Opposing Medical Martial Law is Not Vaccine Skepticism

You can believe vaccines are generally a good thing without wanting to destroy the economy enforcing mandates. Florida shows a no-restriction system works just as well as lockdownerism:


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  1. I suggest anyone listening to this to do some research. Learn what is in the vaccines and what they are doing to your body chemistry. Look up Dr. Richard Fleming or Dr. Peter Mcullough to start.

  2. The question I have is: why is it so terrible to question what exactly is being injected into one's body? Physicians don't even know what's in these injections, even the tested ones, except ADA approved their usage and have multiple tests done (at least). However, this new one did not have testing, is a therapeutic and may have dire ramifications in the long run. The sample size is massive this time (as it is unethically the population, ~49%), but, none is using VARs to report, it's like 1/100 physicians who do, so, none of the data will make any sense.

  3. Not one vaccine is a good, once you read the ingredients and cross reference how they can affect the body, all cause inflammation which is bad for the body. Why are they forcing a one size does NOT fit all cure for a very survivable "virus"? Money, how much do you think the ones pushing this agenda is making from Pfizer, Moderna, J&J? Pfizer is a criminal company, same with J&J they gave cancer out, they can't be sued for the blood clots in the injection but whatever. Injections don't work on elderly because of their immune but shoot them up with all kinds of chemicals. I don't know if the FDA ever got an isolate of this "virus"? And how come we aren't calling this a bio weapon instead of a virus? This was a created virus, makes it a bio weapon, no? How many has the cure for the bio weapon actually murdered or harmed?
    We are in a very sad time of history, the entire world has been taken hostage by vaccine companies and their legal drug pushers, CDC, WHO, health departments, drs, ect. I wonder what the death total from the injection, lockdowns, drug overdoses, abuse ect will actual be? What a very sad time in history we are, and in the 21st century too.

  4. I have never gotten the flu, except when I got a shot for it. Worst fucking sickness I have had in my life. Nurses asked me last year if I get a flu shot. WHY NOT? Cause when I did I FUCKING NEARLY DIED???

  5. It’s so nice Covid-19 is not a problem in Denmark, from 10 September 2021. Back to shaking hands with teachers from my son’s class, in a home to school meting, and kids never have had masks in school in Denmark, it’s child neglect/abuse 🤬

  6. Problem is all of the so called facts are advised by vaccine promoters, these sickening so called health experts , whose predictive powers seem worse than all the dooms day cult religions whose end of the world dates have been swallowed up by the past.
    Truth time, for 60 years vaccines have failed against respiratory viruses.
    Respiratory viruses have adaption as the major survival trait, after all they cannot survive in the elements, they have to "host jump" and adapt to the new hosts immune defence lag!
    Other viruses that can survive dormant in the elements do NOT have rapid adaption as a survival trait, so of course vaccines are very effective against them.
    The only thing flu shots did from 2015 > 2019 (the period of the largest number of jabs administered globally) is increase the seasonal (yearly) global cold flu related from pre 2015 rates of, 250 000><350 000 average (for decades) to 750 000 in 2018.
    Good luck trying to find legit findings for 2019 , all doctored up by the WHO and our saviournemisis the then flu shot pushin Dr. Fauci.
    If that is not hard evidence that vaccines are not only ineffective for respitatory viruses they actually seem to give them an adaption path to follow killing more than without the vaccine!!!!
    Booster shots in the headlines as the efficacy of even two shots are not good enough, if theyeven were effective in the first place, I have only heard hearsay and hot air promotion on how good COVID vaccineswhere are the actual facts and figures that they work ?????? well where are they?
    The very definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over and expecting a diffrent result.
    That is precisely what is happening currently, profiteering over something they know cannot work, but has the very real potential of making it much worse.
    Could go both ways this SARS label COLD could adapt into a killer that makes the Spanish flu seem like weak soup in comparison, or it could just return to a symbiotic balance with the hosts' (immune defence) .
    Time will tell but if the Flu Shot failure is any indication this could become devastating in the following years (cold and flu seasons) to come.

  7. They only want to follow the science when it agrees with their agenda. Don't count out trying to shut down the country again until democrats are replaced with republicans. Btw this was a great virus for population control. Got a social security problem we got the solution. Got an obesity epidemic, we got the solution. It's called the coof.

  8. Don't you love how these neo-leftists HATE critical thinking and skepticism?? I find it insane because when I was a kid 30+ years ago "liberals" promoted those ideas.. It's like politics have done a 180 over the last 30 years, it's really weird…. smh… The truth is I saw this day coming long ago (irrational ideas and authoritarianism) – 20 years ago – and I warned everyone and I was called "hyperbolic" even 10 years ago and now people can now see what I saw back then, but this type of neo-liberalism "woke" nonsense just wasn't mainstream at the time but it was there… At least people can now see it and how dangerous it is to our society now I suppose…

  9. Nuremberg Trials made it clear that the excuse .."I was following orders" isn't an excuse to unethical and criminal orders. Joining the military doesn't make you uncle Sam's slave or dog. Mandates are not ethical under ANY circumstances

  10. Why does the CDC omit one very important group? Those who have antibodies from having it? Look at the studies done in Israel and other countries. Israel used a huge sample, a couple of million, to gather information. Also, the stab only looks at one protein of the virus. The virus is composed of 23 proteins. Natural antibodies were 25% stronger and there were also T-cells involved too. Just curious on why you haven't noticed this. Dismiss this if are aware of these studies.

  11. The coof was the dry run. Put on your shitkickerz lads, by February it will be extra spicy thanks to their next trick. Gates has already dropped hints of what it is that’s coming.

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