OUTBREAK: 80% Vaccinated Singapore Has More Infections Than Ever

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DISCLAIMER: The views shared in this video regarding COVID vaccines, treatments, or administrative techniques may conflict with health authorities.

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  1. 80% of white-tailed deer in Iowa tested positive for covid. What can you do about that? What about the other wild animals? I would suggest thst PETA go out and try to put masks on some bears.

  2. If this were a book report you'd be given an F for clearly not reading the source material. Correction: you clearly did read it and decided to quotemine and paraphrase it until it fits your narrative. That's even worse.

  3. Yup. Endemic is the way to go. Because there’s no end. The reason to take the vaccine is to limit severe symptoms and reduce load on the hospitals. So people don’t die from what is a disease that you probably shouldn’t die from.

  4. Dimmy Grifting Bore…. SMH.

    I haven't watched you since you spat in Alex's face and then slowly turned right-wing but I honestly wonder if your staff has been having second thoughts about you and or feel trapped. 🤔

  5. So, what's the deal with the edited text at 3:21?

    This is what the actual article says:
    _But Singapore’s growing caseload has raised alarms nonetheless because of the speed at which cases have climbed.

    Throughout July and August, cases in Singapore ticked up to over 100 per day after nearly a year of almost no infections due to the city’s previous zero-tolerance policy. That policy included stay-at-home orders, intensive testing and contact tracing, and a ban on foreign visitors._

    I know the article is from September so it's not that bad, but still some clear indication that has been edited would be appreciated.
    How many other slides have edits that we don't know of?

  6. Why does your excerpt from the Fortune article differ (2:34 mark)? 🤔 Yours says "despite policies including stay at home orders."

    However, what the article truly says is,

    "But Singapore’s growing caseload has raised alarms nonetheless because of the speed at which cases have climbed.

    Throughout July and August, cases in Singapore ticked up to over 100 per day after nearly a year of almost no infections due to the city’s previous zero-tolerance policy. That policy included stay-at-home orders, intensive testing and contact tracing, and a ban on foreign visitors" (McGregor, 2021).

    Yours seems to imply, with that added word "despite," that cases rose even with zero tolerance policies; however, the unaltered Fortune article seems to say that previous zero-tolerance policies were working with "almost no infections."

    Why does your clipping of the article differ? 🤔  I copied and pasted mine, so none of the wording would change the author's intent.  I am not saying you did this intentionally.  You should try the copy and paste method to prevent further future poor transcribes. Plus…, I am sure you are a busy guy… It probably takes 1-2 minutes to transcribe what you could copy and paste in less than 10 seconds. Think of all the extra curricular activities you could do with all the time saved. THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!!! 😳😵😇👿😏🎉🎊🎈

    We could devote more time to important things. Like… You could come over to my house and do an indepth HARD HITTING EXPOSE on this squirrel who sits on my fence every day and gives me the stink eye! That little SOB!!! 🐿 I SEE YOU!!! 😳

    Directions: Take your mouse (Note: DO NOT EAT! 🤤 AS THIS MAY PRESENT A CHOKING HAZARD! 🤢); find the words (all the words) you want to cite (be sure not to miss any); use the left button to press down and hold and drag your a mouse across all the words you wish to copy; right click and select "copy;" pull up word or whichever program you are using; right click on the document and select the "paste" icon.  AND YOU'RE DONE!  YEP! IT'S THAT EASY!  HOORAY! YOU DID IT! 🎉🎊😊🤗 Oh!!! And never add words into the middle of an article you are citing…, as this may give the appearance of being disingenuous or nefarious…

    Anyway… Love the show, just wanted to help with the transcribing and citing faux pas… In this day and age, there is so much disingenuous information out there, I am sure you wouldn't want any part in that mess, you seem like a good guy with good intentions. Take care and best wishes on the show…
    🤓 References 📖:

    McGregor, Grady. "Highly-vaccinated, but more cases than ever: Singapore shows the world what ‘endemic’ COVID might look like." Fortune. September 28, 2021.
    P.S. I tried to throw in a little comedy in there, to break up some of the monotony of those boring and pestering facts because I hope to be a comedian some day. While I definitely will not take your advice on healthcare, politics, science, home repairs, rhino plasty for ant eaters, and numerous other important topics, any advice on comedy would be greatly appreciated but thoroughly vetted… 😉

  7. This is what happens when you LIE about articles. Jimmy is spewing lies hereby twisting the articles words to agree with his narrative. He has left out much of the most important information and changed the words to the article. The truth is that the increase of cases are due to the LIFTING of the mitigating measures. ie. He is propagating lies here.

  8. Don't believe this misrepresentation of the article and the facts about Singapore & covid. Read the original article. Or look on youtube for "Jimmy Dore's Anti-Vaccine Lies" by Shaun. You like to do your own research? Here is your chance to actually do it!

  9. "Singapore's 80% vaccination rate has kept severe cases and deaths down, potentially proving that living with the virus—versus trying to eradicate it—is the surest path out of the pandemic.", "Singapore’s saving grace is its high vaccination coverage.", "the city's high vaccination rate is keeping people from suffering the worst effects of the virus.", " vaccinated in Singapore have been 12 times less likely to die or require hospitalization than the unvaccinated."… just some examples of the parts Dore chopped out. And that's not even getting into the parts he edited (which do change a vital part of the articles context and meaning, and which have caused the author of the article to call out Jimmy for said intentional misrepresentation). I'd suggest reading the article, and watching Shaun's video. It's well researched, argued, edited, and produced. You'll enjoy it 👍👍

  10. I suggest everyone read the article themselves. Jimmy Dore – stop misleading people! He literally skips & jumps around the article to fit his narrative lol.

  11. There are parts of this article that Jimmy straight up rewrote to say the opposite of what was actually said. Singapore's case growth isn't happening DESPITE it's extensive social distancing measures, it's growing because those measures were removed. He's outright lying because he knows there's an audience who wants to be told what they like to hear instead of the truth.

  12. This is AS BLATANT fake news as you can possibly get coming from the guy who makes his living by calling out the media…. Then he got caught, and admitted it, and admitted it, praised himself for admitting it, and kept up the video WITH the false info in it anyways

  13. Comment section brigaded by bluemaga Seder/TYT/Pakman now Shaun cultists only looking to get at Dore. Ben being one of them. They do the things they criticize (often wrongly) Dore of him of doing and help the oligarchy and their representatives in the political establishment (duopoly, essentially a uniparty) by spending their time parroting dem establishment and security state talking points attacking and smearing other leftist (calling them dore knobs, dum dum left, dirtbag left, grifters etc) furthering the divide while running interference for corp dems and leftist leaders and shielding them from criticism and being held accountable.

  14. Pretty telling that a video based on a complete misrepresentation of an article about Singapore, which Jimmy got caught doing and also was called out for it by the author, is STILL UP. At this point, Professor DUMBleDore's grift is obvious.

  15. The fact there is no link to the actual article shows the omissions and mis-quotes were done completely on purpose to feed the narrative.

    I’m really disappointed to see what this show and what Jimmy Dore has become. He’s really sold out his integrity to become a full grifter and misinformation fear monger for the right wing and anti vax crowd

  16. Doesn't protection from getting an infection with vaccination equate to the level without vaccination at 12 weeks?
    If so then why get a booster at 6 months as opposed to 3 months? Wouldn't 3 months make more sense? If you follow that line of thinking?
    Or…should we question the whole premise?
    Isn't the main reason to get a vaccine to avoid a bad outcome when you get Covid?
    Delta seems to spread pretty well among the vaccinated.

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