Our Coming Constitutional Crisis (Regardless of Who is Declared Victor in the US Election)

Neither Trump nor Biden is likely to concede, forcing SCOTUS to act.


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#Crisis #Civilwar


  1. Plus all the Dem CA House troublemakers managed to win re-election. Somehow CA voters overwhelming returned Waters, Pelosi & Schiff to the House & ignored their total failure as lawmakers & to do anything favorable for their Districts in favor of their ability to stir up controversy, unbelievable!

  2. You're preaching to choir I think, aside from the few hundred or less ppl who come here to downvote and probably don't even watch your videos, the rest of us are fairly calm conservatives and libertarians… we don't riot. We may rally, we may protest. If Biden wins and the war machine revs up, I'll find an anti-war group in my area and friggin protst him! It'll be kinda weird, you know, b/c I haven't been able to protest war since Obama won. The whole anti-war group was really just an anti-Bush front. I didn't like Bush at all. Bush is endoursing Biden now! Will I be able to find an anti-War group? What will it's overall political afiliation be? Will there finally be a MIX of both liberal and conservatives standing on the back of one issue like foreign wars? As we sally forth into the 2nd fucking decade of an endless war in the middle east?

  3. Co-mingle the 2020 U.S. Census double-envelope mailings … MILLIONS … ahead of the election and – VOILA ! – a fraudulent "Mail-In" mechanism to steal the election. Hellooooo?

  4. I'm a Trump supporter and I dont understand what you mean if Trump lost I would go on with my life I'm not going to do anything crazy like the left and everyone I kno is the same

  5. I hope all the New Englanders who voted for Biden are ready to see their quaint little villages turned into Mexico/Somalia. Get ready for all your Liberal values to be tested.

  6. This is right out of the Democrat playbook: if you're not winning, keep changing the rules until you are winning, then insist that everything was completely fair and on the level. Fuck that, and fuck them. We're not going quietly.

  7. I'm way ahead of these deep state idiots. If they manage to steal the election from Trump narrowly his supporters will just form a militia and coup peacfully by coming in mass to into Washington and prevent Biden to take office and it will work because the military won't act to prevent it. Military is always the key to everything. As for Styx saying half the country won't budge , that's totally wrong , 70 to 80% people back Trump. It's the deep state ad corperate media and companies that are influencing. In fact if it's there plan to call civil unrest and Trump calls in martial law , it will backfire against the deep state because he'll just shut down the the press and lock into the corperate tech companies and military complex. Remember the military has nothing to do with the military complex , they are two seperate entities.

  8. I am an average Trump fan, and I will NOT accept it. The Dems will NOT force an administration that is anti-American and owned by China on our Republic. Time to clean out the Citites.

  9. I’m just saying, a lot of people in the comments sound like the crazy left with your theories about conspiring states. Just be honest with yourself; more people voted than before and those votes most likely went to Biden. The suburbs may adore Trump but at the end of the day the younger generation is increasingly more liberal and there are more registered Dems than Reps. Accept the results don’t be the crazy left

  10. So if election fraud is happening then what are you going to do about it?? My guess is the same thing you did after Waco and Ruby Ridge and that’s nothing. However you may hand in your guns like the people did after hurricane Katrina. I’m a Canadian who has been watching from the outside and I say your all fucked. Oh well, I’m fucked too!!

  11. Look, I supported Trump. I was more than ready to accept a Biden presidency and I wouldn't have started panicking if Biden won. We survived 8 years of Obama, we can survive Joe Biden. What I'm worried about is the optics of these late ballots coming in and an obvious Trump win on election day has now turned into a Biden squeak out thanks to these COVID mail-in ballots. The optics seem very sketchy and a lot of voters aren't going to feel comfortable about this result. Frankly, I said before election night that it wouldn't be conservatives rioting and burning down buildings but I can definitely see some protesting now. I'm HIGHLY concerned about what this process is going to do to our country.

    Trump has now lost leads in Michigan, Wisconsin and Nevada. He retains a strong lead in PA, but 20% of the vote is still out. If he wins PA and OHIO but loses Wisconsin and Michigan, that seems a little odd to me. AS the vote stands right now, Biden will be President with EXACTLY 270 electoral votes. This is not the election we needed as a country right now.

  12. Styx, I never really think you’re wrong. But I think you might be wrong here. People don’t have the attention span to participate in this. Either pissed off side will eventually quell

  13. Citizens are demanding and so is Trump that the recounts be verified as an legal voting ballot. With both sides present and all of it on camera in Michigan, Wisconsin and in Pennsylvania. We want prosecution for the ones who f*** it up deliberately. New rules put in place. 1. How these elections are going to be run and the rules of the election. In Counting ballots to printing of ballot… We are done playing with these children. We need adults to step up and run for elections positions and volunteer without bias. This children must be replaced. The geriatrics are acting worse then the 20 somethings. Reform government they're cheating and screwing us. I know I haven't enjoyed it at all. Recall Adolph Whitmer in Michigan

  14. The Left (Dems) want to destroy our Republic and transform it into a Communist dystopia, with themselves in power of course.
    If we don't push (fight) back, then we are going to lose our freedoms. We have to settle this now, cause the longer we capitulate or twiddle our thumbs, the deeper entrenched the Left becomes. We have to act NOW.

  15. Well Styx they magically found 100k votes in Michigan that were 100% for Biden which put hiM over a couple thousand in the lead. Looks like they successfully stole the election and although this will surely end up on the courts and will lead to recounts I’m not holding my breath it’ll do dick. Quite honestly the first person who says nothing in suspicious with finding the magic number of votes in the zero hour in battleground states is gonna get their nose knocked in. Especially considering if this is all to be believed places like Wisconsin had 95% voter turnout which is unheard of! The silver lining is it looks like the gop still has the senate and took the super majority away from the house so the more radical positions will be held off for at least another two years.

  16. Why though?
    As Commander and Chief, if the President feels as though things have happened to unhinge our Constitutional Republic (Because of fraud and treason), why can't he deploy the Military to stop the usurpers from seizing power?
    Why can't he make arrests?
    There is VISUAL and Auditory PROOF of this,…is there not?
    Just asking.

  17. Trump won't let it go! Not in the face of the political rot he's been battling! Resolve the sloppy electioneering that gives US politics its reputation for unpredictability–and general weirdness! Martial law is a possibility…

  18. At the moment I don't see anything good happening in the results. Here is why; Let's assume that Biden is declared the winner. From what it looks like to me (and I am NOT a political analyst), it seems that the House will remain Democrat. It further looks like the Senate will be Republican by a 52-48 margin (from my observations the "independant" senators never vote independantly). Two of the "Republican" senators have a tendency to vote Democrat. That makes the actual make-up of the Senate 50-50. Which means the V.P. will determine the outcome.

    So, Dem President, Dem House, Dem Senate. You're going to tell me that they aren't going to introduce legislation AND push it through to game the system in their favor for perpetuity? Maybe I'm just an incurable pessimist (which I am, by the way), but I see the next four years as an exercise in the destruction of the government in favor of despotism.

  19. ATexas republican tries to toss 121,000 votes because they voted from their cars, Pennsylvania has multiple traditionally blue districts being “called” for trump while poll operators are angrily recalling these declarations as votes have yet to be tallied, the USPS has been bandjaxed and therefore handicapped in volume management immediately before an election by the administration, and multiple red states in spite of a pandemic have rejected extending voter mail in dates.

    But no, the liberals are guilty of voter fraud.

    Get fucked, Styx….jesus Christ you’re a hypocrite

  20. Hate to say it but let the leftist burn the cities down. They only do this in the cities who are Democrat so let them burn their own.