Our caring Chairman: Dan Andrews

The Chairman has gone into hiding. Where is he? He usually loves the smell of his own farts. I wonder if it’s because the State Ombudsman has made public the appalling human rights disaster managed by Victorian Labor during the height of the pandemic?

The tragic human stories that this inhumane government inflicted on its own citizens, due to the ridiculous rules they imposed on border travel, is one of the lowest points in any government’s history in this country.

Do you think the Chairman will make a public apology? Or will he give himself a third pay rise in as many years?

Written by Danger Dan


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  1. Danger Dannnnn. I l💗ve ya mate…..Let's be honest, this is the comment you've been waiting for, because we know who you did this in tribute to!!

    Brother, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you so much for this, you got no idea how much this means to me as I know this is a tribute to me your biggest fan and for me as I'm mourning the passing of my beloved Obe Bear🐕 Today has been very tough as I can't stop thinking about him, and to keep my mind off the sadness I just put together my big No Time To Die standee (check my latest video 😉🍸) then I see a Danger Dan upload, so click on it, hit like before it even starts and WOWIE…..Finally, you've done a James Bond version for me and bloody heck you knocked this out of the park and you used my favourite all time Bond film For Your Eyes Only !! You bloody ripper, you've actually brought me to tears, not just the amazing fact you did this for me but how you shared this poor man in the video, his tragic plight of losing his father and Andrews complete inhumanity.

    The bit where one kicks Andrews (,Loque's in the film) and has Somyurek standing next to him, I.literally lost it in tears of laughter.

    I knew you'd make a killer James Bond version but this goes above and beyond and I'd say your best work, because of its structure, editing, reason, character clips, and you finished it all off by doing what we all want to do and that's kick the chairman off a cliff to his death 😂😂😂😂😂 It's at least tied to your Somyurek Mad Max one 🏅🏅

    THANK Y💗U SO MUCH…..I needed this after the terrible last 3 days I've had.

    God bless

    Krazy Kajeevie 😁🍸 – The New James Bond Show With Krazy Kajeevie

  2. Finally, someone pushed him over the edge! Not reality, I know, but something to wish for and dream about. But my anger has grown to now encompass not only Andrew's, but also all his supporters and enablers. Surely the rest of the labour party recognises the danger Andrews puts them all in. Leaders have been toppled before, if they keep this one, they absolutely share his guilt and the consequences that come with it.!!!

  3. Let's not forget what Beijing's man in Melbourne said in 2020…."Your human rights are irrelevant, human rights are stupid". I heard the mongrel utter this early last year and I'm astonished that the public at large seems to have forgotten this outrage.

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