Our Favorite Media Screwups: Tara Reade Finally Covered, Pence COVID Story Accidentally Published

Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti weigh in on the story accidentally published by Deadline that claimed Vice President Mike Pence contracted the coronavirus.

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  1. I knew biden was guilty when he declined allowing reporters to go through his UofDel archives which could prove his innocence (or guilt). To think we could've had Bernie. Thanks, obama.

  2. "Listen to advice and accept discipline, and at the end you will be counted among the wise. Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails."

  3. I think “Rising” wants Trump to when re-election because once Trump is gone and things go back to normal boring news, their business will DIE!!! I never heard of them until Trump became POTUS.

  4. This has been covered many times in the US. So many politicians have skeletons and we are never sure of the real truth. Except for Bernie who is about as clean as they come. What is the motivation for reliving this NOW? Oh yea, we are close to an election. All the cages are rattling.

  5. Rules for the peasants but not for the rulers.
    Keep giving up your rights, peasants. Also, don't forget to pay your taxes.

  6. Opinion: being the president or vice president should mean you foreit your right to HIPPA because the people have the right to know how their top leaders are.

    in addition your religious beliefs should be kept hidden from the public as much as possible. I believe this because stating your religion can lead to artifical support and hate for the person. Some people absolutely do ignore what the person has done and what their policy is because they either do or don't agree with their faith which leads to a faith based society and laws which discriminates against other religions.

  7. Pence looked his usual self. Unruffled by Harris who was way out of her depth. Is this story an attempt to distract from Harris appalling performance?

  8. I Think I'm Going to be SICK…IF This gets Traction with Tara Reade…That Means…President Kamala Harris…Just KILL ME Now…I Don't Want to Suffer THAT….

  9. LMAO — Krystal Ball still trying to push the bogus Tara Reade story. Just admit you wanted it to be real so bad that you were sucked in and dropped any pretense of journalistic integrity and pushed a story that wasn't close to being vetted enough. Reade has been proven to be a serial liar and fantasist.

  10. Saagar's Republican bias is so transparent, and Krystal's grifting and despise for the Establishment Dems also blinds her thinking, and therefore her softening on Trump, his base, and the far right. Now I feel like Tara Reed should be heard out, and she seems honest. However Tucker Carlson and many of the hosts on Fox News have been accused of inappropriate behavior, yet Rising has never covered that, and Saagar's Ass kissing and boot licking of Tucker Carlson is so obvious and transparent, and he never calls him out in his fear mongering and instigating, and manipulating his audience to partake in race crimes. Also he's part of the establishment and a fraud.

  11. Not to be heartless, but aren’t all high-ups in politics rapey-ass individuals? I actually thought it was a prerequisite to becoming president. It sucks how no one cares about that anymore. But “THE ECONOMY!”

  12. There has been considerable coverage of the Reade narrative by reputable journalistic and media folks here. (Just Google the matter,)The effect was to impeach Ms. Reade's allegations. And so the subject was dropped. So now you two use a very unbalanced (judging from the clip) "report" from Australia to resurrect this tale? From your earliest daily early efforts to push Ms. Reade's accusations, you have simply suppressed the inconsistencies and contradictions, and the exculpatory details of her story. One example: in the Australian interview, the plaintiff called Biden "misogynistic." She who publicly praised Biden's support of women a few years ago. A very distorted treatment of the issue this day by "Rising".

  13. I didn't believe Reade at all before, but after hearing the testimony from Jill Biden's first husband, I realize Biden was — at least in his younger years — a womanizer who had no problem having an affair with a married woman. Then Biden made up the story about their meeting on a "blind date" after her divorce, when he was romancing her while she was married. Read up on Bill Stevenson, Jill's first husband, who gives the truthful story about how Biden and Jill met. Bill and Jill (then Stevenson) actually both worked on Biden's campaign when he was running for the senate. Biden likes good looking women and — at the time — Reade also must have looked attractive. How low is the man's moral standards when he has an affair with a married woman? Did he really make a pass at Reade? Sounds a lot more believable now that I hear Bill Stevenson's side of the story on Joe having an affair with his wife and learning about it from one of Jill's friends. The news just hit Bill like a pinata!

  14. Haha 60 minutes is the equivalent of fox news in Australia just take that in mind. Still, WION and The Hill are great non partizon media.

    Although Tara has been given tons of cash from the republicans and 60 minutes under murdock media to do this story which is sus. Yes you should speak up about these allegations Although taking money for portential terrible criminal acts dosen't add up.

  15. Wasn't this woman busted for lying in court houses about her education and professional backgrounds, and found to have extorted people/friends/landlords for money… And subsequently her lawyer dropped her when this info came out?

  16. The Trump administration has stated that it will not disclose any new cases of COVID contracted by Trump administration officials. So, if Pence has/had it, we won't know unless the info is leaked.

  17. Yep. Bernie Sanders is a sexist, because he gestured dismissively (maybe) in the presence of his wife,but Joey Sniffs has an entire VIDEO history of encroaching on womens' personal space and he's the candidate.
    Wish we could just institute a direct democracy and get rid of these totally UNREPRESENTATIVE representatives we are saddled with.
    Of course , we can't have REAL democracy, because rich people prefer the shit-show we have now.
    Maybe in 50-100 years, after this farce collapses, we can build a better system.