Osama Bin Laden Also Apparently Considered Joe Biden Utterly Incompetent

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  1. I remember the alleged body of Osama Bin Laden, being dropped from a helicopter, forcing us to take the Obama Administrations word, that they had really killed Bin Laden.

  2. When Biden leaves office his name should be erased from the history books as being the president , he is just one huge embarrassment to the country !!!!

  3. In just 7 months Joe Biden has destroyed our independence from OPEC, signed us TRILLIONS more in debt for the benefit of everyone but Americans, killed 75000 jobs, caused gas, grocery, housing and used cars to rise, created inflation, became the architect of 2 historic humanitarian crisis, humiliated us globally, caused our enemies to become more brazen and hostile and created intense worry amongst our allies. In just 7 months, allowed millions of illegals in during a pandemic. We can't take much more or the dam will break.

  4. Creepy, Melting Marshmallow Man, Sloppy Joe . . . Probably only get told anything by AOC and the dumb Squad, he gets all his marching order from them …. not only America need to be put on notice but the World Governments should smell the coffee brewing too, that America is being run by an illegitimate government and what hurts America will smack the rest of the world government in the kisser three fold. This Magoo admin keeps denying that anything is wrong and keep driving us down a steady course to hell

  5. And Joe already tried to carry out orders to distract from the Afghanistan ineptitude the other day, by speechifying about Covid boosters without accepting questions.

  6. Biden on the 6 months he had to withdraw, by May 1 … (empty set). September 11 is the day Mohammed broke his first peace treaty, and raped, murdered, robbed and burned a peaceful city. Biden destroyed the department that was set up to get everybody out by May 1, literally, ~ de-funded, dissolved and ordered an immediate halt. He removed the military first, in the middle of the night, without telling our "allies" the Afghan Army, so the Taliban walked right in. … ALL THIS "CHAOS", WAS PLANNED.

  7. BAM! Styx, I found the Benezir Bhutto quote about six or seven years ago too when she was interviewed by the BBC's David Frost about two months before she was assassinated after claiming that Omar Saeed Sheikh had killed him (who was convicted for murdering journalist Daniel Pearl). It has merit; a Fox News report from December 4-5, 2001, claimed that Bin Laden had already died, but from medical complications (likely attributed to renal failure, which he was known to suffer from).

  8. Noor Bin Laden said that the so-called debacle in Afghanistan was a complete success for the globalists. They're now in process of loading hordes of economic refugees into western Europe and the US. ChiCom gains even more control.
    Just a reminder:
    One of Xiden's first acts post installation was to revoke the EO keeping the c c p from accessing the US Power Grid.

  9. Josama bin Biden is the Taliban's greatest asset. This must have been misinformation to make sure their Manchurian candidate reaches the Oval Office. "Mission Accomplished" indeed!

  10. Thank goodness we had Trump for four years who was a very modest spender as president and virtually didn't effect our debt at all. Now we have a buffer to deal with the horrendous spending habits of crooked eye joe!

  11. I'm thinking the inflation will disapate when people quit making payments on credit and it gets liquidated. Unless Biden keeps printing money willy nilly. So people don't work and create shortages. And responsible people carry the lazy slugs debt by paying taxes that uncle Joe get a cut of. Hmmm? 🤔

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