Oregon County Says Only White People Have To Wear Masks, Morality Law Is Here Baby

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  1. ROFL they are straight up regressing. Now I know why they are called regressives. Selective laws applying to certain races, segregation. Ironic..the side that goes around calling everyone racist for not agreeing with them constantly crusading to end racism are the only ones that's actually racist. :/

  2. They are not being so subtle about it anymore, are they? But ask anyone in media or academia if anti white discrimination is real and they will explode in rage.

  3. And then they act surprised and outraged when black people are dying to covid at disproportionate rates and claim it's because of racism.

  4. I'm not even sure who it's racist against but it's obviously racist by definition. Seems like policy is annoying to whites but dangerous to blacks.

  5. I like how they use bandana as an example a bandana isn't a facemask its not going to protect you from getting sick or other people from getting sick from you wear a facemask not a bandana problem solved world saved

  6. yea but in cally it would be no white people allowed spaces …….. XD
    i mean they are really anti white even tho alot are white rip uncle something

  7. Where a mask? What will protect you more from viruses? Wearing mask or good sanitation. Let me ask this question in another light. If you ignored one, which one would more likely cause you to contract? You're right, ignoring sanitation. Touching your eyes and mouth without cleaning your hands. I really hate the mask "yes, I know, third world problems." I am, however, smart enough to not touch my eyes and mouth when I'm out touching things that other people touch. A lot of people who wear masks are not. So in the end, I'm safer then those idiots are. The biggest difference between them and me? Yes, a false sense of security. I do not have that, they do. Their false sense of security has them at a bigger risk of infection than me. I try really hard to avoid the places that require a mask…. to protect myself….. because they don't protect other people from me when the touch the same items I touched, then run their eyes….. and they protect me less than having good hygiene does.

  8. So white Democrats want to exempt Black people who are more susceptible to falling prey to COVID-19 and dying from wearing masks to make them more susceptible and we’re considered the racists… Then they’re also told that it’s OK to go out and protest in large groups without worrying about Covid… They are all insane!

  9. Haha meanwhile POC are being hardest hit by Covid(vit D), and masks are mandatory but not for POC??? 2020 is the worst acid trip ever??

  10. I walked into the gun store with a mask & I wasn't the only black person there — they treated me just as anyone else; I went in looking for a specific brand ar15 that was unfortunately sold out.

    They pointed me to another manufacturer that is fairly reputable — I ended up with an ADM UIC mod 1; They answered questions & talked about how their sales were absolutely through the roof.

    The left has lost it's mind

  11. So glad I can determine where I deliver FOOD, MEDICINE, and ESSENTIAL GOODS cause my list keeps getting better soon I'll be relegated to the Canadian border and Mexican border

  12. Gotta love Snopes on this. They ruled outdated instead of true. Their reasoning?
    "In sum, while it is accurate to say Lincoln County officials in June 2020 established a rule that required people to wear masks with an exemption for residents of color, authorities were not going to enforce the requirements, and the policy was later changed so that all residents — no matter their race — must wear the facial coverings to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We therefore rate this claim as 'Outdated.'"
    If it had been the right it would just say true and they'd move on.

  13. Does anyone have any commentary from the person who made this specific mandate? None of the "reasons" given by anyone with a video on the subject sound feasible. Wouldn't non whites not wearing masks bring them more harassment to them?
    As far as this video goes, what do so called Liberals or Leftists have anything to do with the subject? Can't any of you who don't think for yourself have the ability to state facts, names and actual causes for these ridiculous rules without just playing the party blame game? If you have to side with a party you probably don't have your own thoughts ?