Opening the flood gates – 2 Million New Migrants In Five Years

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Looks like the flood gates will be opened. With New South Wales leading the charge. Housing affordability anyone? Perhaps the Government will open up more land in the regions to ensure the migration intake can be sustainable without a reduction in our quality of life?


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Written by Heise Says


  1. Told you they would open the immigration floodgates wider than ever to make up for lost time. Utterly despicable. CEOs and politicians don’t give a toss about you. They want cheap labour and at the same time more consumers. Strangely they also go on about climate change. Bit schizophrenic aren’t they. So up go house prices, increased congestion, endless crappy built high rise shoe boxes that is all you will be able to afford… to rent that is. More toll roads that nobody can afford, more environmental destruction.

  2. Who would want to come here when we have dishing politicians who pander to the real estate and corporate business who do not give a shit about average living standards

  3. in a free market there is no such thing as a long term skills shortage – labour prices should adjust to incentivise skills. bringing in skills will cap the premium on these skills

  4. When I came in 2016, I was genuinely thinking there was skill shortage and I was there to fill that gap.
    Within a few weeks I came to know that there isn't any skill shortage. I worked at one the top software companies in the world, but that experience wasn't considered. I had to settle for a 90k pay which was slightly more than what I got in my country of origin. In terms of purchasing power, it was more than half of what I used to make.

    I have realized one thing in my 5+ years in this lovely country. I am here to serve 2 purposes , that is to buy/rent property in Sydney/Melbourne and depress the wages of some truly talented ozzies.

  5. Hospitals in crisis apparently!! Infrustructure and housing at its worst ever !! People here are homeless !! In the thousands !! Mind you immigration didnt stop during pandemic it only slowed.

  6. HEISE SAYS IS NUMBER ONE;;;;;Students & visa holders that are after permanent residence will head to Canberra as it is classed rural and they only need 50 points to get a visa. In the other cities, you need 100 points to get a permanent visa. We have had a huge surge of young Nepalese here in Canberra. Put Canberra on the 100 points visa and you will get a lot more people to rural areas. Stop the student back door visa scam that the Canberra UNIS are pulling on the Australian public.

  7. Home ownership at the lowest levels since 1901 for under 35s. Government wants to let in 400k new migrants a year. We don't have enough houses for the people we have here now.
    Goes to show how much these pricks in parliament care about the average Aussie. They care about lining their pockets and increasing the amount of taxable humans.

  8. Oh. Are property prices going to fall? Easy fix. Get more rich migrants in that will take the homes our children were going to buy and forcing prices up again. Great idea!!!!!!!. Isint it????!

  9. Interesting idea but in south-east Queensland, we're running out of water ….. AGAIN! All due to consistent mismanagement and a lack of planning.

  10. the problem with this is they will all eventually move to sydney or melbourne, which stresses the city infrastructure and depletes the human resources in regional. then they will hire more migrants to fill those spots who will move again to the cities. it’s an endless cycle. government should put a condition in their visas that they can only stay in the regional areas.