lack of insane traffic every week day morning has been pretty nice. One side benefit is the marxists have a harder time brainwashing peoples kids when the kids aren't actually there.

  11. What’s odd for my sons school is they are having a high outbreak of pneumonia!! Three cases this yr! Some ppl think it might be because of mask wearing for the kids. So it seems the COVID safety procedures are causing other diseases!

  12. Coughing as a teenaged weapon sounds very possible. I remember reading that some foreign countries opened school for the lower grades, but not for high schoolers – aggressive coughing could have been factored into that decision.

  13. All this Covid shit is one big Scam! It's just the Flu. Look at the numbers, less people are projected to die this year (of all causes) than last year. It's all a scam.

  14. Why would parents fight to return their children back to autonomy deprivation, sedition training camps responsible as the SOURCE problem for churning out BLM/Antifa wannabe despot foot soldiers?

  15. Kids are fucked in the head when things are normal, and all the money that goes to schools in Vermont goes to morons and trouble makers and wasting of supplies. The good kids are left in the dust, now not every school is bad, just most of them on a whole. The day starts after 9am and ends at like 310 when the kids take 35 minutes in the hall to “pack up” the get out at 345. Account for lunch gym and two recesses and kids are what, being taught for no more than 3 hours a day max, I’m talking on the elementary level in Vermont which usually runs through sixth grade in a lot of areas. The average teacher who works no more than 3 hours a day directly who has 6-10 years makes 70k plus a year, there was a first grade teacher making 98k a year before she retired. So that’s we’re your money goes, to fucking morons and druggies fuck up children and some bloated hog teacher telling you how tuff the got it working 6;months out of they year.

  16. I'm a public school teacher and I agree with you. I worry that the town I teach in will vote to cut the school budget for next year and they'll have to cut positions including mine. I'm not worried about the coronavirus at all, but I am worried about the irreversible effects on the mental health of my students that remote learning is causing.

  17. My biggest struggle during covid is the fact that I have to now teach my kid, and work full time. I am not dumb but I am no liscensed teacher. Also, this has resulted in me working less hours making it harder to make ends meet in an already struggling time. SEND THEM BACK PLEASE!

  18. A fiction is being maintained for a variety of political reasons. To do so at the expense of children is, of course, unconscionable. As it is unconscionable for politicians to destroy public health in the name of public health. It will take years for physicians to point out how many people, for one example, got cancer because of the involuntary incarceration we choose to call “lockdown.” Blame the people for accepting it.