Our Favorite Media Screwups: Highs And Lows Of Lesley Stahl’s Interview With Trump

Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti react to the White House releasing their footage of Donald Trump’s ’60 Minutes’ interview with Lesley Stahl.

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  1. I’m voting for the side that doesn’t want critical race theory, I’m also not keen on voting for the side that gets the anti-American vote.
    If the republicans had more anti-whites it would be a harder decision but unfortunately the Democrats seem to have all of those as well.

  2. This is my current favorite program to get information. It covers much of what is wrong in our political Leaders and Media. However both hosts and especially Saagar have an intellectual superiority that reminds me of Bryant Gumble from the Today show. I recommend this show for the content, not the personalities.

  3. No matter what the media does, they will never be a bigger idiot than Crystal Balls, the MSNBC reject now on a phony news show pretending she wasn't a Russia, Russia, Russia pusher.

  4. 2:15 they harass you and antagonize you and they spray chemicals and hormones on you … it is very difficult to maintain your composure when you are marked by the state and harassed by the mob that it launders tax money to

  5. If elected, the Biden administration will be the most corrupt authoritarian government ever with the Corporatists, Foreign bribes, Media and Big Tech all helping to realise the Orwellian 1984 structure.

  6. Really! He doesn't get fair because he's the president! Suck it up! And the media ask sleepy Joe what flavor ice cream he had! Do you think he can handle a difficult question as a president! So sick of these fake news people!

  7. Krystal is just awful! He’s “mad” and bothered because he has to deal with fake news and it gets trying. I like the rising with Saagar but Krystal is like watching juan Williams, your not the opposite side your just a looney lefty blabbing garbage

  8. You guys forget that Krystal paid herself a lump sum in the first months of 2018 as back pay for what she should have earned in 2017, and that her pay "was comparable to what other Pac directors typically make".. sounds kinda like Hunter thinks he should be making $$$ due to Daddys name…. I use to like this show but its become far left. Liberal Hivemind is really good to watch and straight to the point…Check it out

  9. I'm not a Trump supporter. I'm not even American. However, I have never seen a politician so vilified as Trump has been in his four years as president, with the exception of Jeremy Corbyn in the UK. I often wish that Corbyn had got up and walked away from the attack dog media 'interviews' whose every question was a 'gotcha' trap.
    There comes a time when a politician has to call out the snivelling traps that the media are scripted to play out for the political class. I don't like Trump, but I applaud his gumption in telling them to F off.

  10. There is not a single thing in those emails that implicated Joe Biden in any financial dealings. Saying, “yeah this is bad” is giving it too much credit. It is irrelevant at best.

  11. Yeah, I agree. Leslie is truly an idiot, she didn't have the fact but Leslie wants to came out like stupid idiot ! After 30 watching 60 minutes, today I found out that their don't care what is true, but they are the bias media ?? Leslie, your truly a disgrace disgusting person, and you are truly an idiot!

  12. I mean she’s right, it’s pretty easy to forge emails and put it on a laptop. It definitely has not been verified. All that’s been verified is that Hunter’s emails are on it. You could my emails on your laptop too…means nothing.

  13. Both Parties are bought and paid for. Trump was one of the ones buying. I vote against this corrupt system. I vote 3rd Party. But voting is a blip. I JOINED a 3rd Party. It has a more lasting effect in making 3rd Parties viable.

  14. The hate-filled Stahl tried to destroy the lives of numerous children The Covington children. I'm glad they got help and fought back and brought the rotten CNN to their knees.
    No wonder Krystal loves Lesley Stahl. She is such a hypocrite.

  15. "Stormed out" ..are you serious!? He simply left when it was over. He's the friggin POTUS, stuff much more important to do I'm SURE